Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1978

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January 10 (Handwritten letter) to Letha Melvin, Fredericton NB, offering an exchange with the UNB Brunswican
January 16 (Handwritten note) re: mysterious phone call from an acquaintance re a large shipment of Marxist literature stranded on the docks
January 18 Document: ''Submission by Ross Dowson to the MacDonald Commission of Inquiry;'' (RCMP official) Mr. R.M. McLeod to testify; a statement from Hon. Roy McMurtry, Attorney-General for Ontario that the RCMP did investigate the NDP,'' etc., etc.
Document: ''Submission to the MacDonald Commission of Inquiry concerning certain activities of the RCMP, by Ross Dowson; calling for public hearings; RCMP violating laws yet terms of this Inquiry means it will not accept citizens` views or questions…
January 24 Letter to Comrade Panitch (York U. prof.), re: enclosed copy of RD`s review of Penner`s book
January 25 (Handwritten note) re: record of phone call from NDP official refusing a Forward bookstore literature table
January 30 Flyer reprinting interview with RD from Forward, Jan. 1978, re: the slander action launched against the RCMP
January 3 Letter to Cy Gonick (editorial board, CD), re: enclosing RD`s review of Norman Penner`s new book
February 6 Toronto Branch meeting (minutes): membership issues; suit against the RCMP, proposal to change name to Forward Group
February 9 Letter to Kevin Mann, Bathurst NB, re: exchange of papers; notes on the left and the election of Cassidy at NDP convention
February 5 (Handwritten notes) "Progress Report on suit against RCMP; notes on Quebec civil liberties organizations
Found in February Document: ''Statement of the Forward Group: Where we stand'' (successor to the Socialist League -ed.)
March 4 (Handwritten letter) to Dan Heap seeking endorsation for RCMP suit
March 20 Letter to Dave (P?), re: thank your for the donation; a massive student mobilization against the cutbacks; support building for case
April 07 Press Release: the growing list of civil rights supporters of Dowson's slander suit against the RCMP; the signed statement
April 10 Memo: ''Report on Canadian Civil Liberties Assoc. meeting, Toronto,'' RCMP Commissioner Kelly present declares CP and Trotskyists as 'subversive,' RD speaks on case against RCMP
May 10 Letter to Arthur Hughes, Political Rights Defense Fund, New York, re: US C.I.A. regards RCMP as a ''friendly foreign intelligence service;'' seeking more evidence of this type
Letter to H. Kostiuk, MacDonald Commission of Enquiry, Ottawa, re: enclosing a report of a break-in at the LSA HQ in 1971
May 29 Letter to H. Kostiuk, re: sending the report mentioned May 10th but delayed; theft of membership lists not mentioned, our garbage picked up by persons identified as the police
June 05 Lettre/Avis du "Déclaration des Objectifs du Comité de défense des droits des socialistes"
July 21 (Handwritten letter) of welcome to the Prairie Star, Edmonton, offering an exchange
July 23 Memo to F.G. members re: next meeting, activities and news
July 31 Document: ''Open Letter to the Ward 6 Meeting,'' re: the question of NDPers running on the party label; beware of endorsing non-NDPers; signed RD, V-P Rosedale NDP
July 98 Flyer, ''Should Ward 6 NDP run only one or should it run two candidates in the coming aldermanic contest?'' Running two will give direction to the NDP and avoid opportunistic maneuvering (Jack Layton mentioned as 'a closet NDPer')
Two resolutions (attached to Ward 6 NDP flyer), re: Resolved that the parliamentary caucus cease supporting the Tories; a Resolution re: resolved the ONDP call upon the A-G McMurtry to prosecute those RCMP officers who broke the law in the Dowson case
August 4 Document: Press Release from Socialist Rights Defence Fund,
re: the Dowson slander action against the RCMP will hear testimony from the federal Deputy Minister of Justice; international civil rights support for the committee; list of Canadian supporters
(see text file of letter pp.2 & 3)
September 30 (Newspaper notice) "Notice of Hearings" across Canada of the McDonald Commission "concerning certain activities of the RCMP"
October 23 Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star: (2 of 4 paragraphs cut), re: Ward`s Island residents are occupying what should be a public park
November 24 (Handwritten notes) re: CIA connection with RCMP
November 27 Document: Ross Dowson`s court statement ''Reply and joinder of issue to the Fresh Statement of Defence of her Majesty the Queen;'' re: the RCMP has carried on electronic surveillance, mail openings and acts of infiltration, continuing to the present, knowingly published falsifications and acted in an oppressive manner in committing slander
November 30 (Handwritten notes) re: instructions to Harry (Kopyto) re case
Dec Undated (Handwritten notes) re: Building list of documents to be available to Investigation (McDonald Commission)

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