Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1983

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January 7 Letter to Peter W., re his book not yet available
January 16 Letter to Denis (M.), Montreal, re: enquiring about Mouvement socialiste and anti-cruise groups in that city
January 21 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: sending her books and documents; her land purchase at the Camp; the Left Caucus in Ottawa
Febuary 3 Registered letter to Robert S., TSS&ES, Montreal, re: their proposal to sell Camp Poundmaker lots; their holding monies "in trust; " RD having to meet current expenses from his pocket, PD protests this unilateral change in policy
Febuary 15 Letter to Harry Kopyto, re: questions on progress on Supreme Court case; demand access to RCMP files
February 16 Letter to the Editor, (Toronto) Globe & Mail , re: phony ``reasons of national security'' behind Solicitor-General`s refusal to turn over files on 800,000 Canadians
Letter to Anne D., Ottawa, re: in the Camp Poundmaker agreement; advising her to type up neat copies of an earlier legal document for persons to sign
February 22 Letter to Lynn MacDonald, re: enclosing two pamphlets of one non-sectarian Marxist tendency to add to the panel on the NDP
Note, ''Postscript to letter to Law Union,'' re: need to support Morgentaler`s frontal challenge the stay of proceedings
March 4 Document of the Socialist Rights Defence Fund: ''Ottawa exonerates RCMP, Dowson suit only opposition;'' (by Paul Kane), CCLA protests this cynical breach of justice in Ontario A-G`s refusal to charge RCMP officers for admitted crimes
March 5 Letter to ''In These Times'' (USA), Friends, re: apparently asking to have the Polish Solidarnosc Globe ad with important Canadian support, published in their journal
March March Document: ''Draft Manifesto for the NDP, submitted by the Ontario Left Caucus;'' The World Economic Crisis; Social Ownership: the only solution;, Economic Democracy, Women`s Rights, the Crisis of Federation; an NDP Government in Power
Mar.-April Document: ''Where should the Left go now? An Open Letter from the Editors of Forward, addressed to the Marx Centenary Conference in Winnipeg in March FORWARDSee Forward, 1983 June/July, Art. 10
April 20 Letter to The Forge, Montreal, re: exchange of paper with literature from English Canada including a ''Draft Manifesto of the NDP Left Caucus''
April 27 Letter to Robin H., Edmonton, r e: the Left Caucus counter-manifesto
June 02 Letter to Jesse V., Winnipeg, re: RCMPers blocked from testifying at the SRDF Small Claims Court hearing by Ontario A-G lawyers
July 13 SRDF flyer, reprint from Sask. NDP Commonwealth: ''Join the protest against Ottawa`s Bill C-157 plot! Security service bill will legalize repression;'' by legalizing illicit RCMP activities within a new organization, CSIS
July 14 Letter to Mary S., Acton ON, re: missed issues of Forward
August 8 Letter to Roy P. re RD's busy summer schedule
September 25 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: the Left Caucus in Ottawa and Toronto; the City-TV production (''RCMP on Trial'')
(DVD of this series available from Webmaster)
September 29 Letter to the Editors of NOW, ''All out to world-wide protests'' against nuclear arms next month
October 5 Letter to Classic Books, Rexdale, re: circulation of SRDF book ''Dowson vs the RCMP;'' next to City-TV docudrama
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October 14 Note to members of the Left Caucus, ''The power of positive thinking'' by RD, St. George-Rosedale (NDP) on the atmosphere of defeat within the party and the danger of a loss of morale
October 25 Document: ''An appeal;'' for funds to continue the fight of SRDF which has just received a high court ruling that it may proceed against RCMP
October 31 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: SRDF riding wave of publicity; great care needed in heating the camp lodge in fall and winter
November 29 Letter to Stephen Dankowich, Valencia, Spain, re: regrets we are limited in ability to mount a defence of the Polish Solidarnosc militants; how the courts are blocking the SRDF campaign
Letter to Dick P., Vancouver, re: RD retired and working full-time for the movement; collapse of RWL and their dumping Trotskyism; the Left in turmoil; Harry blocked in Small Claims Court case against the RCMP
December (Undated letter), in 1983, to Sam G., Niagara Falls, re: sudden arrival of the journal of the U.S. of the F.I.; International Viewpoint address

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