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02-03-1 (#44, Feb.-March) Workers' control highlights militant strike at BC Tel, by P. Kent
02-03-2 (Editorial) Work for, elect NDP government in Ont.

(Editorials) New forces call for constituent assembly (to meet challenge of repatriation of Canadian constitution); (British) Left points the way (BLP militants reject their leadership)

Civil Liberties backs charging of RCMP (as admitted lawbreakers); Att-gen McMurtry blocks Praxis break-in charges (RCMP burgles Montreal poverty group)

(Canadian, Quebec & Alberta Governments) soon to make public response to RCMP crimes, by Jean Laplante
02-03-6 Unions, NDP joining Dowson defence fund, by Harry Paine
(2 pp) Krever indicts RCMP acts, by R.D. (OHIP [health plan] files used by labor spies)
(continuation) What they're already saying about "Dowson v. RCMP"
02-03-8 Ont Hospital brass launch assault to decapitate workers trade union, by P. Kent (CUPE leader Grace Hartman faces jail)
02-03-9 Column: Oh Canada (figures on extent of foreign ownership in Canadian economy)
02-03-10 (Editorial) You need Forward, Forward needs you (Fund drive)

06-08-1 (#45, Summer) (Editorial) For an antiwar NDP; Nuclear arms: Fifth horseman of the apocalypse
06-08-2 (Editorial) The winds of change in the trade unions (younger new ranks challenging business-as-usual bureaucrats)
06-08-3 (Editorial) Still time to fight for constituent assembly (NDP must reject Trudeau-Broadbent deal on repatriation of Canadian constitution); (Forward) Fund drive ends, close to goal
06-08-4 Laborers break, join CLC showdown struggle for (Canadian) union autonomy, by P. Kent; But which side are you on? (Stalinist Tribune straddles issue with "five constructive steps")
06-08-5 Dowson case heads to Supreme Court, by Harry Paine (RCMP protected by "absolute privilege" ruling); Court acquits Kopyto (R.D.'s lawyer)
(2 pp) (Quebec) Keable Report results in charges, by R.D. (P.Q. backed inquiry results in 17 officers charged in six illegal operations in Quebec);
>(RCMP officers) Acted as provocateurs; Far-reaching proposals (including abolition of police immunity)
(2 pp) RCMP and the State, topic at McMaster U., by Paul Kane (R.D. addresses series on "The Canadian State's Reaction to Radicalism"
State covering up RCMP crimes, a victim of their 'dirty tricks' charges; Ottawa hoists RCMP price; Alta dismisses RCMP crime against Farm Union

09_01st-1a (#46, Sept.) (8 pp) Inside Poland today; Program of Solidarity; For Workers Control, For Socialist Democracy; Program of the Polish trade union - Solidarity; A crucial document (editorials)
09_01st-1b (page 2) Crisis continues in absence of democratic decision making; Bureaucratic management drives Poland into debt
09_01st-1c (page 3) Workers control key to economic reform
09_01st-1d (page 4) Solidarity unfurls the banner of Socialist Democracy; Workers control is the way out of crisis; Workers want full discussion on rationing and pricing of goods
09_01st-1e (page 5) Program for full employment; Priority on industrial safety
09_01st-1f (page 6) For fullest democracy in all public institutions; Representative local (government); (The) Principles of unionism
09_01st-1g (page 7) Unions to extend democracy; Guarantor of renewal (the union=Solidarnosc)
09_01st-1h (page 8) Importance of Solidarity to the Canadian struggle, by R.D. (Polish example to revolution [as Jacek Kuron calls it] in the workers' states)

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