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02_01st-1 (#35, Feb.) (unsigned, editorial) Forging united front with postal workers (Toronto rally protests firings)
02_01st-2 RCMP subversive list circulates through top government circles, by Jean Laplante
Toronto's new Mayor John Sewell-where is he heading to-and why?? By R.D.
(continuation) Photo: John Sewell speaks out at rally for gays
02_01st-4 (Editorials) Challenge to disarm (Canada locked into US-dominated NATO alliance); The Year of the Child (will be co-opted by "right-to-life" forces?)
02_01st-5 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Canadian imperialist holdings in Latin America disappearing, etc.)
02_01st-6 Death of American socialist is a loss to world-wide struggle (Joe Hansen, leader of the SWP)
05_01st-1 (#36, May) (Editorial) Make it count - Vote NDP; Libs-Tories same, Need basic change; Who will rule Canada?
05_01st-2 (Editorial) The winds of change (NDP leader Lewis recognizes error of failing to "recognize foreign domination of large sectors of our economy"; Native Territories leader contests as NDP candidate)
05_01st-3 RCMP forgery, falsehoods admitted at Krever hearings, by Ken Napier
Rebuts RCMP slander of socialists; Ross Dowson testifies at Krever hearing
Query into violations of health records site of RCMP-Socialist confrontation
(continuation) (R.D. part of a movement) very open and public; RCMP's role in Canada's history
(continuation) The price labor pays for dirty tricks; socialists only the first victims
05_01st-5 Socialist Rights Fund aids Dowson court case, by Harry Paine
05_01st-6 Magazine editors have no practical politics; Despite analysis of economy, by Paul Kane (Canadian Dimension)
05_01st-7 (Editorial) Now your turn to act, Come to the aid of Forward (fund drive)
(#37, July-Aug.) U.S. frustrating free Nicaragua, by Paul Kane
U.S. for Somozism, sans Somoza
07-08-2 Nuclear Power debate: moratorium? Shutdown? No damn atoms, by R.D.
(Editorial) Canada crisis requires NDP to clarify party program (defender of federalism in Quebec)
(continuation) Broadbent avoids socialism in industrial strategy as Canada faces crisis
07-08-4 (Editorials) 'Boat people' grist in Viet propaganda mill; Collective bargaining (vs. union-management co-operation)
Rebuts RCMP slanders: Longstanding socialist testifies before Krever Commission; RCMP out to cripple labor Ont. Royal Commission told (Dowson interview by Harry Kopyto)
(continuation) Cartoon: (RCMP) Kit parade
(continuation) we published the Waffle Manifesto because we thought it belonged to the people of Canada… "
(continuation) Canada awoke on one October morning to find the institutions of parliamentary democracy completely swept aside and the army and police in charge…"
Column: On the Line, by P. Kent (Day of Protest lie; Unemployment blues; Labor mobilizing its forces to fight against the cutbacks)
Ever-increasing unity (Canadian and American Food workers federate); Canadian autonomy (for transport workers); OPSEU goes union (public service workers vote to join CLC)
07-08-7 Urges prosecution of RCMP criminals; Top court to decide on RCMP stonewall) (Dowson submission to Krever Commission)
07-08-8 (Editorial) Clearing way for Forward fund drive
09-10-1 (#38, Sept-Oct.) (Editorial) New course advocated by prominent New Democrats (two documents call for an industrial strategy which includes public ownership, and for a coherent new leadership)
09-10-2 Socialist rights law suit sparks OPP probe of RCMP crimes, by C. Judge (Dowson case); Ont. attorney-general forced to probe RCMP crimes
Rebut RCMP slanders (part 2); Ontario Royal Commission hears Dowson; The real view of socialists explained on range of issues
(continuation) Cartoon: preparing a long leash
(continuation) Thanked for 'enlightening discussion'
09-10-4 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Free Trade and a continental energy pact on the table; effects of economic domination on the Canadian economy, etc.)
09-10-5 (Editorial) (Open) Letter to the CLC on nuclear safety (for workers' control)
09-10-6 Column: On the Line, by P. Kent: Ferment in BC woods; Labor needs own voice (demise of Toronto Telegram poses need)
09-10-7 (Editorial) Last chance to kick in your share (Forward fund drive)
(un-numbered #38A) Nov. 1979 (a Forward supplement) entitled Option for Canada: An NDP convention discussion paper (4 pp) "Masters In Our Own House" by Wayne Roberts; Canadians and Québécois will always be countrymen, by Skip Hambling
Shake off narrow federalism; For working class unity
Socialism Via Association, prominent Quebec author says, by Henry Milner
Equal to Equal by Association, by Simon Rosenbloom; Force and fear? By Mel Watkins
12_01st-1 (#39, Dec.) Mass action extends Nicaragua revolution, by Jean Laplante
12_01st-2 As the revolution unfolds; Nicaraguan political groups put to the test, by Jean Laplante
12_01st-3 Dowson suit against RCMP awaits federal court ruling, by R.D.; RCMP moves to block socialist rights slander suit; NDP convention supports law-suit against RCMP
12_01st-4 (Editorial) Behind US hate Iran hysteria; Iran threatens to ignite Middle East, to cripple US as the world power
12_01st-5 (Editorial) Left launched at NDP convention; Left caucus emerges
12_01st-6 Lawyer explains the issues; Historic challenge to RCMP's Big Lie, by Harry Kopyto
12_01st-7 Law Unions hit RCMP and Quebec union-busting judge
12_01st-8 What is the truth behind RCMP-Labor Committee, by R.D. (a wedge to penetrate into internal union affairs)
12_01st-9 OFL brass covers up McDermott mudslinging, by Paul Kane (red-baiting CLC chief an embarrassment to the labor brass?)
12_01st-10 Commemoration of Trotsky Centennial
12_01st-11 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (revised Bank Act rushed through as a concession to US capital, etc.)
Roundup of nuclear debate in DNP; Conventions reveal cross-country controversy, by Paul Kane
Photo: MP Simon deJong & Sask. MLA Peter Prebble in convention debate; CIA brainwashers will face trial.)
12_01st-13 Capitalists lose faith in future of their economy, by Ken Napier

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