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Forward articles by Ross Dowson, or under pseudonyms P. Kent, Paul Kane, Jean Laplante

Editor: Wayne Roberts

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(#40, Feb.) (2 pp) (US president) Carter sets aflame cold war hysteria (over USSR troops in Afghanistan), by R.D. (BC NDP MP Pauline Jewett critique protests Ed Broadbent's support)
Bickering for a place as Carter heats up cold war
Article 2 (Editorial) Make it count, Vote NDP; Libs-Tories same, need basic change (Forward's support for NDP unconditional but critical of Broadbent leadership)
Article 3 Protest the jailing of postal leader Parrot, by Paul Kane
Article 4 Windsor autoworkers reject sacrifices for Chrysler Corp. by P. Kent
Article 5 RCMP suit blocked but appeal launched, by Ken Napier; Spotlight on Labour history (and RCMP)
Article 6 Sask. unionists query support of NDP as labor's own party, by P. Kent
Article 7 (International) labor comes to aid of Bell workers, by Jean Laplante
Article 8 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (notes on Canadian nationalism)

Article 1 pg. 1 Article 1 pg. 2
(#41, April-May) (Editorial, 2 pp) NDP debates Broadbent line (as leader converts NDP into "mainline bourgeois political party"); Thrown out of whack (cynical NDP journals' response to re-election of Liberals)
(continuation); (NDP) Justice critic urges aid to Dowson suit
04-05-2 Ont, Que Bell strikers crack company union, by P. Kent
04-05-3 Column: On the Line, by R.D. (Radio Shack & Steel [union] struggle to the wall; Can't patch up Chrysler Corp.)
04-05-4 Column: Oh Canada, by Paul Kane (NDP Broadbent leadership makes turn to nationalist sentiment after expelling Waffle; This Magazine discusses the Waffle experience)
04-05-5 (Editorial) Forward financial drive deadline set for June 1
07_01st-1 (#42, July) Unions hit paper empires as strikes spread cross East, by P. Kent

July Art. 2 What lurked behind the rush for Bill 89, by P. Kent (Union brass also benefits from automatic union checkoff)
07_01st-3 (Editorials) Corporate gamble with human stakes ('stagflation' calls for) Public ownership; Support Ed Ziemba (NDP MP lacks support from NDP caucus in Ontario legislature)
(2 pp) Secret record of RCMP 'dirty tricks' by R.D.
(continuation) Photo: Ross Dowson suing RCMP for slander

Conspiracy to smash; Vicious concept of thought control behind RCMP Operation Checkmate, by R.D.; Recognize him? (agent provocateur)
Legitimate political dissent
07_01st-6 Socialist Rights Defence Fund advertisement; Statement of Purpose (re R.D. case)
07_01st-7 Lawyer barred by inquiry; Key questions posed re Dowson suit; (Kopyto excluded from McDonald Commission hearings)
07_01st-8 Questions of unity and of sects, by P. Kent (ex-RMG walks from merger with ex-LSA)
07_01st-9 Doctors' group reply to OHIP scandal, by Paul Kane (as doctors boycott plan)
07_01st-10 Forward classes discuss economics for socialists; Fund Drive bogs down, Forward needs a hand, by the Editors

10-11-1 (#43, Oct.-Nov.) New stage in Dowson suit against RCMP, by Chris Judge (slander suit naming Dowson as a subversive comes before court in December)
10-11-2 RCMP criminals cleared by lawmen, by R.D. (Ontario Attorney-General refuses to prosecute admitted RCMP lawbreakers)
10-11-3 (SRDF advertisement) Support this cry for justice! (Five prominent Canadians lead campaign in support of Dowson)
10-11-4 CLC condemns RCMP-labor ties, by R.D. Halifax group exposes RCMP undercover spy, by Jean Laplante
10-11-5 (Editorials) How can labor stop layoffs? (A program of immediate demands); Autonomy battle looms (American-based building trades unions withhold their CLC dues)
10-11-6 Labor deal on Bill 89 brings forth bitter fruit (exchange deal for dues checkoff allowing government intervention on strike votes plays havoc with unity) by P. Kent; Nickel worker unions seek North American contract, by P. Kent
10-11-7 Column: Oh Canada, by P. Kane (the Tory "foreign subsidiary buyout program;" Canadian banks look to US market for fatter returns)

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