Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1976

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01_03 Letter from Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: his news from BC election; no bounce from Stu (S's) article on BC
1_15 Letter to Tom C., Ottawa, offering an exchange with their new paper
Letter to Dept of Natural Res., Orono (ON), re: past purchase by RD of seedlings (for Camp); wish to place an order for next Spring
01_18 Minutes of Toronto Branch (SL): report of Women's fraction, educational cttee report on forums, campus fraction report
January Undated (available from the webmaster on request) Transcript of a taped interview with leading BC comrades by Arnie Mintz (6 pp typed)
2_05 Letter to the Press, Brock University, re: protesting their ''Dr. Strangelove'' articles on the Canadian military
2_07 (Minutes) Camp Poundmaker Inc. Board of Directors meeting: SL/LSA reps present, Murray to build on his lot, need to improve water pump; disposal of lots, vote tally shows no LSA majority
2_08 Letter to John Glenn, Brantford, re: scandalous line of Labor Challenge on Africa, LSA not faring well in BC or Quebec
2-25 United Left Slate convention on (York U.) elections - program drawn up by SL candidates
April UndatedPublication date of Pamphlet, ''The subversion of our orientation to the NDP'' (See date written: February 1974)
5_17 Memo re: ''projected shareholders meeting at Camp Poundmaker and tree planting;'' LSAer announced it cancelled and left others to do the work; RD`s protest of this unilateral action
5_31 Letter to the Editor of Canadian Dimension, re: welcoming Warnock`s article ''Imperialism and the Canadian Left;'' but taking up Moore-Wells' valid criticism of differentiating tendency outlooks and judging them accurately
Letter to John Gallagher, Canadian Dimension, re: submitting a letter for publication on the Warnock article, plus comments on the Marxist Institute (in Toronto)
5_99 Publication date of pamphlet, ''The socialist vanguard and the NDP;'' by RD written in 1970 as ''Our orientation to the NDP - as a strategy - and its tactical application''
6_10 Letter to Caroline (Lund?), SWP National Office, re: giving permission to use RD`s name as supporter of a statement
7-12Letter to Friends: tax bill paid by RD, allocations due; Murray's cabin progress, maintenance done but no water supply yet
8_12 Letter to Anne (D.), re: building Murray`s house at camp; CLC setting date for a general strike; some suggested summer reading
9_06 Letter to Maurice and Cynthia (F.) re: gays around SL and the gay Movement; the labor movement and Labor Day parade, LSAers agree with Forward line in a debate on CD coverage
9_08 Letter to Frank Maley, Barrie, re: his letter to CD, and RD`s letter on Canadian nationalism and Trotskyism; recent trends of Trotskyism in Canada; RD`s review of Lord`s article on Canadian art
10 14 Handwritten note about meeting poet Milton Acorn and promoting the poem ''Do Not Turn Out for the Day of Protest''
10_15 Letter to Milton Acorn, re: his poem read at October 14 rally; hit TV and mass distributed with Forward
10_18Letter to Comrade Sims (LSA): tax payment received, need for a Board meeting, insurance due
10_28 Letter to Anne D.), re: any news of Rimouski on October 14; QFL comes out in support of PQ; SL distributes October 14 and other activities, RD loses his job
Letter to Leila Speisman, re: his (friendly) layoff at the library
11_15 Letter to Art (Grey), re: October 14 in Midland, Toronto activities
12_07 Letter to John (Glenn), Brantford, re: results of civic election for NDP and comrades; books and the problem with state capitalism
Letter to Maurice and Cynthia (F., Vancouver), re: RD says ''thank God for Forward'' when looking at LABOR CHALLENGE or Old Mole these days; only bright spot in elections was Heap`s victory in face of red-baiters

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