To follow the standard measures in removing any pool cover is very important not only because it can provide a faster and easier way of doing so, but also reduces the possibility of damaging the swimming pool cover. Being able to do the removal well gives way to an effortless swimming pool opening afterward. 

To remove a solid swimming pool safety cover needs anchor remover, a pool cover pump, a hex key, cover cleaning chemicals, and a pool cover storage.  To do this:

  1. Remove the dirt and debris on top of the safety pool cover. It only shows how adequate a pool cover is. Waste that is supposed to be on the pool water can now gather without penetrating the water.
  2. Drain the water on top of the pool cover. Please make use of a pool cover pump for a more natural way of removing it. It applies to solid safety pool covers. Water needs to pump off before removing the safety cover.
  3. Clean the pool cover– make use of a pool cover cleaner. Spray the chemical cleaner on the surface of the pool cover. Rinse it off; Dry it up. Follow the proper storage of the pool cover.
  4. Remove the springs and screws. Remove all springs from the anchors were making use of a rod. Screw down the anchors thru the hex key. Anchors should flush with the deck. Use the hex key and screw the anchors into the sleeve.
How to Remove a Swimming Pool Safety Cover

On the other hand, in the case of removing a mesh swimming pool safety cover, materials needed are rod (included with the cover upon purchase), broom or a leaf blower, a hex key, and a safety cover storage bag. To do this:

  1. Clean the mesh swimming pool safety cover before taking it off. Remove the leaves and other debris on the surface of the safety cover. Please make use of a leaf blower or broom to sweep them off.
  2. Attach the pool cover removal rod in the middle of the anchor and the spring.
  3. Lower down all anchors to eliminate the cover from dragging along and cause pool cover tears, and rips. The safety pool cover is now ready to remove. 
  4. Remove the anchors from insertion. Make use of a hex key.
  5. Store the mesh safety pool cover. Make sure that it is already dry after cleaning. Fold thoroughly to avoid wrinkles upon storage. Sprinkle the pool cover with baking soda to prevent molds and mildew formulation. Place and seal the mesh pool safety cover in its storage bag. Store in a cool and dry place.

Follow the step-by-step guide in removing the safety pool cover to achieve a secure pool cover removal without damaging or even polluting the swimming pool water. It will help a lot on the fast opening of the swimming that can also perform by a single person alone. If the pool cover removal has done safe, the rest of the process in opening up the swimming pool can never be that hard. Enjoyment and fun come next.

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