Same through with an in-ground swimming pool, an above ground swimming pool also needs to be covered during the winter season. It needs equal protection from dirt, and chemical loss as evaporation can occur more often in this season. A winter pool cover required for this kind of swimming pool is usually a tarp, with grommets on the edges, and always come with cable and winch that work to hold the pool cover tightly and securely in place. Putting on a cover for an above-ground swimming pool can be easy and quick. Just remember to follow the step by step process of doing so correctly. Handle the pool cover and do the methods with the best of care.  

The materials needed to put a cover on for above-ground pools are old towels, swimming pool cover clips, or can either be a winter cover seal and of course, a winter pool cover with the right size of overlap. To get started, here are the steps on how to put the above-ground pool cover on:

How to Put Above Ground Pool Cover On
  1. Winterize the swimming pool. It merely means to clean the swimming pool thoroughly, disconnection of the swimming pool equipment (pool pump and filter), lowering the level of the pool water (under the skimmer), and the addition and proper balancing of the swimming pool chemicals. Also, include to check the pool area for sharp edges and cover them with old towels or foams. It is to assure the safety of the pool cover from damaging, and even from simple rips or tears. 
  2. Lay down the swimming pool cover. Spread it out on the entire above ground pool. Purchase one that has the right overlap to cover the whole swimming pool up to the sides. It usually measures 3ft.-4ft. overlap from the above ground pool size to assure that it can be enough for the swimming pool. If in need of help, ask one. Remember that the cover needs to be taken care of as the process is ongoing. 
  3. Attach the pool cover on the swimming pool. Insert the cable wire on the grommets or loops at the edges of the pool cover. Insert the ends of the cable on the hole located on the winch from the opposite sides. Tighten the wire and turn the winch to hold the cover on the above ground pool.
  4. Secure the pool cover from the sides. It is to prevent the cover from flapping that can weaken it and begin to tear. So to prevent this, cover and secure the surrounding sides of the above ground pool. Make use of other swimming pool accessories for this. Some of which are the pool cover bags, the winter cover seal, and the pool cover clips. The grommets of the water-filled cover bags can connect with the cable of the pool cover. So confidently place the container on the inside perimeter of the pool cover. On the other hand, a winter cover seal is an elastic material that can wrap around the sides of the pool cover. Likewise, the winter cover clips are being attached on the swimming pool rail to secure the cover. 

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