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Vol. 2 No. 2 (Jan.) (Editorial) For mass rally of (Canadian) labor to beat controls A time for action; "Doctrinaire"move? (Stephen Lewis agonizes over Sask. NDP takeover of potash industry)
01_01st-2 Teachers head battle against wage-freeze, by R.D.
01_01st-3 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Canada loses preferential trade rights in English-speaking Caribbean countries; Canadian banks infiltrated by US corporate interests
01_01-4 Toronto Socialist League holds annual conference, by G. Donnelly
Vol. 2 No. 3 (Feb. -inside pages printed "January" in error) (by the Editors) PM accidentally poses socialism as the issue
(continuation) system bankrupt
Why BC NDP lost; Vancouver Democrat discussion, by R.D.
(continuation) "…the important social legislation…"
02_01st-3 Column: Cross country with the NDP: Potash lords not beaten (Blakeney Sask. NDP beleaguered); Socreds cut NDP gains (in BC); Wealthy escape surtax
02_01st-4 Column: Oh Canada by Paul Kane (Canadian building trades unions vote autonomy, etc.)
There are always $$$ for war; Nothing for social services, but: (Ottawa's military expenditures), by R.D. (continuation) Cartoon: Canuck packing it in: "You realize of course that you are upsetting the balance of power."
02_01st-6 Union fights US bid (UE puts pressure on FIRA)
Vol. 2 No. 4 (March) (Editorial) Labor defies wage freeze; CLC leaders call for March 22 mass mobilization in Ottawa; Program for labor action against freeze
continuation) Confront the freeze
Trudeau Digest-ed by US corporate power (caves in to US media giants Time and Readers' Digest)
(continuation) (cartoon & Forward Forum notice)
03_01st-3 Column: Oh Canada by Paul Kane (demands for enquiry into domination by US cinema giants)
03_01st-4 Warns Gov't against nationalism (a sober Senate warning), by Paul Kane
Vol. 2 No. 5 (April) (by the Editors) Labor action opposes cuts, controls; UAW head poses mass strike action; Que. Common Front action underway
Which way for labor?
04_01st-2 Forward forums clue in to key socialist issues, by G.Doctorow
04_01st-3 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (US power corporations get clean power by polluting Canada; the book trade, etc.); The same old story in (Canada's) China role (policies are "made in USA"), by P, Kent
04_01st-4 1st Trotskyist French daily (Rouge)
Deepening crisis of Br. Left clarified by new socialist paper (Socialist Action), by R.D.
(continuation, forecasts resurgence of Scottish Socialist Party)
04_01st-6 Editorial: Forward sets goal: $5500 from readers
05_01st-1 Vol. 2 No. 6 (May) Miners, technicians hold the AIB at bay; Elliott Lake Steelworkers Local 5762, by P. Kent
05_01st-2 Defend CLC democracy! Stop constitution change!, by R.D.
05_01st-3 (Open letter to CLC delegates) (Editorial) Labor girds to defeat the wage freeze; NDP, strike unity key elements of CLC strategy
Situation of Russian workers; Seldom revealed facts, by Ken Napier
(continuation) Photos of Ukrainian oppositionist Ivan Dzyuba and Russian dissident Solzhenitsyn
05_01st-5 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Documents reveal how Canada shifted aside during WW2 by Britain and the US)
05_01st-6 NDP, Québécois, labor hold May Day celebrations, by P.Kent; Forward fund drive gets read support; (Forward) Forums discuss issues, by G. Donnelly
Vol. 2 No. 7 (June-July) Cross-Canada strikes against wage freeze, by Paul Kane
Canada-wide action against AIB! (Anti-Inflation Board)
06-07-2 Gov't stall prods (air traffic) controller strike; Controllers strike Que., by P. Kent
06-07-3 (Editorials) The limits of reform (ballooning GNP puts the lie to the Anti-Inflation Board); New laws' class bias (the Omnibus Criminal Law Amendment Bill and "law & order")
06-07-4 (Manitoba NDP leader) Schreyer bares the reason why he supports the wage freeze, by R.D.
06-07-5 In celebration of the American Revolution 1776 (a bicentennial tribute by James P. Cannon)
06-07-6 Weekly talks at Forward Forums discuss key ideas, by Matt O'Henly; (Editorial) (Forward) Drive surpasses $5500 objective
06-07-7 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (Council of Canadian Filmmakers campaign for Canadian production quota) etc.
Vol. 2 No. 8 (Aug.) Trudeau retreats before campaign against French (Anglophone air controllers strike), by P. Kent
French language issue causes crisis for Liberal government
08_01st-2 (Editorial) All out behind the CLC's day of protest action!
CLC Manifesto in perspective; Danger or step forward? By R.D. (polemic with Saskatchewan Next Year Country and Toronto Labor Challenge)
(continuation) Photo: Militant workers mistakenly expressing opposition to CLC manifesto
Reviews of books from the workers' bookshelf; "The Enemy that Never Was" (Japanese Canadians during WW2), "The Renegade Revolutionaries"
(continuation) Photo: Japanese Canadians interned during WW2
08_01st-5 (Editorials) (Argentinian guerrilla leader) Santucho murdered; Mars shot fizzles (US corporate profit initiative)
08_01st-6 Is nationalism reactionary? (Forward Forums topic) by Paul Kellogg
08_01st-7 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (notes on Canadian nationalism)
09_01st-1 Vol. 2 No. 9 (Sept.) For a united mass mobilization on October 14 Day of Protest; Students! Old age pensioners! Women! Community activists! By R.D.
09_01st-2 Damien court fight key civil rights issue (gay jockey fired), by Ken Napier
09_01st-3 (Editorial) New labor horizons (CLC Day of Protest gathers massive support)
09_01st-4 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (leaked corporate letters reveal how all publicly funded Exxon research in Canada becomes head office property, and other notes on nationalism)
09_01st-5 Forward Forums offer discussion on key issues
Vol. 1 No. 10 (Oct.) (Editorials) Meaning of the Pan-Canadian October 14th Day of Protest; Labor's future in new found unity
A massive social movement (the Day of Protest); We will all be tested (Trudeau's "just society" along with the wage freeze)
What awaits labor and CLC Manifesto? By R.D. Ont, B.C. unions drive to organize bank workers
(continuation) What awaits
10_01st-3 (Sask. NDP Premier) Schreyer's illusions get cut short by realities of AIB wage slashing, by Paul Kane
10_01st-4 (Nova Scotia) Enheat strike, by P. Kent
10_01st-5 Parents back Que teachers; Que pilots' victory. Who are the socialists who publish the paper "Forward"?
10_01st-6 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (issues on Canadian nationalism)
11-12-1 Vol. 2 No. 11 (Nov.-Dec.) Ont. Union delegates call for socialism in Canada, by P. Kent (OFL Manifesto)
11-12-2 (Editorials) PQ victory opens up a new era (for Quebec); Will lead to a labor party; (Forward) Forum discusses USSR and woman's movement
Oct. 14: acid test for the left (left currents in Canada flub support for CLC Day of Protest)
(continuation) "…the Spartacist developed its sectarian line…"
11-12-4 Column: Cross country with the NDP, by Wayne Roberts (For whom Bell tolls, Mixed up economy [Social-Democratic concepts], Nuclear power debate [in Sask. Commonwealth])
11-12-5 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (finagling Canadian content in the "Canadian" Readers' Digest; FIRA a standing joke; Canada "diversifying" investment control over the country by encouraging Japan and the EC.)

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