Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1980

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January (Found in 1980): Statement of Purpose of Socialist Rights Defence Fund; List of supporters; photos of R.D. and lawyer Harry Kopyto
January 9 Letter to Pierre Berton, re: asking for a meeting between him and RD with Harry Kopyto
February 6 Letter to the McDonald Commission of Inquiry, re: 1979 RCMP raid on North American Anarchists; continued RCMP interest in Waffle and harassment of some 60 organizations
March 9 Series of mailed bulletins from March to September, re: Forward Group meetings and activities
April 8 Flyer: (York U.?) "Repression of radicalism in Canada" by Ross Dowson, Forward
April 25 Article in FG Ward 6 NDP file, re: answering soft cop and hard cop attacks against the union movement, the NDP and socialists
May 7Letter to Gene H., SFU, Burnaby BC, re: getting a SRDF mailing into UBC
May 10 Letter to Pat B., London, England, re: reports on the case against the RCMP ''dirty tricks,'' was he threatened and forced to leave the country by the RCMP?
May 11Letter to Peter W., Ottawa, re: thanks for sending letter by Jack MacDonald; RD`s peek at early CP archives
May 12 Letter to Editor of the Globe & Mail, re: Jimmy Higgins the pseudonym for the rank-and-file militant, fighter in Spain
Letter to Louise, in the Maritimes, re: letter to a reader of Forward
Letter to Gene, re: SFU results in (for SRDF mailing)
May 20Letter to Gene, Burnaby BC, re: Svend Robinson`s reaction to seeing his photo on a SRDF press release, explained and resolved
Undated, May, Document: re: Socialist Rights Defence Fund circular, re: 10th Federal convention of NDP supports the legal suit against the RCMP; two years` frustration in the courts; need your funds to counter unlimited RCMP funding
June 2 Letter to the Editor, Globe & Mail, re: Trotsky`s ''If America should go Communist'' reveals labor as being the source of all wealth
June 12 Letter to Friends (LSA): Camp taxes up, payments due and received; Murray's garden producing, pump water potable
June 29 Letter to the Editor, Globe & Mail, re: integrity of senior RCMP officers again put into question before Judge McDonald, beyond admission of forgery aiming to stifle legitimate dissent admitted before Judge Krever; the double standard of Canadian justice
July 8Letter to Anne D., Trois-Rivières, re: references to theory of coups in Trotsky, Hobsbaum, and in new Petras & Morley book on Chile
July 18 Letter to Locals 303 and 28, U.A.W., re: thanks for donations to SRDF
August 2 Letter to the executive of Ward 6 NDP, re: protesting the newsletter ignoring his role in setting up his condominium residents` association support for the NDP
August 4 Letter to Sean O`Flynn, OPSEU, re: seeking his endorsation of the SRDF along with other union leader militants
August 6 Letter to Pierre Burton, re: information about the Harry Hatfield archives at Toronto Public Library
SRDF letter: update on Dowson case against the RCMP, appeal for funds; from Chris Judge
August 7Letter to Gene H., SFU, re: lack of response to SRDF mailing at UBC
August 8 Letter to Margaret Atwood, re: requesting support for SRDF
August 22 Letter to Bill Walsh, soliciting his sponsorship of SRDF
September 8 Letter to Librarie L'Étincelle, re: thanking them for their support of SRDF; and to En Lutte, with thanks for the French translation of the mission statement of SRDF and asking them for endorsation
September Undated SRDF flyer ''Dowson vs RCMP; What`s at stake!" (a summary requested by unionists, of the issues at stake in the slander suit against the RCMP); a long list of the supporters of SRDF
September Document: Letter from Svend Robinson, MP, Burnaby (BC) to Fellow New Democrats, in support of Dowson case against the RCMP; Resolution on Justice adopted by NDP 10th Convention
October 7 Letter to National Library of Canada re: registration of three publications
November Undated SRDF flyer ''Support this cry for justice!'' testimonials from well-known supporters and statement by Ross Dowson protesting the slander and criminal acts of the RCMP
November (Undated article found in 1980, for journal Mudpie,Toronto), re: protesting statement that ''G Level'' students ''will never be the movers and shakers of society''
December 1 Socialist Rights Defence Fund letter to Paul Copeland, re: sending him a contribution for his fight against the Canadian state police
December 4 SRDF letter to advertising dep't, Globe & Mail re ad copy required
December 10 Letter to the Board of Directors, York Condo Corp #75, re: removal of the childrens` playground; discrimination against mothers and young families
Undated from 1980 Booklet (64 pp.) published 1980 in Toronto: ''Ross Dowson v. RCMP:''

  Calendar of events
  Background of suit
  Submission to the McDonald Commission 1
  Submission to the McDonald Commission 2
  Situation worse than Watergate
  Krever Commission capsule
  Testimony at Krever hearings
  Policy submission to Krever Commission
  RCMP stymies Krever
  The Honourable Mr. Justice Krever to RCMP
  "Operation Checkmate" revelations
  The awful menace of "dirty tricks"
 Canadian Labour Congress condemns RCMP
 Lawmen clear RCMP criminals
 Socialist Rights Defence Fund supporters
(Article found in 1980, unpublished in Forward): obituary of Reg Bullock of Vancouver
(Set of proposed resolutions, found in Ward 6 NDP file, 1980), re: Removal of Section 43 on child criminality condoning corporal punishment; urging the NDP caucus to vote against the military budget; for a moratorium on nuclear power plants; for the right of self-determination of Quebec

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