Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1975

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01_14 Letter to Spartacist tendency, re: offer for an exchange sub
1_15 Letter to Gary O`Brien, Ottawa, review of Ottawa Worker, discussion on Canadian and British radicals
1_21 Letter to Nic (Oleniuk?) and Mary, re: sending them copy of new SL publication of LT ''For a free, independent Soviet Ukraine''
1_99 Pamphlet: ''Ernest Mandel on the Generalized recession of the international capitalist economy,`` re-printed from January Imprecor, Brussels; on heightening interimperialist competition, Text available on request from webmaster
2_24 Minutes of Socialist League meeting: NDP: we identify ourselves with the Brown leadership campaign; promote a mass march to Ottawa on Status of Women, Election campaign at York U., etc.
3_03 Letter to Dick (P.), Vancouver, re: SL looking for a hall, HQ and bookstore location; new pamphlets published; campus activities
3_08 Letter to Gary O`Brien, Toulouse, France, re: RD`s studies on the Orange Order; death of his brother Hugh; found a new HQ;
Addition April 4th new bookstore, HQ and hall found; Morgentaler imprisoned; victory in York student council elections
03_98 Undated letter to Harry Braverman, Monthly Review, re: seeking distributorship in Canada
Pamphlet: ''The New Stage in Canada-U.S. Relations,'' document of the United Tendency of the LSA/LSO, Spring 1973; Canada and imperialism; the essence of the New Nationalism
4_07 Letter to ISR (SWP), New York, re: the tardy SL account, ISR no longer separately published
4_14 Minutes of Branch meeting: Item 7 report by Kent on organizational meeting for anti-Vietnam war demonstration
4_99 Forward Forum notice: weekly topics and speakers (R.D. on the Crisis of Maoism)
5_08 Letter to Liga Communista Internacionalista, Lisboa, Portugal, re: our leaflet in support and local contacts
5_10 Letter to Gary O`Brien, Toulouse, re: big victory in Vietnam; large women`s demonstration and support for Morgentaler
5_20 Letter to Harry (S.) and Pat, Newfoundland, re: new SL bookstore; Hugh`s sudden death
5_23 Letter to Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: LSA campaign against SL line of amnesty for Morgentaler at large women`s mobilization; the SL support for Rosemary Brown; the problem with the gay movement
6_10 Letter to Dick (P.), Vancouver, re: his reservations of line of Forward and support for Rosemary Brown; events in Portugal moving to the left of the SP and CP
6_24 Letter to Mitch (P.), Winnipeg, re: RD`s application to Explorations; the Morgentaler vigil
8_11 Letter to Anne (D.) c/o: UAW Camp, re: her getting away from home; RD hoping to land librarian job
8_12 Letter to Maurice (Fl.), Vancouver, re: LABOR CHALLENGE article re SL slipping into doom. LABOR CHALLENGE `s confusion on the immigration issue; LSA leaderless; comments on his article ''Gay liberation, where it`s at''
8_14 Memo to the CO, comrades: camp weekend cancelled and lodge closed but a few will be on site over Labor Day; RD delaying work on history of movement
8_20 Letter to Peter Peterson, London, England, re: inviting an exchange of papers; the emergence of the IS in Canada and crisis on the left
8_30 Letter to Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: agree with RMG/FI against LSA/SWP position on Portugal
9_27 Document: ''Greetings from the Socialist League to the demonstration to defend the lives of the political prisoners in Spain''
09_29 Letter to Peter (V.H.), Burlington, re: introducing Bill Walsh, a veteran unionist and ex-CPer in Hamilton; a booklist on unionism
9_99 Undated pamphlet: Two Manifestoes, from the Ontario NDP convention, September, '' For a radical, revitalized NDP"
See also: "Turn Toward Socialism," from the NDP BC Provincial Executive (published in Forward, Nov. 14, 1974)
October 07 Letter to Joe Hansen, ICP, re: sending him material in Portuguese
October 14 Letter to Harry Braverman, Monthly Review, re: permission to publish Einstein article in Portuguese
October 21 Letter to John Boyle, St. Catharines, re: apology for not getting his permission to reproduce his sketch in our review of Barry Lord`s book
Dec. 20th
3 letters
Concerning women's access to abortion and information
Letter to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, re: hailing his integrity, honesty and militancy in his struggle;
Letter to Elizabeth Lawry, TV Ontario, re: protesting that their series on sexuality is being shelved under pressure;
Letter to CARAL, Dear Friends, re: sorry to hear HQ is closing; need for campaign of Xmas solidarity for Dr. Morgentaler
Undated 1975 Undated pamphlet:''Canada & the Civil War in Spain; A suppressed page in Canadian history;'' found in 1975, from an article published in LC, Jan. 2, 1972; ''In tribute to Henry Scott Beattie, veteran of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion''
pamphlet, ''Marx & Engels on the labor party,'' (found in 1975, cover: Diego Rivera reproduction); Marx: ''This first explosion against the associated oligarchy of capital can well form the point of origin of an earnest workers` (mass) party.''
Transcript dated December found in "Arnie Mintz 2nd Interview file"; internal debates of the late 1930s, 40s, and 50s; discussions on individual positions and roles
Letter to Gary O'Brien, Ottawa re: home at last, RD selling subs to Forward in his condo, setting up a date to discuss
"(incomplete)" found in 1975, ''With Joe Hansen'' (SWP leader), re: Hansen`s launching a document against the FI leadership position on guerrilla warfare as a continental strategy

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