Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1984

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01_08 Letter to Sheila (S.), re: the memorial meeting for Pat Schulz (Mitchell); RD to speak but all males barred by radical feminist friends, thus 22 years of her activity ignored; other positive news
01_12 Socialist Rights Defence Fund flyer, for "RCMP On Trial; a 5-part docudrama shown last fall on City-TV"
(DVDs available from Webmaster)
01_16 Letter to Ron Thompson, the (Sask. NDP) Commonwealth, re: enclosing an article and thanking them for publishing an earlier one
Letter to Our Times, Toronto, re: enclosing an article for use
01_19 Letter to Anne D., Ottawa, re: important support for SRDF from Svend Robinson and Canadian Dimension
01_23 Letters to Socialist Action, San Francisco, CA and Socialist Workers Collective, Toronto, re: SA declared as a public faction of SWP (US)
Letter to Howard B., re: seeking any information on the Saskatchewan Left Caucus
01_25 Letter to veteran socialist Darwin Charlton, Salmon Arm BC, re: RD recalls his 1941 trip west; the Noakes' welcome; the Vancouver comrades; the bookstores; the NDP in Ontario today
01_26 Letter to "Dear friend of Darwin Charlton who is opening a bookstore in Salmon Arm (BC);" RD reminisces about his life-long love affair with books; the experience of running a bookstore
01_31 Letter to the Editor, (Toronto) Globe & Mail, re: as the Ont. S-G Caplan releases a few more facts of RCMP misdeeds, when will the MacDonald report deal with intrusions into the NDP and the unions?
02_02 Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star, re: time to ask whether the 12 RCMPers, not charged by the MacDonald Commission, have been "disciplined;" talk of the "civilian" CSIS but it lacks citizen control
02_11 Note to self, re: "Trotskyist League meeting;" Spartacists are "incurable ultralefts;" convinced they are fighting fascism
02_13 Letter to Eleanor (D.), North Hatley QC, re: suit against RCMP getting publicity; secret police Bill C9 moving to debate in House
03_10 Letter to Dick (F.), re: good to see his article in Law Union News
(Attached: notes by R.D. on Fidler article)
03_28 Forward Group minutes re: split in LC on anti-NATO policy
03_30 Letter to the Clerk, Standing Committee on Justice & Legal Affairs, House of Commons, re: application by RD to testify before Cttee on aspects of the MacDonald Commission`s findings
04_15 (Unfinished draft) letter to Jeff Mackler & Nat Weinstein (SWP), re: a review of the past decade of the SL/FG current; the present crisis of the RWL (revised letter sent May 5; see below)
Letter to Sandy and/or Art (J.), re: RD`s need for a frame for a famous Japanese screen
04_23 Letter to Marv (G.), Ottawa, re: welcoming his brief to a parliamentary committee
04_24 Letter to Fiona Chapman, Alderman Layton`s office, Toronto, re: disappointment that the local committee is merely seeking amendments to "secret state police" bill C9
Letter to Svend (Robinson), re: congratulations in your principled opposition (to bill C9)
Letter to Dan Heap, MP, re: RD`s attempts to have the Toronto committee work through you and Svend in opposing bill C9 failed
05_02 Undated notes referring to May 2nd, re: the captions for prints in Kopyto`s office: the meaning of symbolism in several classical works of art
Letter to the Editor, (Toronto) Globe & Mail, re: satirizing Bob Rae`s wisdom that "the electorate chose a minority government"
05_05 Letter to comrades Jeff Mackler & Nat Weinstein (SWP), re: the evolution of the Canadian Trotskyist currents since 1974; RD on the SWP, the RWL vs. the Forward Group`s NDP orientation; our present work in the NDP Left Caucus
05_14 Letter to Howard (B.), Regina, re: lack of information on two groups in the U.S. expelled from the SWP
05_18 Letter to the ONDP convention organizers, re: requesting space for a literature table to promote the Socialist Rights Defence Fund
06_20 Notes to self prior to meeting & "Notes on Meeting ONDP Left Caucus at Ont. Legislature;" priority task to defend anti-NATO position of party; "Do we have a real split" (in the LC); minutes
07_08 Letter to Lucy Kershaw, re: success of the Ontario Left Caucus at the recent NDP convention
07_23 Letter to Ted M., Trent U., Peterborough, re: sending him copy of the City-TV tape ("RCMP on trial")
07_29 Letter to Dick (P.), Vancouver, re: the City-TV RCMP case tapes; any BC news of the SWP expulsions? The RWL muff their expulsion appeals at the NDP convention despite LC support
08_17 R.D.'s 4 resolutions "drawn up for Lois B. for use by High Park NDPers at Broadbent's public election meeting, Aug/84"
09_13 Letter to Briarpatch magazine, G.M. Manz, Regina, re: lacking coverage of NDP (opposition against C9) and SRDF actions against the RCMP and CSIS
09_24 Letters to Peter (S.), Montreal, re: seeking address of Polish Solidarnosz News, and to Law Union News re SRDF coverage
10_03 First draft of a letter to (K. W.), Winnipeg, re: Mitch P.`s plans for a Trotskyist conference; the disaster of a previous attempt to unify the RWL and RMG due to a lack of prior agreement on principles
(Attached: R.D.'s notes on phone call with Mitch on conference)
Letter to Kimberley (W.), Winnipeg, re: Mitch`s "premature" project for a new party on the basis of the US Socialist Action group; the experience of the Forward Group in the NDP with a broad Left Caucus; FG will be absent; Engels on the question of "unity"
10_09 Letter to W. Galewski, Solidarnosc Information Office, OFL, re: requesting copies of their News; looking forward to the meeting
10_16 Letter to Kimberley (W.), Winnipeg, re: Forward Group statement on proposed new Trotskyist party formation
10_99 Document of the Forward Group, October, "Greetings to the revolutionary socialists gathering in Winnipeg November 9, 10 and 11 with the aim of structuring a Trotskyist formation. . . "
11_10 Letter to Peter (S.), Montreal, re: thanks for sending Labor Focus; developments in Solidarnosc defence work
12_14 Letter to Howard (B.), re: Left Caucus success at recent NDP council meeting; attempting to broaden its activities
Letter to Anne (D.), re: Left Caucus at (NDP) council meeting does a good job on retaining the party anti-NATO position in face of an international retreat; camp finances and break-in
12_17 Minutes of Forward Group (RD secretary), re: report on the Left Caucus and ONDP council meeting with details of debate
12_30 Letter to Kimberley (W.), Winnipeg, re: any information on US ex-SWP tendencies? Our Left Caucus activities and issue of Forward
12_31 Letter to Dick (P.), Vancouver, re: the example of Nicaragua, questions and comments on Canadian and US tendencies
Undated, found in 1984 Document: "Stop the frame-up in Poland!" Outlawed trade union Solidarity faces trials; advocating socialist democracy; demand drop the charges, release The Militants or grant open trials to world scrutiny
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