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Vol. 1 No. 5 Gov't in back pocket of US Levi blue jeans, by R.D. (US monopoly already in control of commanding heights of Canadian economy)
Gov't aids takeover, bankrolls US giants; Economic Council predicts increasing US ownership

Column: Cross Country with the NDP by Anne Macdonald: Nationalize United; (Abortion is) Priority (B.C. magazine) issue; Sask. NDP meets
(B.C. NDP Premier) Barrett hits oil barons
01_01st-3 US building trades brass sabotage (Canadian) autonomy
01_01st-4 (Editorial) Action not jingles in Int(ernational) Women's year
01_01st-5 (Editorial) New turn in Labor's ranks spurred on by youth and inflation; new openings for labor
Vol. 1 No. 6 Oil profiteers, get out now! Cdn gov'ts capitulating before oil bosses' Syncrude ultimatum
Oil profiteers, out!
02_01st-2 (Editorials) (Canadian). workers protest US ban on Cuba trade; Cole Steelworkers protest (Canadian) submission to trade ban
(2 pp) Trudeau tough with Time (magazine) - a bit, maybe; Bandaid, too little, too late
(continuation) Macleans; (graphic: Emit)
02_01st-4 (Canadian) complicity, as usual, in Vietnam war crimes, by Paul Kane; Writers see (Canadian) role in Brazil as 'sub-imperial'
03_01st-1 Vol. 1 No. 7 Oil buccaneers plunder public funds, by R.D.; May 10 - for national womens rights action (editorial); March for women's rights
Last tango in Europe - Can-US free trade option? By R.D.
(continuation) Japanese imperialism has shown considerable interest in Canadian resources
03_01st-3 (Editorial) Unholy alliance rules out workers' health (asbestos dust peril)

Column: Cross country with the NDP, by Anne Macdonald: NDP grow on campus; Federal leadership (race includes Rosemary Brown); BC women('s resolution) debate; Alberta convention (calls for nationalization of Esso)
Business attacks NDP in MB and SK; Manitoba convention (Premier Schreyer balks at manifesto)
03_01st-5 (Obituary) Hugh Dowson, worker-militant & socialist (from a speech by R.D.)
03_01st-6 Comments on Canada by Fourth International (makes no mention of the NDP or nationalist sentiment)
03_01st-7 York (University United) left slate victory; SL debates human alienation (at York U.); Socialist League Marxist classes; Forward opens annual drive: $5000 by May 15
04_15th-1 Vol. 1 No. 8 US puppets routed in Indochina, by Paul Kane

The debate widens on the nature of Canada, by R.D.; From the Mandel contribution, to Warnock (what rank of imperialist power?)
(continuation) Cartoon: Minister to US oil owners: "You're cut off - beat it."
(continuation) Photo: Belgian Marxist economist Ernest Mandel
04_15th-3 Mounting attack on (Canadian) nationalism; Bankers, bosses & bureaucrats join, by P. Kent
04_15th-4 (Editorials) Poverty in Canada; Aid is not solution (to world food crisis)
04_15th-5 Student leaders speak out at Forward Forum (Dale Ritch); Fun drive on the way to top $5,000
Vol. 1 No. 9 US tycoons take over the Canadian bankroll, by R.D.
(continuation) The Bank Act has become an irritant
(continuation) The power behind the carpet-bankers
06_01st-2 (Editorials) Monopoly power (the Royal Commission to investigate); Everything to lose! (Canada recommits to NATO)
06_01st-3 Left, labor bookstore launched (Forward Books); Fund drive falls short
08_-01st-1 Vol. 1 No. 10 Branch plant, gov't policy make Canada a technological colony, by Paul Kane Box: (union) drive for autonomy
08_01st-2 (Editorial) Deathtrap set for us (Pentagon's Trident submarines for Vancouver) Choking on greed (US capitalism wasteful and unproductive)
08_01st-3 Browsing thru Forward Books (reviews of some new history & literature)
Towards the study of (Canadian) art; In reply to Barry Lord's views, by R.D.
(continuation) Graphic: North Shore, Lake Superior, by Lawren Harris, 1926
(continuation) Graphic: Blumden Harbour, by Emily Carr
(continuation) (Paintings which are little) more than patriotic poster art.
09_01st-1 Vol. 1 No. 11 Women unionists launch new movement for rights, by P. Kent
09_01st-2 Prisoners form union; Sit-ins rock the jails, by Paul Kane; Que. workers for autonomy

Pioneer struggles to build workers' party; A major study of the failure of the Canadian CP (by Ivan Avakumovic) reviewed by R.D.
(continuation) C.P. Headline:"USSR, atom bomb KO Japan warlords"
(continuation) Photo: The Workers Party of the 1920s
09_01st-4 (Editorials) Answer Bell extortion with nationalization; Hands off Portugal
09_01st-5 Browsing thru Forward Books (review of current books and magazines)
09_01st-6 Column: On the Line: CUPE hits labor board; Maritime brass hit new low (ILU cold-war move); Steel ranks buck pattern
Vol. 1 No. 12 US is calling shots on (Canadian) military, by R.D.,
(continuation) Photo: P.E.T. told Canada expected to bolster its NATO forces
10_01st-2 Br. Labor Party left mounts rebuke to Wilson leadership
10_01st-3 (Editorial) Task for socialists (how the left responded to NDP Ontario electoral campaign); Stop (Rosie) Douglas deportation
10_01st-4 Forward forums offer discussion for socialists, by Wayne Roberts
11_01st-1 Vol. 2 No. 1 (unsigned, editorial) For a congress of all (Canadian) labor to fight Trudeau's wage freeze; Program for labor
The October crisis fraud; Confirmed five years after (War Measures Act) (R.D. article reprinted from Nov. 1970)
(continuation) first and foremost (a) body blow against Quebec nationalism
11_01st-3 (Editorial) Canadian Dimension on the NDP
11_01st-4 (Editorials) The gap widens (incomes in Canada); Is Zionism racist?
11_01st-5 Column: Oh Canada: real role of FIRA; Broadbent reviews Walter Gordon book; etc.
Myth and reality of class in Canada; New study of corporate elite; a review by R.D. of Wallace Clement's book
(continuation) Photo of author

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