Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1979

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01_06 Letter to Ake Eriksson, Sweden, re: publishing his article in Forward; our activity in labor party municipal politics; NDP leader bought off with post of symbolic head of state; China and Iran
01_07 Letter to Sam (G., Montreal?), re: postal union leader Parrot`s exemplary leadership, critique of some new books
02_19 Document: Socialist Rights Defence Fund press release, re: Krever Commission asked to require RCMP to turn over record of harassment of trade union and socialist movements
03_07 Letter to Bryan Palmer, Queen's U., accepting speaking engagement
03_10 SRDF leaflet: Newspaper clippings "Security Service used secret medical data," "Mounties own up to phony letters"
03_13 Letter to Ron Holt, Montreal, re: the SRDF slander suit against the RCMP now involving violation of confidentiality of health records
03_14 Letter to Jerry Houle, Surrey BC, re: RCMP forced to admit new ''dirty tricks'' against the Trotskyist movement
03_19 Document: SRDF press release, re: Attorney-General of Ontario asked to initiate charges against RCMP for violating the confidentiality of health records
03_31 Letter to CBC Access, re: need meeting of some sponsors of SRDF but need a production commitment and firm proposition
04_03 Letter to Ron Holt, Montreal, re: RD able to make an extended speech on his ideas to Krever Commission
04_05 Document: SRDF circular to it`s large group of supporters, re: testimony of former solicitor-general Allmand on the broad RCMP definition of ''subversive'' focussing against peaceful leftists
04_11 Letter to Harry (S.), Newfoundland, re: RD and Harry Kopyto visit Keable Commission in Quebec; left press boycott of campaign
04_12 Document: SRDF press release, re: RCMP plant role in Quebec Ligue Socialiste Ouvrière, and blackmail of gay comrade
04_24 Note to self, re phone call from Harry (S.), Cornerbrook, re: his boyhood friend now in RCMP revealed to him the presence of an agent in the Toronto organization
04_99 Document: SRDF circular to supporters, (repeat of press release of March 19, plus new information), re: attempts by Ontario solicitor-general to get action against RCMP dismissed
05_02 Letter to Henry Milner, Montreal, re: enclosing RD`s edited version of his excellent interview which will be circulated
05_99 Letter to the editor (St. George NDP Assn. Riding Newsletter), Toronto, re: explaining error of a member`s wish to see party endorse capitalist system
06_14 Document: ''Policy submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Confidentiality of Health Records in Ontario, submitted by RD,'' re: RCMP admission it used facts from Health records to commit acts of disruption in the LSA, the admitted ''mandate'' of RCMP against ''subversives,'' RCMP admitted issuing false statements; the RCMP must be publicly censured, the Ontario A-G should lay criminal charges; its ''mandate'' be reviewed, etc.
06_15 Document: Press release, re: announcing the ''Policy Submission'' of June 14 to the Royal Commission, echoing the demand of a new book by Mann & Lee that the RCMP be abolished
06_19 Document: SRDF circular to supporters, re: unlike stalled Keable Inquiry in Quebec, the SRDF suit against the RCMP forging ahead; asking for donations and new supporters, plus clippings from Sask. Commonwealth, Alta. Democrat & Toronto Clarion
06_20 Article for the (Saskatchewan NDP) Commonwealth, ''Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike:'' a day-by-day account of general strike in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from May 15 to June 21, 1919 - 41 days; its support across Canada and the United States
on hold
07_05 Letter to George Messenger, president CUPE Local 134, re: possibility some union members pressured by RCMP to open up confidential health records
Letter to Peter W. re: Early Trotskyist press on microfilm at Toronto and New York librairies
07_31 Letter on SRDF head to E. Mann and J.A. Lee re: their new book ''RCMP vs. the People;'' enclosing information provided to investigators of ''dirty tricks'' to the Krever Commission; inviting their support
08_09 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: seeking her assistance in contacting various left-wing profs at Carleton U. and Ottawa U. to support and promote the SRDF
Letter to John Sewell, re: seeking his support for the SRDF
Notes to self, including a proposed NDP resolution on Quebec and notes on the resolution
08_99 (Re: August-December, found in 1979) Series of Forward Group mail bulletins; weekend at Camp Poundmaker, FG internal meetings; NDP convention caucuses
September 06 Letter to Anne (D.), Ottawa, re: Ottawa prof Levitt becoming a supporter of SRDF on hold
September 12 Document: press release: Dowson protests the inactivity of MacDonald Commission; urges it to act on exposé of RCMP violations of law six months ago
October 4 Letter to Socialist Voice and the RWL, re: their submission of names supporters of SRDF despite their total lack of journal coverage or support of the case
Letter to editors of North American Anarchist and the Anarchist Federation of Canada, re: noting an RCMP raid on a sympathizer and inviting them to document the case for the McDonald Commission
October 30 Document: SRDF press release, re: upcoming federal court judgement on the slander suit; RCMP admission of forging and circulating confidential health records; Law Union support for the SRDF; availability of parts of Royal Commission hearings
November 23 Circular letter to: officers of the Canadian labour movement, re: allegations of labour leaders participation in a secret RCMP-Labour committee
November Article dated Nov/79 ''contribution to St. George Newsletter;'' that the NDP riding respond to various artists` appeals that the copyright act be re-written
Undated flyer: ''Where the case stands as 1979 comes to a close;'' genesis and brief history of the case, likely reaching the Supreme Court; Resolution on Justice adopted by the NDP Federal Convention including support for Andre Gunder Frank and Dowson
introduction to an article by a N.S. reader, apparently not published, (corrected and annotated by RD) re: the N.S. Federation of Labor`s opposition to the N.S. ''Michelin Bill''

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