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The Vanguard (Toronto) - 1932 to 1936 (Selections)
(Ross Dowson joined the Workers Party of Canada in the 1934-1935 period, becoming a member of the Spartacus Youth League, a year or two after his older brother Murray. The purpose of this selection is not to present an overall view of world politics and WPC policies but is limited to providing a sense of the milieu that radical youth of this period encountered. )

The Vanguard Organ of the International Left Opposition of Canada (First tabloid series - up to this point the L.O., a caucus of the Communist Party of Canada, was oriented to reforming and recruiting from the Communist Party of Canada, from which they had been expelled.)

1932-12Dec-1 Volume 1, No. 1, Toronto, November-December 1932: Hail 15 Years of Soviet Power! Forward on the Road of the World Revolution, by Leon Trotsky; Civic Election: the call for a Workers Election Campaign Committee with a Convention of all workers organizations (a united front) is issued; (The mid-Depression) Unemployment Crisis Does Not Slacken: the call for cash relief and a 6-hour day; Amnesty Campaign: for the release of eight Communist Party leaders from Portsmouth Penitentiary
1932-12Dec-2 Toronto Left Opposition Celebrate October Revolution: banquet addressed by Jack MacDonald, Maurice Spector, Comrade Macy and Sylvia Johnstone for the newly formed Spartacus Youth Club; Students League organizes with program of militant Marxism; its journal Spark reports on Trotsky's writings
1932-12Dec-3 Canadian Left Opposition Grows! (Spector leads) Educational work; Trade Union Activity, Literature and journals, Organization and Agitation
1932-12Dec-4 The Revolt Against the Hillman Bureaucracy; New United Clothing Workers Union fights for recognition; the Montreal-based fight against union bureaucrats; the need for solidarity from Toronto tailors; the role of the Stalinists, by a Needle Worker
1932-12Dec-5 Editorial: Canadian Social Democracy: J.S. Woodsworth in process of setting up the CCF, based on British Fabianism (which aims to retain the monarchy within a ''socialist commonwealth'')
1932-07July-1 Volume 1 No. 3 (No. 2 not available) Special Anti-Fascist Strike Number Strike Against Hitlerism July 11! Support Joint Council's call for Two-Hour General Strike against Fascist Terror; Leon Trotsky on the German Catastrophe; Fascism, Social Democracy and Stalinism; Stalinites and the United Front: CPCers paralyzed by Moscow's sudden 180-degree policy turn, CPC's attempt to eliminate L.O. from platform
1932-07July-2 Defence Organization or Faction - Which? West Toronto Branch of Canadian Labour Defense League under Stalinist's control attacks united front participants and becomes merely a factional tool

(Mimeographed series) The Vanguard, Organ of the International Left Opposition of Canada
Special Number For A Fourth International Vol. 1 No. 4 ,

1933-11Nov-1 Contents (cover page): ''It is necessary to build a new party and an International; Joint Declaration for a New International, etc.
1933-11Nov-2 Resolution on Paris Conference adopted by (Paris) Int'l Left Opposition: Plenum of 14 countries calls for a new International to replace the bankrupt Third (Stalinist) International
1934-02Feb-1 The Vanguard (cover page) A Congress of the Comintern bureaucracy? (3rd Stalinist International); Our Present Tasks, by Leon Trotsky
1934-02Feb-2 The Dressmakers' Strike; Leadership makes unnecessary concessions: (Toronto) Stalinist Worker makes false claims of a strike victory
1934-02Feb-3-1 Toronto Municipal Elections: CCF Labor Conference ends up endorsing Toronto Star favourite, CP campaign fizzles (continued)
1934-02Feb-3-2 (continuation) Municipal Elections; Our Present Tasks, Trotsky on the new situation: (German) Workers dread fascism (continued)
1934-02Feb-3-3 (continuation) Trotsky: Struggle for democratic rights, Our tasks today, Attitude towards socialist (non-party) workers
1934-02Feb-4 CLDL Expels Three for ''Trotskyism:'' the Stalinist-controlled ''non-political'' Jewish cultural committee expels Left Opposition members; Jack MacDonald writes a satirical column concluding ''But no committees 'from the top' and bourgeois committees at that.''
1934-02Feb-5 Organizational Notes: Progress reported from Vancouver; MacDonald and Spector speak to 700 workers on Soviet diplomacy; a ''Militant'' banquet, Spector and MacDonald speak at Mt. Dennis (Toronto) Forums on Soviet policies and the CCF program
1934-02Feb-6 Marxian Study Classes at Spartacus Clubs hear Spector, MacDonald and Mill speak and debate; a Lenin Memorial Meeting
1934-02Feb-7 Cloakmakers are united in the Strike; Left Opposition (needle trades committee) issues leaflets in three languages in support

The Vanguard , Vol. 2, No. 1 (New typeset and printed series)

1934-06June15-1 For the 4th International! Appeal of the Communist-Internationalists to the Workers of the World
1934-06June15-2-1 The Provincial Elections and Our Policy, by Jack MacDonald
1934-06June15-2-2 (continued) A critique of the CCF, and the Stalinist CP in their bankrupt programs against the Liberal and Tory parties
1934-06June15-3 Imperialist War-Preparations in the Open, by Maurice Spector (continued on page 6 below)
1934-06June15-4-1 The Workers' Alliance: Jack MacDonald's proposal for a united front of labor organizations opposed by Stalinists; Appeal to our Readers
1934-06June15-4-2 (Page 6, continuations of articles) The Elections and Our Policy, Appeal to our Readers
1934-07July-1 Results of the Ontario Elections, by J.M.: Tories defeated, Stalinist bombast deflated, one CCF elected in Liberal sweep

1934-08Aug-1 (Insert in Sept. Vanguard) The Young Militant, Organ of the Spartacus Youth Clubs: We break into print; What now, Little Man?
1934-08Aug-2 (Page 2 of Young Militant) Just Good Clean Fun; our sports, unlike the Olympics, need independent workers' organizations; SYC activities reports
1934-08Aug-3 (Page 3 of Young Militant) To all Delegates to the Canadian Youth Congress Against War and Fascism: we are not pacifists; the nature of imperialist wars, the League of Nations; Fascism a product of capitalism, issued by the Spartacus Youth Clubs
1934-09Sept-1 The Strike Struggle in Minneapolis (report on the US Trotskyist-led Teamsters strike)
1934-09Sept -2-1 Manifesto of the Workers' Party of Canada: World crisis of capitalist decay; the Menace of Fascism
1934-09Sept-2-2 (continued) WPC Manifesto: Defence of Soviet Union, For the 4th International!
1934-09Sept-2-3 (continued) WPC Manifesto: Crisis in Canada and the Workers' Party; The United Front
1934-09Sept-2-4 (continued) WPC Manifesto: The trade unions, Program of action, Join the WP! By the Provisional NC, WPC
1934-09Sept-3 CCF's Smug Self-Sufficiency: their line ''Is Europe our fight?'' (the fight against Fascism?)
1934-09Sept-4 CCF ''Marxists'' and Stalinist ''Critics'' by E. Robertson (Birney) A book review which criticizes not only the author of a book on Fascism, but its CCF and Stalinist critics
1934-10Oct-1-1 Trades and Labour Congress (report) by Jack MacDonald; British unionist speaks to congress
1934-10Oct-1-2 (continued) TLC report; Absence of Left Wing
1934-11Nov-1-1 British Labor Party Prepares for ''Office;'' a tame left wing panders to BLP leadership's electoral stance which includes allegiance to League of Nations
1934-11Nov-2 The Young Militant, Organ of the Spartacus Youth Clubs (insert in The Vanguard ): Russian Revolution and the Youth; the CCYM Convention (CCF youth) steers clear of ultraleft Stalinist youth influence, controlled by CCF tops
1934-11Nov-3 Page 2 of Young Militant: Capitalism and the Youth; International youth notes (Trotskyist youth in France and Belgium; the Scottsboro Boys case in the US)
1934-11Nov-4-1 French Bolshevik-Leninists to enter S.F.I.O. (''the French Turn'' entrist tactic by Trotskyists into the mass Socialist Party, explained)
1934-11Nov-4-2 (continuation) French Bolshevik-Leninists enter S.F.I.O.
1934-12Dec-1 Unemployed organize! The WP drive to create a rank-and-file organization out of the Unemployed Union created by organized labor
1934-12Dec-2-1 A Few Remarks on the turn of the French League (its entry into the S.F.I.O.), by Crux (Leon Trotsky): Is it liquidationist?
1934-12Dec-2-2 (continuation) A Few Remarks, by Crux: the prospects of gains for the movement
1934-12Dec-3-1 The Young Militant, Organ of the Spartacus Youth Clubs (insert in The Vanguard ): The New Program of the Student League of Canada: SYC members expelled as founders of the Youth League for their Marxist perspectives
1934-12Dec-3-2 (continuation) Page 2, Young Militant; combating Stalinist intervention in student politics; the need for mass student action; Youth under Fascism (in Germany and Italy) (continued on page 10 below)
1934-12Dec-4-1 A Product of the School of Slander, by Jack MacDonald; an answer to charges by Stalinist hack extraordinaire Stewart Smith against Spector and MacDonald
1934-12Dec-4-2 (Page 10, continuation) The School of Slander: the tortured career of Canadian Stalinist Stewart, alias Pierce, exposed; (continuation) Youth under Fascism Young Militant article concluded)
1935-01Jan-1-1 Trade Union Notes: Bakery salesmen and Embroidery Workers organize; Montreal and Toronto clothing trades (continued to page 10)
1935-01Jan-1-2 (Page 10, continuation) Trade Union Notes: Building trades
1935-01Jan-2 Confusion Worse Confounded, a book review of ''Socialism and the CCF'' by G. Pierce (leading Stalinist Smith): the CP's concept of ''social reformism as the twin of fascism''
1935-02Feb-1-1 Bennett's New Deal to Dupe the Masses (editorial): ''Reforms'' to deal with the 6th year of the Great Depression (continued on page 9); To Our Comrades and Readers: Vanguard aims to publish Twice A Month (continued on page 2)
1935-02Feb-1-2 (Page 9 continuation) Bennett's New Deal: the inadequate CCF program, the mad oscillations of the Stalinist program
1935-02Feb-1-3 (Page 2 continued) Our financial objective; the new office on Spadina Avenue; CCF leader subscribes to Vanguard (William Dennison confronts Stalinists)
1935-02Feb-2-1 Protest Secret Executions (in the Soviet Union): Jack MacDonald and Maurice Spector main speakers at Labour Temple rally of 700; The Resolution
1935-02Feb-2-2 (continuation) Protest rally hears Muste and Cannon; Hamilton meeting, Lenin Memorial meeting; Stalinist gangsterism (CPers shut up and sit down)
1935-04Apr-1-1 The Workers' May Day Conference: CCF and Stalinists forced into united front action
1935-04Apr-1-2 (continuation) MacDonald and Spector mis-reported in Stalinist press report on ''Trotskyite controlled'' May Day Conference
1935-04Apr-2 Who Owns Canada? Review of pamphlet by Saskatchewan CCF reveals growing concentration of economic power but fails to mention t hat 40% of investment in Canada is already foreign-owned
1935-04Apr-3 Letter to the Editor; from a Camp Striker: how the Stalinist leadership opened the door to a defeat of the strike in Vancouver
1935-04Apr-4 Pacifist-Stalinist Talk-Fest: Jack MacDonald speaks but the bureaucrats block him from intervening to enforce democratic procedure; (Ukrainian nationalist) Heresy in the ULFTA leads to Stalinist expulsion of Ukrainian Labor News editor
1935-05May-1-1 The Day of International Workers' Solidarity! In the shadow of a new Armageddon, the WPC calls for a general strike to mark May Day
1935-05May-1-2 (continuation) May Day call to action by NEC of WPC; An Appeal for Victor Serge, jailed and exiled in the Soviet Union, whose ''friends'' in the West remain silent
1935-05May-2-1 May Day Conference and the United Front: Stalinists forced into united front attempt negotiations with CCF to exclude Trotskyists (continued)
1935-05May-2-2 (continuation) A polemic against extreme Stalinist sectarianism, testimony of their domination over left labor politics
1935-06June1 (Vol. 3, New Series #1)-1 BC relief camp strikers blaze trail; Martial law threatened
1935-06June1-2 (Page 2, continuation) Stalinist futility, CCF active
1935-06June1-3 Editorial: Aims of our paper (the CCF a mass movement, the CP an agency of the Kremlin`s policies)
1935-06June15-1 Editorial: A "CCF International"? Technocrats, reformists and parliamentarians will not do the job
1935-07July1-1 Class struggle flares over Dominion: Bennett mobilizes Mounties and Military to suppress Hunger March on Ottawa; Relief strikers firm against Slave Camps
1935-07July15-1 Stalin wreaks vengeance on Trotsky's son; Trotsky's farewell letter to French workers
1935-07July15-2 Spartacus Youth League points to political lessons of Trek Camp strikers trek; "Thieve's Kitchen League of Nations looks on while Mussolini prepares to enslave Abyssinians
1935-07July15-3 Editorial: (CCF leader) Woodsworth`s "Canadian approach" (national conciliation, parliamentary democracy, gradual reforms)
1935-08Aug1-1 Down with imperialist war! Workers Party Manifesto
1935-08Aug1-2 The "On-to-Ottawa" trek and the problem of the united front; Stalinists reject united front; "Citizen's Committees" reveal weakness, Section 98
1935-08Aug17-1 For the Fourth International! Socialist Party and CCF merge in BC; Sask. CCYM for united front
1935-08Aug17-2 Toronto labor protest Hepburn policy; Jack Macdonald among speakers to rally of 2000
1935-09Sept2-1 Boycott fascist Italy! Stop all goods to Mussolini, Solidarity with Ethiopia!
1935-09Sept2-2 (Page 2, continuation) The "flagrant sophistry" of "Defence of Democracy" (from Theses on War and the 4th International)
1935-09Sept2-3 Spartacus Youth active in agitation; open air meetings in Toronto, corn roasts, selling Vanguard subs
1935-09Sept 16-1 WP election Manifesto urges preparation for struggle (WP will not enter elections itself); W.U.L. Liquidation admitted on way; (Stalinist) Pseudo-Revolutionary trade union centre collapses as Unity Movement gathers strength, by Jack Macdonald
1935-09Sept16-2 (Page 2, continuation) WP election Manifesto: critiques of CCF and Stalinist CP programs
1935-10Oct1-1 Trades Congress; Jack Macdonald leads opposition to war preparations support resolution by this Canadian AFL "non-Yankee" affiliate
1935-10Oct15-1 War danger sets labor movement in turmoil; Trades union unity; WP meet discusses issues (Jack Macdonald address at Toronto Labor Lyceum)
1935-10Oct15-2 (Page 2, continuation) WP meet (conclusion); Leon Trotsky: Help needed for Internationalists (exiles from Soviet Union, China; Moscow social-patriotism)
1935-10Oct15-3 Editorial: Prepare for class treachery (no differences exist between the CCF and Stalinists on the war question); Jack Macdonald to speak in Montreal
1935-11Nov1-1 AFof L officialdom splits in convention; Lewis leads opposition (laying basis for CIO - industrial unionism); MacDonald speaks in Montreal
1935-11Nov1-2 Notice: Important for Toronto workers, Comrade R. Arthur speaking on collapse of the 3rd International; L. Trotsky: The 7th Congress Comintern
1935-11Nov15-1 Y.C.L. (Stalinist youth) follows Comintern into morass of reformism; challenge of Spartacus Youth League (to uphold Marxism)
1935-11Nov30-1 Labour plans independent anti-war action; Fight enemy at home; Conference called for Dec. 15, Condemns capitalist sanctions, fascism and Nations League; BC Youth unite on centrist basis (under pressure from CCF leadership); Spartacus (League) gets support for revolutionary program; Anti-fascist meeting boycotts Germany; Toronto Jewish labor holds conference (2000 hear WP spokesperson Macy); Progress made in Saskatoon by WP (against League sanctions)
1935-11Nov30-2 Spartacus in action (New branch in Vancouver; Toronto meetings and socials)
1935-11Nov30-3 Police and strikers clash in East York; Angry workers storm Council chambers
1935-12Dec17-1 Anti-war-Fascist League celebrates anniversary; Trotskyists only sour note in symphony (Stalinists hacks quash WP counter-resolution)
1935-12Dec17-2 (Page 2, continuation) Anti-war League; Stalinist death threat; Help Tarov escape (fund drive for Soviet dissident in hiding); Spartacus in Action (growth in the US; CCYM left wing, Toronto SYL social, Vancouver)
1935-12Dec17-3 Leon Trotsky on "General strike in case of war;" Natalie Trotsky fears for Son's life
1936-01Jan7-1 Civic elections mark growth of radicalism (CP supports CCF slate); Earle Birney: Students experience Brownshirt terror; Canadian reveals plight of German workers (continued on Page 4)
1936-01Jan7-2 Left Wing in CCYM weak at Convention
1936-01Jan7-3 (Page 4, continuation page 1) Brownshirt terror (by Earle Birney); the plight of Germany workers under fascism
1936-02Feb1-1 Labor Conference denounces League (of Nations), MacDonald urges independent workers sanctions; 500 in attendance (continued on page 4)
1936-02Feb1-2 CCYM left wing shows health trends; (Left) Active in Ontario convention for united front against war; Hamilton workers support boycott; WP speaker (Macy) calls for independent leadership
1936-02Feb1-3 Trotsky on the Canadian farmer (LT follows The Vanguard and the Ukrainian Robitnitschi Visti, hails MacDonald's and Spector's signature on Open Letter for the 4th International: the nature of the farmers role; Work with youth and women, Illegal work and mass work; Still some honest workers who still support the Comintern); The Vanguard maintenance fund report
1936-02Feb1-4 (Page 4, continuation) Labor Conference; SYLer chairman, RWP speaker heard, also Jack MacDonald
1936-05May-1 WP May Day Manifesto: Toward the Victory of International Socialism (continued on page 4); Ontario CCF Convention turns down United Front (Stalinist overture steamrollered) (continued on page 3); Toronto Branch of WP leaves conference (May Day united front a farce as WP slogans outlawed); Bill Moriarty passes (Jack MacDonald speaks)
1936-05May-2 Tim Buck's tribute? To Wm. Moriarty, by Jack MacDonald (who straightens out Buck's version of history)
1936-05May-3 (Page 3, continuation) CCF Ontario convention (the hapless CP-CCF "left-wing" united front advocates)
1936-05May-4 (Page 4, continuation) WP May Day Manifesto (the unions, the Party, the CCF, the CCYM, Fraternal greetings to the CCF and CP, the 4th International)
1936-07July-1 Unemployed strike in Toronto's suburb; attempted relief cuts meet sharp resistance
1936-07July-2 Canadian Youth Congress dodges issues; Policy of class collaboration outlined at Ottawa (Spartacus Youth League stresses class struggle based on dominant labor role at multi-class political and social groups' gathering, by H. Kennedy); Unemployed strike (conclusion); Editorial: Trouble in the (CCF) Family
1936-08Aug-1 CCF National Convention meets in Toronto; Whither the Left Wingers? (A "united front" of CCF and Stalinists? Key is the war policy); Relief prisoners committed for jury trial (WP members arrested in defence actions); Ukrainian workers meet in (Toronto) Conference (addressed by) Woodsworth and MacDonald
1936-08Aug-2 (Page 4, continuation) CCF national gathering; Stalinist support, Stalinist obstruction, False "lefts," The road out (a united front not sufficient; the WP); Editorial: CCF Convention
1936-09Sept-1 (Note by R.D. "gave up hdqrts" in: Attention box, change of address) Death to the Bolsheviks; Why Lenin's comrades face firing squads (Stalin's purpose, The Confessions --?); Stalinist silent under WP attack; MacDonald slashes regime for shooting of old Bolsheviks (at Toronto Labor Temple meeting)
1936-09Sept-2 Editorials: The truth slips out (Canadian CP leader Bruce blurts out the revolutionary sentiments of the Spanish workers, but is quickly corrected by the CP press that "democratic and peaceful methods" must prevail to defeat the Franco fascists); A clear stand is needed (to move unionists suspended by the AFL into a new industrial union federation); Unholy alliance (Stalin's purge of old Bolsheviks and Trotskyists to curry favour with world bourgeoisie)
1936-10Oct-1 New repression sweeps Soviet; Wave of Stalinist terror mocks new constitution; Radek and Sokolnikoff arrested; Workmen's Circle (Branch 129, Toronto) denounces trials: "A terrible blow against the progressive forces of the working class"
1936-10Oct-2 Trotsky's Open Letter to the Norwegian Minister of Justice; his onerous conditions of residence and lack of ability to defend himself against Stalinist slanders
1936-10Oct-3 Workers of Europe protest shootings; Demand impartial inquiry and refuge for Trotsky
1936-12Dec-1 (Final issue? - reduced format - Vol 3. No. 3) A new chapter in WP history: York Township Branch contests elections (as WP and CCF make gains against CP in organizing the unemployed; CP support conservative candidate); Norway vindicates Trotsky; Another smash at the Moscow Frame-up: ''Trotsky has in no way broken the Norweg´┐Żan Penal Code''
1936-12Dec-2 The Lunatic Fringe rejoices: "Fieldite" Trotskyists split from CCYM (CCF youth wing) and from the Spartacus Youth League
1936-12Dec-3 Campaign Column: urging activism, pledges and sub selling
1936-12Dec-4 Leadership needed in Quebec (reaction on the march and timid CCF objections in the face of Duplessis' victory); Vancouver Stalinists use fascist methods (veteran non-aligned labor activist savagely beaten by Stalinist goons)