Labor Challenge - Choice on Abortion campaign & Morgentaler defence campaign - Political selection

Editor:Vol# 1—33  John Riddell;


#1 February: Feminists open new centre
NDP Council rejects bid to seat women leaders
Photo: Judy Darcy leads women's protest at university
#2: February: Mailbag: Women's Liberation: a male responds
Repeal abortion laws now! -women's caucus
#3 March: International Women's Day - 60 years of struggle (SWP Militant, US)
Picket National Press Club to protest bar on women
#4 March: Leading woman revolutionist: Rose Luxemburg 1870-1919
Guelph students hold first women's liberation action
Que. Feminist group hail Intn'l Women's Day
Review: Early Canada suffrage movement described
#5 April: U of T yields to occupiers on child care
#6 April: March on Ottawa demands women's rights to abortion  2nd page
#7 May: Motherhood and male "superiority" (reply to Dr. Spock - SWP-US)
Abortion Caravan
(Quebec Premier) Bourassa stumped by free abortion demand
#8 May: March for right to abortion  2nd page
#11: June: Abortions partisan faces imprisonment (Morgentaler)   2nd page
What kind of movement :
women's liberation debate
#12 July: Plan women's liberation high school conference (Toronto caucus)
Vancouver Women's Caucus debates structure, program (YS)
#13 July: Rally behind Morgentaler!
#15: September: Women march for their rights: Mass march August 26 opens new struggle
Hamilton WLM confronts Council (WLM brief)
Sectarians split Vancouver women's group (LSA & YS expelled)
#17 October: Western women's conference (Saskatoon), Velvet Fist new, attractive women's monthly
Vancouver Women's Alliance backs abortion law victims (defend pro-abortion doctor)
#18 October: Women and the Cuban Revolution, by Eva Chertov
(SWP-US Author) Evelyn Reed in Ont. Tour
#19 November: Women's liberation in Engel's writings; Women's rights demanded
#20 November: Unity in action for women's Liberation (LSA call);    2nd page
Canada-wide women's rally debates liberation strategy;
LSA candidates fight for right to abortion
(Vancouver civic elections)
#21: December: Mass action is key for women's liberation:
Mass Action photoDebate in Sask. Conference
Doctor (Morgentaler) tells his colleagues to risk jail for abortion
Launch campaign for free abortion on demand   2nd page of . .Launch campaign
#22: December: Report of gov't commission on women bolsters campaign for free abortion  2nd page
Proposals vindicate women's liberation demands;
Royal Commission report


#23 January: Hospital sit-in demands right to abortion (Montreal)
Why we need free abortion (by Pat Shultz); Coalition prepares for Feb. 13 abortion march
#24 February: Rally Feb. 13-14 for abortion on demand; Wide backing
Make hospitals grant abortion on demand; Tor. Women's Caucus tells City Hall.
#25 February: Free abortion on demand, now! Abortion action shows road forward;    2nd page
What do YOU make, Mr. Bulloch;
"Wonderful Dora' (letter)
A women's rights come first, 'defenders of unborn' told
#26 March: (Main headline) 'Women unite - abortion is our right;'
Anger, pride, unity mark abortion march
Abortion rallies in 9 cities; Meaning of Feb. 13 actions (on abortion rights)
#27 March: Montreal abortion march marks Int'nl Women's Day
Actions at Rose trial exposes sexist laws
#28 March: Trudeau stalls on women's rights
#29 April: Build Mother's Day actions; For control of our bodies
Socialists and women's liberation:
LSA replies to red-baiting attack
#30 May;: Why May 8 rallies call free (for) abortion on demand
#31 May; The rule of women in history
Book Review: When women ran the world
French women protest abortion law
#32 May: Mother's Day demonstrations; Militant women show the way
Centennial of the Paris Commune: Women played a leading role
#33 June: Women are un-persons according to gov't census; Irish women
Scientists and women's liberation
(Sask. NDP Supplement): Women's liberation backed by Sask. NDP program
Socialists and women's liberation: Importance of mass action strategy
#34 June: Repeal anti-abortion laws now! Women defy law in W.Germany;
Cdn. Medical Assn. vote boosts abortion campaign
(Head:) Repeal anti-abortion laws now! (Notes:) Women defy law in W. Germany;
CMA vote boosts abortion campaign
#35 July: Book Reviews: Convincing case for repeal of abortion laws ('Abortion in Canada' by Eleanor Wright Pelrine)
'Sexual Politics' - an appreciation of "a liberating experience" (by Kate Millett)
#36 July: The next stage in women's liberation: Repeal anti-abortion laws   2nd page   3rd page
#37 August: (New York)abortion conference launches natl. campaign
(Alberta)NDP Candidate on women's rights
European women fight for right to abortion (p.7),   2nd page   3rd page by Ross Dowson
#38 August: The right to abortion: 500 at U of T debate   2nd page
Abortion coalitions formed (Vancouver)
#39 September: Borowsky out in Manitoba (NDP) as pro-abortion fights mounts
#39A (Ontario Election supplement): Ont. NDP campaigns for women's rights
#40 September: Why abortion is a woman's right;  2nd page
Local coalitions building campaign
Unite in action to win abortion (LSA/LSO Women's Commission)
Italian socialist questions view of women's liberation   Mailbag: (R.D. replies)
#41 October: Women unite to fight for abortion
Union studies oppression of women (CUPE-Edmonton)
BC coalition is launched (for abortion law repeal)
#42 October: Will laws safeguard abortion rights?
Quebec forces unite in fight for abortion
#43 November: Rally to repeal abortion laws (Nov. 20)
Petition builds campaign for abortion on demand
#44 November: Why feminists focus on issue of abortion  2nd page
Grace MacInnis (NDP) flays Trudeau for hypocrisy on abortion
#45 December: Rallies for right to abortion advance women's struggle
Abortion law: toward repeal or reform? Nov. 20 actions   2nd page
(Editorial) Abortion on demand is focus of feminists
#46 December: Launch petition to abortion right

1972 - Editor: Dick Fidler

#47 January: Women confront church, state in struggle for legal abortion
Anti-abortion forces pose threat (New York struggle report), by Jacquie Henderson
'Red power' and women's rights-do they conflict? By D. Fidler
#48 January: Vote for abortion rights! Students set referendums, by Kate Alderdice
Feminism and the struggle for abortion law repeal, from a speech by Joan Newbigging   2nd page  3rd page
#49 February: Fight Ottawa . . injunction, Call emergency conference for abortion law repeal, by Kate Alderdice
Fight Ottawa anti-abortion injunction .. . . continued
Ultralefts abandon abortion repeal struggle, by Brenda Zannis
#50 February: 'Why I challenged abortion injunction,' Ottawa woman tells her story, by Kate Alderdice
Campus vote backs abortion law repeal, by Jacquie Henderson
#51 March: Conference to unite abortion campaign, Winnipeg abortion conference, by Lis Angus
Who's to judge? No one but us! A woman replies to Trudeau, by Jacquie Henderson
Montreal conference backs Morgentaler; Family planners debate abortion
Editorial: Feminism and political action; only the NDP has a clear position for law repeal
#52 March: Women unite for abortion law repeal, Abortion conference, by Liz Angus (Fourth Int'l backs actions on abortion)
#53 April: Women's right to decide: discrimination in reverse? By Kate Alderdice
#54 April: Status of women conference; Women opt for independent action, by Kate Alderdice   . . . Continued
Editorial: Build May abortion week
Abortion coalition launches newspaper, by Linda Blackwood
#55 May: ''We feel strongly that abortion is the issue…'' British women organize (from the US Militant)
#56 May: Time's 'New Woman' aims to split feminists, by Jacquie Henderson    2nd page
76,500 sign to repeal abortion laws, by Kate Alderdice
# 57 June Abortion key to feminist strategy (excerpts from a paper submitted to a Waffle conference by Rozi Doctorow and Diane Mossman)
Ont. Waffle women's conference, by Kate Alderdice
#58 June: How can women gain political power? By Jacquie Henderson    2nd page
Abortion coalition plans new drive, by Anna Cushman
Women demand equal increase (unsigned)
#59 July: When women were the first sex (book review), by Penny Simpson
Column: Sisterhood is powerful, edited by Kathy Dalton
#60 July: Sexuality and class struggle (Review of book by Reiche), by Katie Curtin
NDP debates women's policy, by Ellie Kirzner
Editor: Jacquie Henderson
#61 July: Feminism and revolution; (book review of 'Women's Estate') by Lis Angus
#62 August: (B.C. election special insert) NDP program identifies with women's demands, by Cynthia Flood
#63 September: Column: Sisterhood is powerful (review of SWP book) by Penny Simpson
Fight for a women's right to choose; Groups retreat from stands on abortion, by Mary Trew
#64 September: Editorial: Abortion is an issue (federal politics)
Column: Sisterhood is powerful (Britain, U.of T.) by Kathy Dalton
Abortion protests set for Oct. 21, by Lis Angus
#66 October: Column: Sisterhood is powerful, edited by Penny Simpson
How women can win political power (a mass feminist movement), by Wendy Johnston
#67 November: Protests demand right to abortion, by Penny Simpson
#68 November: Column: Sisterhood is powerful (Women are shaking up the labor movement) by Wendy Johnston
#69 December: Women press struggle in B.C. NDP, by Rachel Woodhouse
North York women fight for childcare, interview with Roslyn Doctorow
Abortion fight in Germany (interview from the US Young Socialist)
Column: In Brief: French abortion struggle mounts
#70 December: (Womens rights was key issue at NDP convention) Left Caucus wins increased support
Women and insanity, by Katie Curtin Women's struggle is international (Belgium, Britain, Quebec) (unsigned)
December: Column: Sisterhood is powerful (right to chose must include abortion) edited by Penny Simpson

1973 Editor: George Addison

#71 January: Abortion Tribunal set (from the US Militant) by Helen Schiff
(Manitoba Ex-NDPer) Borowski accelerates attack on abortion, by Penny Simpson
Column: Sisterhood is powerful, edited by Penny Simpson
#72 February: Editorial: Repeal abortion laws now!
Column: Sisterhood is powerful (Women's studies course in Vancouver) by Isolde Belfont
Meaning of U.S. abortion victory (Canadian abortion campaigner explains)
(Box:) Morgentaler prosecuted, LC interview of Joan Campana
B.C. women seek gov't action, by Rachel Woodhouse
Column: In brief: NDP governments discriminate against gays
#73 February: Movie tells brutal truths about the family (review of 'Wedding in white') by Penny Simpson
Column: In brief: French doctors challenge abortion laws; NDP women press demands on B.C. government
Conference to map abortion campaign, by Linda Meissenheimer and Beth Robertson   2nd page
#74 March: Editorial: Sisterhood is International (Int'l Women's Day)
Why R.C. Church opposes women's right to abortion (from the US Militant by Evelyn Reed)
(B.C. Women's) Tribunal told of crimes against women, by Wendy Stevenson
(B.C.) Sit-in wins NDP pledge on day care, by Joan Newbigging
#75 March: The case for a women's coalition ; Conference for abortion law repeal, by Lis Angus 2nd page
Column: Sisterhood is powerful, Toronto meeting, New York, Belgium, edited by Kate Alderdice
Marxism and feminism, by Penny Simpson
Meetings celebrate Int'l Women's Day (unsigned)
Manitoba feminists debate Borowski, by Donna Nelson
#76 April: Map campaign for women's right to abortion; Women plan tribunal to judge abortion foes;
Ontario gov't mounts attack on abortions under medicare; (LSA spokeswomen) Socialists express solidarity, by Kate Alderdice
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: 'A women's work is never done,' by Penny Simpson
Performed illegal abortions, Morgentaler states at (Toronto) rally, by Lis Angus
The politics of the abortion strugglespeech by a U.S. feminist leader in Toronto)    2nd page
#77 April: Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Morgentaler defense campaign (unsigned)
No borders for women's liberation (professor complains of influence of US women), by Lis Angus
#78 May: Gay activists protest newspaper censorship, by George Addison
Nurses' struggle is test for Alta. Labor, by Richard Thompson
Chart strategy for feminist struggle (at LSA/LSO Convention), by Jacquie Henderson
Toward the coordination of struggles of workers, youth and women in Europe; May Day Manifesto of Fourth International
#79 May: Abortion fight heats up, by Laura Eliot
Strategy for women's liberation; Is abortion struggle reformist?, by Lis Angus
#80 June: Column: Sisterhood is powerful: The new (federal) status of Women Council, edited by Lis Angus
Women's rights issues in Manitoba vote, by Brenda Dineen
Fight for abortion rights in France; 10,000 march in Grenoble, (unsigned)
Gays map cross-country actions, by Joe Young
#81 June: Rally demands candidates defend right to abortion, by Brenda Dineen
#82 July: Women plan abortion tribune; Defend Dr. Morgentaler, by Beth Robertson
300 Québécois defy abortion ban
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: US abortion rights speaker in Toronto, by Linda Blackwood
Key to women's rights: independent action, by Lis Angus
#83 July: Alta women reply to attacks (against pro-choice on abortion), by Sheila Mawson
Step up Morgentaler defense, by Linda Blackwood
#84 August: Feminism shakes up (federal) NDP convention (Vancouver)
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: (Federal Advisory Council) another diversion, by Linda Blackwood
NDP convention: (Women's) Caucus campaigns for women's rights, by Rachel Woodhouse & Jacquie Henderson page 2 page 3
Pledge defense for abortion law victim (Dr. Morgentaler), by Jacquie Henderson
#85 September: 'Women's ministry— debate in B.C. NDP; Diversion for feminists, by Jacquie Henderson (written comment on Forward Group bound volume copy: "sheer ultraleft line here'')    page 2     page 3
Column: In Brief: Gays demonstrate for rights (Toronto)
Abortion rights advocate indicted; Morgentaler faces 13 charges (editorial)
#86 September: Women's liberation and native rights, by Kathleen Dalton
NDP women challenged Barrett to act, by Jacquie Henderson
Anti-abortion lobby gains curious ally (Maoist) CPL sides with bosses, by Lis Angus
Support builds for Dr. Morgentaler; Trial begins Sept. 24, by Beth Robertson
#87 October: Trial of Dr. Morgentaler begins; Rallies say 'drop the charges,'   2nd page by Lis Angus
3rd page What demands best defend Morgentaler? (Drop the charges), by Lis Angus
#88 October: Women's meet to build Morgentaler defense, by Lis Angus
#89 November: Women march for Dr. Morgentaler, by Joan Newbigging
300 at student women's conference, by Lis Angus
Make Barrett apply women's program! B.C. NDP convention , by Jacquie Henderson
#90 November: Jury acquits Dr. Morgentaler; 'A victory for women,' by the editors
Abortion laws put on trial, by Lis Angus
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: notes by Linda Blackwood
#91 December: Defend Dr. Morgentaler! Government appeals acquittal, by Lis Angus
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Is the government neutral? By Lis Angus
Government inaction angers B.C. women, by Jacquie Henderson
Man(itoba) NDP must support native and women's rights, by Beverly Bernardo
#92 December: Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Discovering our history (book review) by Lis Angus
Dr. Henry Morgentaler: 'Acquittal a tremendous victory'
page 2   Alberta women form caucus in NDP, by Sheila Mawson
(an interview) Meetings building Morgentaler defense
, by Ann McAllister
Column: In Brief: Northern Manitoba women organize


#93 January: Feminism and Marxism; Reply to slanders in 'Other Woman' (Part 1), by Lis Angus
#94 February: Build March 9 protest! Defend Dr. Morgentaler
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Government stalls on women's rights, by Linda Butler
Why socialists join feminist struggles; Reply to 'The Other Woman' (Part 2), by Lis Angus
#95 February: Column : Sisterhood is powerful: Stalinists join anti-abortion campaign, by Linda Butler
RMG slams abortion rights struggle; LSA fights for abortion law repeal, by Jon Cole
Nurse faces abortion charges (at Montreal Morgentaler clinic), by Lis Angus
#96 March: Gov't presses attack on right to abortion; Tribunal March 9; new arrests under abortion law;
continuation plus "Morgentaler replies to tax charge", by Lis Angus
What we can learn from pioneer feminists; Review 'In Times Like These,'' by Katie Curtin
Ottawa (civil service) secretaries march, by Joe Young
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: CPL (Maoist) attacks women's right to abortion, from a letter from Gerry Whelan
#97 March: Women set up caucus at Alta. NDP convention, by Richard Thompson
Abortion law victims tell their stories; Rally indicts (federal) government (unsigned)
Abortion tribunal: Gov't guilty of crimes against women, by Linda Meissenheimer; (box:)
2nd page, 150 demonstrate in Vancouver
Morgentaler: doctors must aid women; from his testimony at the Tribunal
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Women in the Arab world (from the US Militant)
#98 April: Union women form coalition, by Lis Angus
#99 April: Women's liberation and socialist revolution; (Book review: Women, Resistance and Revolution), by Evelyn Reed (from US Militant)
Gov't restricting abortion facilities, by Beth Robertson
Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Gov't: more promises but still no action, by Kathleen Dalton
#100 April: Column: Sisterhood is powerful: Why Argentina banned the pill, by Heidi Fischer
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