Ross Dowson archives - - Year 1989

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March Article in Left Caucus Newsletter, ''Labor opens debate on NDP future;'' from a speech by RD after CAW leader Bob White`s attack on Ed Broadbent`s electoral failure to counter free trade and his betrayal of NDP principles; a widespread debate opening up
April 10 Letter to Steve B., C.A.W Local 112, Downsview, ON, re: RD`s growing difficulties in presenting left-wing resolutions in his riding; the rightward swing of the Broadbent leadership; his own suffering from hydrocephalus
May 23 Letter to Anne (D.), re: Dowson family activities and problems; his own medical condition; Angie Codina`s activities in Hong Kong; the NDP becoming an electoral machine
May 26 Letter to Tour America (Walnut Publishing) San Francisco, re: request to Socialist Action; meeting of a coalition to rehabilitate the victims of the Moscow Trials
August 1989 Ross Dowson suffered a debilitating stroke and was unable to further communicate with comrades and family.
He was never able to recover and died in February 2002 (-editor.)

Ross Dowson archives - - Year 1990

August 8, 1990 Declaration of the Forward Group, one year after Ross Dowson was incapacitated, on the occasion of the announcement of the Communist League in Canada (formerly the LSA), and the SWP in the USA that they had left the Fourth International; the Forward Group carries on the tradition of the Trotskyist movement since its birth under the leadership of Maurice Spector and Jack MacDonald; the Forward Group reaffirms the validity of the theory of permanent revolution and Trotskyism

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