— Towards the Freedom of Choice on Abortion campaign


144 Edit: Let's tell the truth about women's rights
147 Wide interest in Women's inquiry (Royal Commission), by Ruth Blake
148 Insert (fold-out pamphlet) The Status of Women in Canada (see text file)
150 Discrimination against women protested at Status hearing, by Joan Newbigging
151 A wage for mothers? By Kate Porter (LSA brief to Royal Commission);
      —Legalize abortion, panelists demand
152 Young people urge wider use of pill (birth control), by Kate Porter


173 Abortion bill insufficient, by Joan Newbigging
174 The myth of woman's 'inferiority' by Joan Newbigging
179 Union Front: Exclude women in job training, by Paul Kent
184 The struggle for women's liberation, by Joan Newbigging;
      —Discuss how to relate to workers; Book review: Male supremacy: a rather recent invention
      —"Problems of Women's Liberation" by Evelyn Reed, reviewed by Christine Farrell


190 pp.1-6 Drug monopolists hiding the truth about the pill, by Jacquie Henderson;
      —Spray causes birth defects; Must develop safe form Of birth control

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