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Forward articles by R. Dowson, or under pseudonyms P. Kent, Paul Kane, Jean Laplante

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01-02-1 (#47, Jan.-Feb.) CLC backs UAW in fight posing shorter work week, by P. Kent
01-02-2a (2 pp) (Editorial) Complicit in repression (Trudeau condemns Polish Solidarnosc)
01-02-2b (continuation) NDP backs Solidarity
01-02-3 Dowson case moves to Supreme Court (Dowson's right to lay criminal charges against RCMP), by Harry Paine ; Court case needs funds
01-02-4a (2 pp) RCMP amasses files on 800,000 citizens; Courts' balance sheet: Actions blocked against RCMP; Judges to hear criminal charges (made by Howard Buchbinder and Ross Dowson)
01-02-4b (continuation) RCMP Security witchhunt
01-02-5a (2 pp) McDonald probe indicts RCMP
01-02-5b (continuation) Security Service to be abolished (Advertisement: booklet "Dowson vs. RCMP")
01-02-6 Canadian union autonomy issue heats up in BC, by Paul Kane (small union challenges Steel at Cominco, other developments)
01-02-7 Ont. NDP crisis debated in 'The Next Four Years" (as left currents debate needed left turn in policies)
01-02-8 Column: Oh Canada (the furor over Ottawa's "national energy program" and Petro-Canada Ltd.)
01-02-9a (2 pp) Column: Cross country with the NDP: "Agenda" joins discussion (solidarizes with Ontario Left Caucus); (Alberta) protest (against stifling debate on energy); Defections (from ONDP Left Caucus
01-02-9b (Ontario) leadership (why Forward support for Richard Johnston), by the Editors
01-02-10 Forward special issue (#46 on Polish Solidarnosc) won enthusiastic response
06-08-1a (#48, Summer) (2 pp) (Editorial, by Harry Kopyto) Defuse nuclear war threat; Out of NATO and NORAD! Peoples of the world demand action now!
06-08-1b Build the NDP as the Canadian antiwar party
06-08-2a (2 pp) The war that nobody thought could happen, by P. Kent
06-08-2b Falkland-Malvinas War - victims but no real solution
06-08-3 (Editorial) Trudeau's trickery (Trudeau's demagogic denunciation of NATO reflects power of antiwar movement)
06-08-4 Law Union indicts Solicitor-General (Robert Kaplan condones RCMP dirty tricks)
06-08-5 Labour mobilizes its power, by Paul Kane (labor tops gird for anti-wage freeze battle)
06-08-6a (2 pp) Dowson suit against RCMP goes to UN court for judgment; (Ross Dowson) Sues RCMP officers in Ont. small claims court; Smear of Parti Québécois leads to mistrial declaration
06-08-6b (Ross Dowson) Suit against RCMP needs your support
06-08-7a (2 pp) Critique of book on socialist history, by R.D. reviewing "Canadian Bolsheviks
06-08-7b (continuation) (2nd para: "Thus we see Angus' failure to even outline the concrete conditions that" [confronted them])
06-08-8 Column: Oh Canada (Sir John A. on the class need for the Senate; Chartering foreign banks introduces "competition"? One Canadian bank is seen as "an international bank that happens to be based in Canada")
06-08-9 Column: Cross country with the NDP (Ont. Left Caucus evaluation; Battle of bells [in Parliament]; Metro NDPers protest (Sask. NDP strike-breaking legislation)

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