Forward - articles by R.D., P. Kent, Paul Kane, Ken Napier

Editor: Wayne Roberts
Article 1 (Whole #24, Jan.)Vol. 2 No. 12 (Editorials) Canada coming apart at seams (Parti Québécois comes to power in Quebec); Canada in crisis; “Peace” deception (diverts support for Irish republican movement)
Article 2 CLC censors Steel union on chemical struggle, by P. Kent
Article 3 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (general and labor notes on issues of Canadian nationalism)
Article 4 A view of Sask. Waffle manifesto, by R.D.
Jan. Article 5 Ottawa hightails after NATO war drive, by P. Kent
Article 6 Penny-pinching existence for aged; Over half live in abject poverty, by Paul Kane

Article 1 (Whole #25, Feb.) Lack of strategy stalls anti-AIB fight (labor against Anti-Inflation Board)
Article 2 pg. 1

Article 2 pg. 2
(Editorials) Where are we going, & what is to be done? Quebec’s course firm, irreversible; (Canada’s) Rulers in disarray and confusion
What is to be done? For a constitutional assembly! The opportunity to reshape Canada
Article 3 pg. 1 Article 3 pg. 2 Putting it to (the) Québécois, by R.D. (Anglophone politicians and business confront Quebec)
(continuation) “…the government would not ‘absolutely, categorically, rule out force.’”
Article 4 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (The Financial Post complains about restrictions against foreign ownership)

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(#26, April) Editorial, 2 pp) How to decide (Canadian) future; Patch up confederation or a new constitution? Discussion opening up on constituent assembly idea
Constituent assembly; PM seeks US backing (against Quebec independence struggle)
Article 2 Jobless can leave country, living too high, flips Pierre, by Paul Kane
Article 3 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Washington disregards Trudeau’s efforts to stall Garrison water project; Macleans reveals Canadian bourgeois opposition to nationalism)
Article 4 Column: On the Line: union notes
Article 5 RCMP: our political thought control cops, by Ken Napier

05_01-1 (#27, May) (Editorial) Vote NDP on June 9; Ont. labor to power
05_01-2 CLC head fiddles with bosses as unemployment issue burns, by P. Kent
Committee proposes constitutional assembly (Committee statement reprinted by editors)

Cttee for a New Constitution seeks popular assembly for a new Canada
05_01-4 (Editorial) Let the people decide!
Constitutional crisis puts Canada in question; Analyzing the roots of Canada’s evolution, by R.D.
(continuation) Federalism against self-determination
(continuation) Rise of working class organizations
05_01-6 Column: Oh Canada (Ottawa’s man in Washington lambastes Canadian nationalism; Saturday Night critiques Trudeau speech in Washington)
May Art. 7 Column: On the Line: Starvation pensions, Schreyer betrayal, Index pensions!, Steel ranks resist, QFL actions modest, by Paul Kent

07_01-1 (#28 printed #27 in error, July) (unsigned editorial) Alcan gas pipeline: new Panama Canal
07_01-2 (Editorial) Ont. NDP & public ownership (Lewis leadership dumps public ownership of resource industries policy)

The social dynamics of the Quebec nationalist movement;
Trudeau leads federalist attack against Parti Québécois, by R.D.; Pravda echoes Trudeau
(continuation) “The state forms are of a bourgeois democratic character.”
(continuation) Photo: 1944 demonstration against conscription in Montreal
07_01-4 Steel (union) brass caught red-handed (attack movement for Canadian union autonomy)
Column: Cross country with the NDP, by R.D. (Sask. nuclear sales; BC, Alberta & Manitoba NDP notes)
(Ontario NDP MLA) Ziemba’s jailing sets precedent and embarrasses government
07_01-6 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (notes on Canadian sovereignty issues)
07_01-7 British socialists explain (British) Labour Party orientation (similarity of political strategy with Canadian left to NDP -- a review of a pamphlet) Forward Fund Drive close to $5000 goal

09_01-1 (#29, Sept.) Labor to fight for jobless, by P. Kent
09_01-2 (Editorials) The balance sheet (BLP comes to grips with end of Pax Britannica); Winds of change (Euro-Communism signals growing split in Stalinist ranks from the Soviet Union)
A Constituent Assembly & a new Constitution; The way out of the Confederation crisis
(continuation) Unity Train under way
(continuation) While legal brains tangle, (Sask. NDP Premier) Blakeney plots a solution
09_01-4 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Sask. next year country sees Canadian nationalism as directed against Quebec; Canadian power issues)
09_01-5 What’s behind the fusion of the RMG/LSA? All the ingredients of an adventure (it’s unprincipled political basis), by R.D.

(#30, Nov.-Dec.)
The RCMP: myths and realities; Truth comes out on Canada’s post-card heroes, by R.D.
(continuation) Cartoon: Sergeant Pressem of the Yukon
NDP leadership hems and haws after RCMP caught red-handed, by Wayne Roberts
11-12-2 (Editorial) Quebec’s hopes high as Canada’s stagnate
11-12-3 (Letters to the Editor) Letter from Walter Bruno and reply by R.D.: Socialist politics and gay liberation – an exchange of views
11-12-4 Column: On the Line: by P. Kent (BC Teamsters fight; Dailies struck over workers’ control)
11-12-5 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (“Foreign banks are literally invading Canada”; the battle against imperializing Canadian culture; the lack of a coherent Canadian science policy)