Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1981

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02_02Letter from SRDF, Toronto to Doug M., Halifax, re: sending flyers for distribution, as well as covers of a book (Dowson vs. RCMP -ed.) now on sale in major bookstores in Toronto
02_15 Letter to Jerry Houle, Vancouver, re: reviews and book sales in Vancouver; reviews and publicity in Toronto
Letter to John Sawatsky, Ottawa, re: RD thanks for review and requesting permission to use excerpt for publicity
02_27Letter to Alex C., Vancouver, re: distribution of material to delegates at Vancouver & District Labor Council
Undated March Letter to Canadian Dimension, found in 1981, re: thanking editors for printing a SRDF leaflet
03_03Letter to Sam (G.,) Niagara Falls, re: a chat with an old friend and supporter
03_16 Letter to Louis Sinclair, Scotland, re: information on a couple of Canadian pioneer radicals
Letter to Douglas M., Halifax, re: thanks for distribution of SRDF literature, success with union donations and publicity
03_99 Notes to self, re: Canadian Bar Review article on international law as they affect Canada and Canadian civil rights obligations
04_05Letter reply to Anne (D.), re: notes to a niece, and a reply
05_11 ''Background'' introduction to a SRDF pamphlet reproducing the Canadian Civil Liberties Association submission to the Hon. Roy McMurtry, A-G of Ontario, ''Permit Dowson to charge the RCMP''
May 31 Letter to R. Sims (LSA) Montreal: Lodge Hydro cut off but payment made by Lois, Murray proposes to buy all out, turning down LSA purchase proposal, decline offer camp rental to IS
05_99 (Undated letter, ref. July 3 court date) to Gerry Foley, editor International Viewpoint, (F.I.), recommending a CD article by Stan Grey on radical feminism, and protesting their article on Kopyto
06_07 Letter to Sam G., Niagara Falls, re: Forward bookstore wound up with a successful clearance sale, RD looking for temporary job
06_13 Letter to Dear friends (stakeholders in Camp Poundmaker), re: financial status and maintenance of the site in good order
06_19 Document: Socialist Rights Defence Fund press release, re: Kopyto announces appeal of decision of Federal Appeals Court blocking Dowson`s half million dollar slander suit against the RCMP
06_26 Letter to Dan Fast, president Rosedale NDP, re: regrets RD is not able to attend federal convention in Vancouver as delegate
08_24 Letter to Intercontinental Press (SWP), New York, re: surprised by lack of coverage of SRDF case, enclosing latest literature
10_09 Document: SRDF Press Release, re: ''Supreme Court blocks Dowson suit;'' upholding 'absolute privilege' of RCMP despite it`s backing off on declaring defendants as 'subversives'
10_16 Letter to Bryan P., SFU, Burnaby, re: his positive article in Our Generation on the SRDF case; RD relates how campaign support was ''hard won all the way''
10_28 Letter to the Editor, (Toronto) Star, re: protest red-baiting cartoon smearing anti-nuclear arms protesters
Oct 30 Letter to Robert S., (RWL, Montreal), copies to all Shareholders, re: R.D. prepared to call a meeting of all Camp Poundmaker shareholders to consider the RWL offer
11_01 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: A) the importance of the (Quebec trade unions`) ''Manifesto''; B) possibility for support for the appeal against the Supreme Court ruling from CCLA in Ottawa
11_23 Letter to the editor (probably a Toronto daily-ed.), re: correcting error of art critic on Russian vanguard art and the attitude of Lenin as opposed to later attitude of Stalinist government towards it
11_26 Letter to the Commission of Inquiry concerning the RCMP, re: protesting omission of RD`s two submissions in the report; nor does it mention the published book ''Dowson vs. the RCMP''
12_22 Letter to Ted W., Thompson MB, re: thanking him for his long article on labor struggles; problems with the settlement and loss of militants` support
1981-99 (Undated, found in 1981), Letter to Ed Broadbent, Ottawa, re: forwarding to him a letter from the President of France to the ''Socialist Party of Canada''

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