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March April

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(#50, March-April) (2 pp, unsigned editorial) Join Peace Petition Campaign (against Cruise missile testing in Canada); Toronto Trade Union (Anti-Cruise) Calendar
(continuation) Policy discussion at Winnipeg rally
art. 2 (Obituary) Box: tribute to Pat Schulz; (US-SWP) Scrapping key concepts
art. 3 pg.1

art. 3 pg.2
(Editorial) Dropping the pilot, the Trudeau years (an evaluation of the mythology around this 16-year prime minister)
(continuation) The Trudeau years (including his "peace mission" lately revealed as undertaken at the behest of President Nixon)
art. 4 Nicaraguan leaders open way to election, by P. Kent
art. 5 Big Brother is listening, there is no place to hide (RCMP electronic surveillance); RCMP still harassing trade union movement
art. 6 SIS secret police bill moves to critical stage in house, by R.D.
art. 7 Big bounce to (Dowson) Defence Fund Appeal, by Harry Paine; (Advertisement) Video RCMP on Trial (City TV docudrama)
art. 8 Courts cover-up police spies, by P. Kent (RCMP plant exposed at Quebec Keable enquiry)
art. 9 Fed Court go-ahead stalled by Gov't ploy (Dowson & Buchbinder blocked by judge, sent to Supreme Court); RCMP loses appeal, Dowson suit proceeds, by Paul Kane
art. 10 Column: Cross country with the NDP; Laxer urges right swing (in party's economic policy); (Toronto) Left Caucus plans forums
art. 11 pg.1

art. 11 pg.2
What next in B.C. anti-Socred fight? By R.D. Photo: leaders of B.C. Federation of Labour and Operation Solidarity
(continuation) Cartoon: Solidarity & Socreds = "So far so good"


art. 1 (#51, Nov.-Dec.) Jobs thru shorter work week, by P. Kent (11.8% unemployment level projected until at least until 1990); For a shorter work week with the same take home pay
art. 2 pg. 1
art. 2 pg. 2
(Editorial) US hands off Nicaragua!
Elections as part of the revolution
art. 3 Canadian Autoworkers buck US leadership pattern, by Jean Laplante
art. 4 pg. 1

art. 4 pg. 2
Security Service clamped on, despite an all-out NDP fight; A dark day for democracy! by R. D. (CSIS bill rammed through Parliament)
NDP fight; MPs smeared as "terrorists"
art. 5 pg. 1
art. 5 pg. 2
NDP leadership for revision of policy, by Paul Kane (Party leader Deans undertakes reversal of anti-NATO stand)
(continuation) 2nd column: "the decades long struggle to get rid of the Regina Manifesto" (by the leadership)
art. 6 pg. 1
art. 6 pg. 2
ONDP Left Caucus; Confronts leadership challenge, by R.D. (Manifesto "For a revitalized, socialist NDP" drafted)
(continuation); (BLP left-wing leader) Benn meeting hails (British) Miners
art. 7 RCMP continues to block Dowson, by Paul Kane (his charges of crimes committed under Operation Checkmate)
art. 8 Mulroney entraps Lewis as Tory govt's UN ambassador, by P. Kent
art. 9 RWL pulls rugs from under convention expulsion protest, by Paul Kane
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