Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1977

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01_1 Letter to The Editor, Canadian Dimension, re: the lack of protests against a previous Aronowitz article denying class nature of Canadian unions and the necessity of independent working class political action both in Canada and the United States
01_27 Letter to Labor Challenge, re death of South African militant Dora Taylor and the need for an appropriate obituary
02_1 Letter to the RMG, comrades, re: requesting their full article on Canadian imperialism in order to join in the invited discussion
Letter to Joe Meslin, re: enclosing copy of TL article on Spector
02_7 Letter to Maurice (F., Vancouver), re: LC and Old Mole agonize over Steel union autonomy (Murray Dowson`s role in Quebec); thinking the ''German'' way; women`s liberation work; the LSA-RMG relations document and their orientation to gay liberation
02_15 Letter to Reba (Hansen, SWP) New York, re: his activities; defending Art Preis on US labor against CD
03_11 Letter to Steve Penner, re: thanks for receiving full RMG article on Canadian imperialism
03_15 Letter to Ms Bolt, re: noting that Red Emma would also have harsh words about Bethune`s politics that condoned the murder of her co-thinkers in Spain
04_1 Letter to Maurice F., Vancouver, re: SL activities (LABOR CHALLENGE cuts member out of York student election photo); Quebec-NDP a washout and Trotskyist left isolated; election of PQ renders LSA line bankrupt
04_5 Letter to Maurice (F.) re: whereabouts of Boag Foundation, publishers of Weaver`s ''Economics for Workers''
Letter to Pierre Broue, France, re: contact info on Polish ex-activist; providing details on Earle Birney and Kenneth Johnston
05_6 Letter to Maurice (F., Vancouver), re: support for moving the new constitution question into the NDP; May Day distributions, RMG-LSA division of labor in NDP election work
05_19 Letter to City of Toronto Parks Dep't re status of Montague Park
06_5 Letter to Anne (D.) Rimouski, re: the election campaign, weekend at the camp; family matters (Jerry`s bad accident)
06_22 (Handwritten note) re: Abie's phone call; comrades cutting one another up
07_12 Letter to CBC Winnipeg, supplying names of persons active on the left in the 20s and 30s
Letter to Elaine B., Vancouver re: movement archives and B.C. contacts
07_15 Letter to Executive of Socialist League, comrades, re: the need for a full-time staff person for the bookstore and movement
07_22 Letter to Zane (B.) Haliburton, re: RD`s work experience in DCIEM; Dale`s educational and praise for the new Penner book
08_3 Letter to Friends (LSA) re Camp tax bill; small income enough to cover maintenance; well must be repaired, break-in damage
08_15 Mail bulletin on SL activities, fund drive and educationals
08_18 Letter from Cy Gonick, Winnipeg, acknowledging his donation and solidarity
08_25 Mail bulletin on reports and educationals
09_1 (Handwritten letter) to John (G.): thanks for his clippings
10_ Pamphlet: ''Quebec & the Canada Crisis; for a Constituent Assembly and a new Canadian Constitution;'' Alienation of Québécois; The Native People; Federalists floundering
10_1 Letter to Darrell (LSA) re Camp Poundmaker: have not received tax share payments, no help from LSA in closing Camp for winter
10_2 Letter to Darrell, TSS&ES;: problems with outstanding telephone bill, outstanding tax payments; am paying insurance bill in advance
10_11 Letter to Vic Hugh: enclosing correspondence to Darrell; help with maintenance needed
10_19 (Handwritten letter) to Art (Grey) re movement calendar
11_21 Note on Quebec, ''drawn up by RD for Fred (Callaghan); on the meaning of the election of a PQ government
11_ SL mail bulletin re: annual conference announced
12_ Forward article, Nov-Dec. "The RCMP: myths and realities"
12_13 Document: '' Notice under Libel and Slander Act`` by RD against the RCMP; legal document addressed to RCMP & Federal Department of Justice
Toronto Globe & Mail article: "Ex-official of socialist group sues the RCMP for slander" by Lawrence Martin
12_15 Document: ''Statement of Claim'' against Her Majesty the Queen against slanders made by RCMP that the plaintiff had advocated changes brought on by violent and undemocratic means
(edited by R. Dowson)
photograph of original draft above 5 pages

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