Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1982

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April 10
January 14 Letter to George Breitman (SWP), New York, re: regrets RD has no SWP archival material; suggest Bill W. (BC) as a possible source
January 19 Letter to Brian Palmer, SFU, Burnaby, re: RD`s and others' writings on the pioneer Trotskyist leader Maurice Spector
January 25 Letter to the Editor, (Toronto) Globe & Mail, re: the realities of the Yalta Agreement in which Stalin was a party to a summary carving of Europe into slabs of major power control; how Trudeau was wrong on Solidarnosc
February 22 Letter to OHIP, re: RD`s statement of income
March 26 Letter to Robert S., TSS&ES (RWL), Montreal, re making facilities of Camp Poundmaker open to use by I.S. If the Board agrees it will be necessary to make arrangements to make the Camp ready; a Shareholders meeting needed
04_10Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: the meeting of forces around the magazine ''Agenda;'' RD`s scathing critique and comparison with Forward; the Quebec ''operations'' and local activities
May 10 Letter to Mary Shull, re: the situation with the Trotskyist left in Ontario
June 9 Document: Socialist Rights Defence Fund press release, re: Small Claims Court action launched seeking damages for admitted RCMP circulation of false letters under ''Operation Checkmate''
June 14 Letter to Denis M., Rimouski QC, re: thanks for the refused article for Forward; citing useful books on science; Sask. NDP open to PQ alliance; the left in Quebec; anti-war actions in Ontario
June Undated Document: Article from Forward, mid-Summer issue: ''Critique on book on socialist history'' by RD (Canadian Bolsheviks by Ian Angus)
July Undated (letter found in 1982), to Greg Kealy, History, Memorial U., St. John's, Nfld, re: launch of Angus book on CPC, RD`s review questions Angus`s methology
unfinished note to self, re: Morton`s critique of the new Angus book on CPC, ''Canadian Bolsheviks''
July 1 Letter to Joe Meslin, Dear Nic and Mary (?) re: new book by Angus on early years of the CPC badly flawed
July 09 Letter to Mitch (P.), Winnipeg, re: the value of exchanging views on the left, many of whom do not read Forward
Letter to Robert S., (RWL), Montreal, re reporting on proposed use of Camp Poundmaker by I.S., and offers and counter-offers for sale of lots
July 14 Letter to Anne and George Mill, Huntsville ON, re: as contemporaries of Spector and MacDonald, what are their views on the new Angus book on the CPC?
July 28 Letter to Brian P., SFU, re: RD`s review of the Angus book on the CPC, ''Canadian Bolsheviks;'' how RD is written out of the history
July (Undated, first draft of) letter found in July, 1982, to David Garon, Montreal, re: Metro NDP activity in civic elections; weekend conference of the Left Caucus; RD`s remarks on Deutscher`s works on Trotsky
August 8 Letter to Margaret Atwood, re: requesting support for SRDF
August 17 (2nd draft of) Letter to David Garon, Verdun QC, re: situation in the left in Quebec; possibility of collaboration in writing on this topic
August 19 Letter to Bryan P., SFU, re: his remarks on RD`s review of the new Angus book on the CPC; discussion on RD`s evaluation of this period of history; further critique by RD of Angus`s methodology
August 21 Document: ''An Open Letter to the Toronto NDP;'' re: urgent need for NDP to enter a clear label mayoralty candidate to act against Liberal assault on labor`s living standards
"Resolution on the party label" (found in 1982 Ward 6 NDP, also condemning the Sask. NDP government anti-labor legislation
August 26 Letter to Sam Gampel, Niagara Falls, re: RD had prepared to write the Angus book; a critique of its approach to history; Kuron`s Open Letter in Poland; comments on Mandel the writer
September 27 Letter to Anne (D.), re: birthday presents good and bad; a new Forward Group office; Tariq Ali on the BLP; the SRDF Small Claims Court case against the RCMP; Thanksgiving Day at the camp
October 08 Letter to David Garon, Verdun QC, re: busy schedule of events in Toronto; the upcoming anti-NATO demonstration in Ottawa; inviting him to write on problems of Quebec socialists; Montreal groupings and personalities; Deutscher on Trotsky; a full Marxist book list
November 17 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: enjoyed the anti-war weekend in Ottawa; reading for Denis; the Marxist thesis that ``all economy is a struggle over the economy of time;'' changes in Camp lot owners
November 22 Letter to John and Carmen (G.) re decision on buying a lot at Camp Poundmaker
December 13 Letter to La Ligue des Droits et (LibertÚs), Montreal, re: thanks for their brochure and enclosing a small donation
Letter to INPREKOR and International Viewpoint re subscriptions; death of Gisela Mandel
Letter to Jim (N.) Toronto re subscriptions; comment on RD's critique of the new Angus book
Dec 22 Letter to Robert S., (RWL), Montreal, Camp Poundmaker corporation unable to buy up all lots due to lack of funds; their unconcern over their share of insurance costs
Undated Letter to Arthur D., Mattawa ON re: SRDF supporter met at Left Caucus convention meeting
Document: Resolution found in 1982 NDP Convention file), re: calling for the dissolution of the RCMP and a vote against its budget; for a force under popular civilian control

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