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January 1st Vol. 2 No. 12 (Whole number 24, Jan.) (Editorials) Canada coming apart at seams (Parti Québécois comes to power in Quebec); Canada in crisis; "Peace" deception (diverts support for Irish republican movement)
CLC censors Steel union on chemical struggle, by P. Kent
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (general and labor notes on issues of Canadian nationalism)
A view of Sask. Waffle manifesto, by R.D.
Ottawa hightails after Nato war drive, by P. Kent
Penny-pinching existence for aged; Over half live in abject poverty, by Paul Kane
February 15th (#25, Feb.) Lack of strategy stalls anti-AIB fight (labor against Anti-Inflation Board)
(Editorials) Where are we going, & what is to be done? Quebec's course firm, irreversible; (Canada's) Rulers in disarray and confusion
What is to be done? For a constitutional assembly! The opportunity to reshape Canada
Putting it to (the) Québécois, by R.D. (Anglophone politicians and business confront Quebec)
(continuation) "…the government would not 'absolutely, categorically, rule out force.'"
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (The Financial Post complains about restrictions against foreign ownership)
April 1st- (#26, April) Editorial: How to decide (Canadian) future; Patch up confederation or a new constitution?
Discussion opening up on constituent assembly idea
Constituent assembly; PM seeks US backing (against Quebec independence struggle)
Jobless can leave country, living too high, flips Pierre, by Paul Kane
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Washington disregards Trudeau's efforts to stall Garrison water project; Macleans reveals Canadian bourgeois opposition to nationalism)
Column: On the Line: union notes
RCMP: our political thought control cops, by Ken Napier
May 1st (#27, May) (Editorial) Vote NDP on June 9; Ont. labor to power
CLC head fiddles with bosses as unemployment issue burns, by P. Kent
Committee proposes constitutional assembly (Committee statement reprinted by editors)
Cttee for a New Constitution seeks popular assembly for a new Canada
(Editorial) Let the people decide!
Constitutional crisis puts Canada in question; Analyzing the roots of Canada's evolution, by R.D.
(continuation) Federalism against self-determination
(continuation) Rise of working class organizations
Column: Oh Canada (Ottawa's man in Washington lambastes Canadian nationalism; Saturday Night critiques Trudeau speech in Washington)
Column: On the Line: Starvation pensions, Schreyer betrayal, Index pensions!, Steel ranks resist, QFL actions modest, by Paul Kent
July 1st (#28 printed as #27 in error, July) (unsigned editorial) Alcan gas pipeline: new Panama Canal
(Editorial) Ont. NDP & public ownership (Lewis leadership dumps public ownership of resource industries policy)
The social dynamics of the Quebec nationalist movement; Trudeau leads federalist attack against Parti Québécois, by R.D.; Pravda echoes Trudeau
(continuation) "The state forms are of a bourgeois democratic character."
(continuation) Photo: 1944 demonstration against conscription in Montreal
Steel (union) brass caught red-handed (attack movement for Canadian union autonomy)
Column: Cross country with the NDP, by R.D. (Sask. nuclear sales; BC, Alberta & Manitoba NDP notes)
Ontario NDP MLA) Ziemba's jailing sets precedent and embarrasses government
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (notes on Canadian sovereignty issues)
British socialists explain (British) Labour Party orientation (similarity of political strategy with Canadian left to NDP -- a review of a pamphlet)
Forward Fund Drive close to $5000 goal
September 1 (#29, Sept.) Labor to fight for jobless, by P. Kent
(Editorials) The balance sheet (BLP comes to grips with end of Pax Britannica); Winds of change (Euro-Communism signals growing split in Stalinist ranks from the Soviet Union)
A Constituent Assembly & a new Constitution; The way out of the Confederation crisis
(continuation) Unity Train under way
(continuation) While legal brains tangle, (Sask. NDP Premier) Blakeney plots a solution
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Sask. Next Year Country sees Canadian nationalism as directed against Quebec; Canadian power issues)
What's behind the fusion of the RMG/LSA? All the ingredients of an adventure (it's unprincipled political basis), by R.D.
November 12th (#30, Nov.-Dec.) The RCMP: myths and realities; Truth comes out on Canada's post-card heroes, by R.D.
Cartoon: Sergeant Pressem of the Yukon
NDP leadership hems and haws after RCMP caught red-handed, by Wayne Roberts
(Editorial) Quebec's hopes high as Canada's stagnate
(Letters to the Editor) Letter from Walter Bruno and reply by R.D.: Socialist politics and gay liberation - an exchange of views
Column: On the Line: by P. Kent (BC Teamsters fight; Dailies struck over workers' control)
Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane ("Foreign banks are literally invading Canada"; the battle against imperializing Canadian culture; the lack of a coherent Canadian science policy)

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