Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1988

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January 03 Letter to Gus V.H., Burlington, re: advice for a paper on Trotsky and an invitation to visit his library
January 13 Letter to Anne & Geof (Jeff), Ottawa: of books, artists and journals
02-03 Articles in Left Caucus Newsletter, ''Victory for women's rights to choose movement;'' re: Supreme Court decision removes abortion from the Criminal Code Also, ``Clear names of victims of Stalinism;'' Canadian supporters of an appeal to the Soviet government listed (Link to Left Caucus Newsletter on home page)
March 01 Document: ''Statement on the campaign to clear the names of the accused in the Moscow Trials;'' announcing the rehabilitation of Nikholai Bukharin and others in the third trial of 1938, including some co-thinkers of Trotsky but not Trotsky himself; text of the appeal, list of Canadian and international supporters
Letter to Dick (F.), Hull, QC, re: borrowed Meech Lake material and news of the Moscow Trials appeal
March 23 Resolution to the ONDP-LC (Left Caucus) re: Kopyto; urging the Law Society of Ontario to end its harassment of Kopyto and Codina
May Undated letter (found in May) to Anton Kuerti, re: his defeat in a bid to become the NDP candidate in RD's riding
June 13 Letter to Bulletin IDOM (USA), re: Kuerti`s anti-war campaign to represent RD`s NDP riding defeated, as was Kopyto`s earlier civil rights bid by the gay community
July 9 Report on Camp Poundmaker: May 24 Weekend, maintenance plans, RD's and Lois's health problems; June 5 meeting discussed selling the Camp; June 10 real estate broker visits Camp, June 11: agent suggests sale price; map sketch of property
July 11 Letter to the Editor of the (Toronto) Globe & Mail, re: apprising him of the fact that Trotsky had also written a biography of Stalin (which he was finishing writing when his assassin struck him down)
October 00 Notes by RD re: the NDP federal council meeting; how the leadership succeeded in tying the party to national ''security;'' how the Left Caucus has prevented the NDP abandoning an anti-NATO stance in the past; the LC petition in response to this right drift
October 12 Booklet by Arnie Mintz: ''A sketch of Ross Dowson: 1) High School,'' (radicalization and joining the Workers Party, expelled from the CCYM (CCF youth); ''
2) Work,'' (brief work interrupted by WW2, clandestine SWL work and a tour across Canada); ``
3) War, 4) Army;'' incl. photos: Spartacus (Youth) Corn Roast, Toronto 1935; Maurice Spector, two of Ross as teen and youth (undated); Paddy Stanton, boxing trainer; Ross in the Forces, 1942 & 1944, Ross in his 40s; maps, The Vanguard 1934; articles and posters; 1944 SWL May Day Manifesto (See Part 1 Correspondence for Socialist Action journal entries)
October 27 Document: Additions and deletions by R.D. to the booklet ''A sketch of Ross Dowson, by Arnie Mintz;`` a text file of the booklet with additions and deletions by Ross and Arnie
November 18 Letter to Doctor Tator, Toronto Western (Hospital), re: RD experiencing severe symptoms both physical and mental
November 99 Article in Left Caucus Newsletter, ''Left Caucus challenge to NDP fed. council;'' citing NDP policy since 1969 opposing NATO/NORAD and violation of party democracy in adopting a position ''Canada`s stake in common security'' during an election campaign/td>
December 15 Notes by RD: ',Report on discussion with Dr. Tator; lack of any serious diagnosis and confusion
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