Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1974

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01_15 Letter to (oldest Brother) Murray (Dowson) and Jeanette, re: sending him movement discussion documents; his working conditions at a hotel job
01_20 Letter to Ted Grant, The Militant, London, England, re: seeking advice on Lenin`s writing on the 3rd International vis-à-vis ultraleftism and parliamentary labor parties
01_30 Document: application for Canada Council grant: ''A History of Canadian Trotskyism;`` Summary and Description of Project; RD`s resumé and qualifications
01_31 Letter to Joseph Starobin (veteran radical) re: RD's application for a Canada Council grant to write up a history of the movement
(Undated Jan. 1974) (Undated first draft) of "Item 10," attached to application for a Canada Council grant, a summary of project and main features of research plan (not used in the application)
Document: LSA/LSO IIB Vol.2 No.1 (Jan. 1974), ''Response by RD'' at January Plenum, to Art Y.`s appeal, re: the complications that differences over the 1970 movement documents place before a transfer of leadership
Document: LSA/LSO IIB Vol. 2 No. 3 (Jan. 1974), ''The Subversion of Our NDP Orientation - Statement of Labor Party Tendency,'' 47 pp. lettersize (re-published by the Socialist League in April 1976 as an 84-page booklet ''The subversion of the revolutionary socialist orientation to the N.D.P.; a summary document of the struggle against it'' )
02_09 Letter to Maurice and Cynthia (F.), re: his hotel job, the CC grant application; the NDP brass moving against us in BC and the press campaign against the BC NDP; the LPT document published but lack of discussion in Toronto East
02_18 Document to Members of the LSA/LSO and YS/LJS re: the resignation of all 19 LPT members; ''the LSA/LSO has degenerated into a sect; (with) the wholesale abandonment of our political positions in a sectarian direction… with the development of … an extreme factionalism … it has become impossible to hold out any hope of influencing and halting the plunge into sectarian isolation.''
02_19 Letter to Jack (Barnes), SWP, re: having quit the LSA you will want to cut off your mailing to me
02_25 Letter to Jane (E.?), re: assurances LPT members will continue our work outside the LSA/LSO and value the comrades staying within it
Letter to Cynthia and Maurice (F.), re: how a struggle within to replace the LSA leadership would have been counter-productive; the deepening almost hysterical sectarianism on display at the last Plenum
03_03 Letter to Ivan Avakumovic, UBC, re: historians` lack of awareness of Canadian Trotskyist journals; RD`s discussion with Starobin and his project for a history of Canadian Trotskyism
Letter to Jane (E.?), re: a characteristic of ultraleftists is their denial that Marxism is an integral part of the humanistic tradition
03_06 Letter to Charlie (--?), re: setting up the Socialist League and looking for a HQ; our tendency booklet on our NDP orientation in progress (''Against Sectarianism: the challenge of the labor party'' by W. Shier, A. Levi & J. Jennings, June 1974, Socialist League)
03_15 Letter to the Canada Council, Ottawa, re: after consulting other historians of the left, RD`s opinion he should concentrate on the political history but he leaves open the option to make an application for a Humanities Grant as well
03_19 Letter to Ivan Avakumovic, Vancouver, re: welcoming his work in progress and suggesting the themes he would take up himself
04_17 Letter to Dick (P.) Vancouver, re: SL successfully launches forums and a social; RMG proposes joint trade union committee; activity at the camp; why we left the LSA, joint talks with LSAers on teachers work
04_98 Document in LSA/LSO IIB Vol. 2 No. 5, April, RD on ''Comments on the character of the NDP and NDP governments;'' not useful to call the NDP ''social-democratic;'' or calling the NDP ''a bourgeois government'' (in BC)
Document: ''The Socialist League and the Struggle for a Socialist Canada;'' The challenge before Canadian socialists; Problems of the Canadian Left; Need for a Transitional Program…''
05_03 Letter to Maurice and Cynthia (F.), Vancouver, re: colossal development in Portugal; activities of the SL; trade union circle off the ground, a potent mix of 3 or 4 Trotskyist tendencies; developments in the NDP
05_05 Letter to John Glenn, re: MISC`s strident Canadian unionism on principle; discussion on Canadian nationalism and the integrated nature of the Canadian state
05_06 Letter to Irving Abella, York University, re: RD filling another application for his historical project; need his sponsorship
05_13 Proposal re: ''A contribution to a discussion on the SL publication;'' favorable opportunities for our publishing a journal; its news and theoretical content; not for a magazine but a newspaper, a tabloid format to present theoretical material as well
05_17 Letter to Harry (S.), Pat (--?) and Jeff (S?), Newfoundland, re: RD`s new condo residence; his talk to unionist comrades on Canadian union autonomy; queries about their activities; growth of the RMG
05_21 Letter to Steve (H?), London (ON): no LSAers at Camp; question of maintenance of lodge, held in common, (Socialist League) considering publishing a tabloid
05_22 Letter to Avakumovic, re: no longer in contact with Henri Gagnon
05_25 Letter to John Glenn, Oswekin, re: Reactions to the new paper (Forward); the appearance of Imprecor from the FI; lack of overall approach in LSA - everything dealt with from issue to issue
06_24 Letter to Darrell, LSA: Camp fence needs fixing, no maintenance done by LSA, some repairs done; need LSA contact for input
(Undated , June) Article ''to be translated by Armando into Portuguese for submission to Republica, Lisbon;'' setting the record straight on the Trotskyist current in that country
(Letter to Prof. Norman Penner, York University, re: sending him a copy of his Canada Council application and a copy of Forward for his perusal
07_03 Letter to Steve (--?) London (ON) re activities of the S.L.
07_05 Letter to Joan Newbigging, Toronto, re: report on work done on the camp (Poundmaker)
7_07 Letter to Darrell (LSA) re: payment of Camp tax bill, forwarding RD's mail to his home address
07_29 Letter to Archie Callaghan, Nfld., re: Waffle purged from the NDP last weekend, distributing revolutionary appeal to Portuguese fishermen
Letter to I. Avakumovic, UBC, re: misc. historical notes
(Undated July text) ''Partial transcript of Dowson tape, summer 1974,'' edited (---) by Arnie Mintz; 5 pages of historical recollections of RD`s personal life; details of political and movement experiences (see Mintz: "A sketch of Ross Dowson, October, 1988")
08_03 Letter to John (Glenn, member Transitional Program Tendency/LSA), re: LSA is for differentiation and confrontation with NDP, SL is for critical but unconditional support, SL-TPT relations
Letter to the (Transitional Program) Tendency, Comrades: SL fears dissolution of LSA calls upon us to meet with your tendency
08_06 Letter to Bob Dick, Lasalle, QC, re: British comrade (?) visiting Toronto; LSA contacts in Montreal
8_12 Letter to Darrell (LSA) enclosing cheque for guests using Camp; maintenance work on the lodge done and to be done
08_15 Letter to Norman Penner, Glendon College, re: recollections of Stewart Smith and Sam Carr (CPCers)
08_23 Letter to Don D., Vancouver, re: our decision for a monthly Forward; news of local ex-LSAers coming around the SL
8_25 Letter to friends re: calling a meeting of Camp owners; tabling share of costs to all owners and those paid
09_04 Letter to Ron D., Vancouver, re: moving out with Forward; need news of BC NDP convention
09_13 Letter to Steve (--?), re: news of the camp, SL classes, our intervention at the NDP convention
09_18 Letters to Irving Abella, Ivan Avakumovic, Joseph Starobin, all re: RD turned down for Canada Council grant
Letter to The Canada Council re: his application turned down, seeking future approval of project
09_28 Letter to Canada Council, re: re-submitting a similar proposal for a one-year project
10_01 Letter to Dave (P., Oshawa auto worker) re: two political contacts, one of whom is Gary O'Brien, student of Canadian radical history
10_16 Letter to Ron D., Vancouver, re: his material late, Forward article on BC published, activities of Waffle post-expulsion; Gord D. now on staff part-time
10_99 Introduction to pamphlet: ''For a Free Independent Soviet Ukraine! -3 articles by Leon Trotsky,'' 24 pp (Forward Publishing Assoc.)
11_12 Letter to Art Grey, Coldwater re: need to discuss with Art K., LSA operation in Orillia
11_18 Letter to Art Grey, Coldwater re: need to discuss with Art K., LSA operation in Orillia
12_16 letter to Darrell (LSA) re: submitting his (minutes) notes of Camp meeting, prior to official corporation meeting, contact RD at SL-HQ
11_27 Letter to Sheila Turgeon, Richmond BC, re: the SL conference and growth of the movement; comments on Toronto and BC contacts
12_12 Letter to Dick P., Vancouver, re: the SL is established and RD`s plans to earn a living
12_13 Letter to Charlie, St. Catharines, re: RD`s talk on Brock campus and chat with student contacts
12_14 Letter to Gary O`Brien, , Toulouse, re: fifth issue of Forwardout;
setting up a bookstore; Forward Forums, discussions with Marxist Institute;
Rouge and the situation in France; his Forwardarticle   "Maurice Spector on the national question" (Nov. 1974)
12_16 letter to Darrell (LSA) re: submitting his (minutes) notes of Camp meeting, prior to official corporation meeting, contact RD at SL-HQ
12_24 Letter to M. Rashid, Kerala, India, re: sending him back issues of Forward; our pamphlet (LT on Ukrainian nationalism); the role of the SL in carrying on Trotskist tradition in Canada
(Undated, 1974) (Handwritten note by R.D.) re: John Swindon's response to a toast in favor of the independent press, from The Worker, Sept.13, 1924
Letter to L'Internationale, Paris requesting copies of Greek FI publication
Notices of class series, Forums held by Socialist League
Letter to Art Grey, re: answering his profound demoralization

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