Workers Vanguard 1955-1967 - "The Woman Question"

EDITOR: Ross Dowson

1934 (Retrospective, from "The Vanguard")

Vol. 2 No. 3: Eaton's Wage-Slaves Strike (while ILGWU "girls" paid 15 cents for a $5 silk blouse)


Vol. 1 No. 4: Column: Think it over (Home and School attack on working mothers), by Lou Marsh
Vol. 1 No. 8: Column: Think it over (Governor-General Massey's advice to women) by Ellen Martin


19: Column: Think it over (the Women question) by Mary Hughes


30: Column: Think it over (Working women) by Mary Walter


43 Women (missing in Trade union leadership - Trade Union Notes)
45: 4,000 Winnipeg citizens appeal deportation of woman and child
45: Photo: Doukhobor children reunited with parents
48: Photo: Aino Pirskanen acquires Canadian citizenship after 1-year fight


56: "Pornography and the law," by Drs. Eberhard & Kronhausen (Book review by Ernest Strong)


68: Column:Think it over (On abortion) by Ruth Paul


75:Column: Think it over ("Just give us a chance, boys!" (participation women in NDP) by Ruth Paul 78: The stories of three women (Suicide of Marilyn Monroe; Doctor and victim fight thalidomide) by Evelyn Reed, from the US Militant)


83: Castro's speech to Women's Conference
83: Photo: Women 50% of medical students in Cuba
86: The Ontario law and profits (Women's minimum salary)
86: Column: Think it over: (How to beat the system -- Welfare recipients) by Ruth Paul
87:Column: Thinking it over (On the birth of our baby) by Ruth Mitchell


97: Algerian woman seeks Canadian help
98: (NDP activist) Dorothy Steeves on Cuba visit (her views broadcast)
98: Women packers struggle against starvation wages
102: The scandal of poverty in Canada (Ontario Federation of Labour statement)


110: Raising the roof on housing, by Patricia Mitchell
115: Deep, wide poverty in affluent society - Canadian way of life, by RD; Searching for food scraps at the Montreal market


116: Column: Think it over (They want the whole of you) (Jobs), by Patricia Mitchell
123: Shoppers protest gouging; Douglas bares government fraud, by P. Kent
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