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Forward articles by R. Dowson, or under pseudonyms P. Kent, Paul Kane, Jean Laplante

Editor: Ross Dowson

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(#49, June-July) Trudeau flouts Cruise protests, by Paul Kane (NDP objects to Cruise missile tests in Canada)
"Obsessed with the Cruise"
Article 2Ont. Steel union exposes police-regulated spies
Article 3(Editorial) Work-sharing ploy vs shorter work week
Article 4Go Left urges NDP (Left) Caucus; Caucus hits expulsions (from Ontario NDP)
0Article 5Profane day of labor unity over Poland's Solidarnosc, by Jean Laplante; Denounced by Labour Council (efforts to prevent support of Polish Solidarity in May Day parade)
Article 6U.S. Union brass put hold on Hamilton local's treasury, by P. Kent (move against militant, nationalist leadership); Hit unemployment with shorter work week
Article 7Dowson suit goes before Federal Supreme Court; Blocks RCMP testimony before Toronto judge (RCMP lawyers maneuver)
Article 8Supporters make case for aid to defence fund, by Harry Paine (prominent NDPers and others)
Article 9Gov't closes books to cover role in RCMP scandals, by Paul Kane (no officers to be charged or prosecuted, outside of two in Quebec)
Art. 10 pg. 1
Art. 10 pg. 2
(2 pp) Is the (Canadian) Left coming together? Open Letter from Forward to the Winnipeg rally
(continuation) "the political movement that calls itself Marxist is now in profound disarray."
Article 11Unfurl socialist flag; Back to the party's 1933 roots, by Paul Kane (party brass seek to delay debate over a statement of aims and program for the NDP)
Art. 12 pg. 1
Art. 12 pg. 2
2 pp) Hail Marx Centenary; Hundreds gather in Winnipeg, by R.D. Photo: Ernest Mandel speaking
(continuation) Dowson speaks from the floor "on the pretentiousness of the theme - Vanguard Parties."
Article 13Ottawa's ethnic hit list exposed, by P. Kent (publication proof of a decades-long RCMP violation of civil rights)
Article 14Labor key factor in Canadian protest behind Polish Solidarity (outlawed by General Jaruzelski); Stop the Show-Trials in Poland! Lawyers stymied (Warsaw refuses to grant visas)
Article 151984 Police Bill, by R.D. (NDP, civil rights leaders, even the Ontario A-G protest sweeping legislation legalizing past RCMP actions)

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