Ross Dowson -1973 Correspondence

Ross Dowson - Correspondence - Year 1973

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01_16 Letter to Connie and Allan (Harris), England, re: two IMG members now in Toronto; RD refused admission to Toronto branch discussion
01_24 PC Minutes No. 4, Attachment: "Statement by Kent:" the usefulness of the category 'probationary membership'
01_28 PC Minutes No. 5, Attachment: "Statement by Kent:" the error of LC in not identifying with postal worker militants and LC's praise for the dubious settlement
01_99 Document in LSA DB 1972 Number 25, ''The Key Issue at Dispute in Canada-US Relations, Part 1,'' re: the degree and specifics of US capitalist penetration and takeover of the Canadian economy Link to Home Page
02_00 Document: (undated note to self, found in 1973) Is Canada imperialized and its State (imperialist)?" the new LSA-LSO leadership falsely claim to base their position on Mandel's views re: Canada's growing integration into the US economy
02_06 Letter to Bob R. (Montreal) re: news of Quebec, Waffle-MISC success in Ontario
Letter to Rich Lesnick, SWP (New York), re: obtaining copy of CBC radio biography on Leon Trotsky
02_08 Letter to comrade Leon (P?), Taupe Rouge (ultraleft publication, Montreal), re: request to send him back copies
02_11 Letter to Leo (E.) Hanover, re: his apparent critique of Mandel; conditions of the population of Rimouski, Quebec
02_99 Document in LSA DB 1972 Number 30, The chartered banks and their role in Canada-US Relations,'' re: the banks as instruments of the takeover; banks and corporate directorship crossover
03_07 Letter to Art Grey, Coldwater ON, re: Waffle-MISC and internal bulletins (of the upcoming formation of the United tendency)
03_09 Letter to Dick (P.) Vancouver, re: facilities and layout of Camp (Poundmaker); preparing contributions on Canadian nationalism for coming league convention
03_15 Letter to Nic(k S.) Vancouver, re: decision to form a tendency; the labor party slogan in Quebec
03_16 Document: ''Declaration by the United Tendency'' signed by 19 Toronto LSA members, declaring 1) support for the FI minority, 2) defending the 1968 LSA document ''Canada-US Relations,'' 3) supporting the 1971 plenum document ''The NDP and the Waffle,`` (see Aug. 28, 1971); and the document ''Our Orientation to the NDP,`
(Undated notes in R.D.'s handwriting): The PC (LSA leadership faction) profoundly disturbed by the formation of the United Tendency (based of the 1968 document "Canada-US Relations") for the upcoming LSA-LSO convention
03_19 Document: Statement on our publications program, by Ross Dowson, East Branch, re: The need to proceed with the publication of a quarterly theoretical journal; also on the March 19 issue of Labor Challenge in which the LSA leadership has opened a factional attack on the UT, espousing revised movement line that Canadian capitalist class is an independent imperialist class
03_20 Document in LSA DB Number 35: ''The Key Issue at dispute in Canada-US Relations, Part II;'' the junior partner role of ''Canadian'' capitalism and imperialism to that of the US and the rest of the world; the strategic importance of US ownership and trade relations with Canada; ownership details of some major corporations in Canada
03_24 Letter to Nick (S.) and John (D), re: part 2 document on Canadian economy on press for the UT; perspectives for the tendency; other documents and issues to be raised (3 topics for now) (incomplete?)
03_31 Attachment to PC Minutes No. 10 by Kent: why I support the Santiago statement of the L-T Tendency but have not signed it
03_99 (Handwritten notes by R.D.) on "Where is the Tendency (the UT) going" based on the 1970 LSA documents on our NDP orientation and other policy documents from 1970-1971; where is the movement itself going?
04_01 Document in LSA DB Number 40: ''Theory is gray - but life is green!'' re: facing the reality of the nationalist Left; the new sectarian approach to the NDP, and Waffle; the importance of the long development of our orientation to the NDP for the movement
04_11 "Statement of the United Tendency (Vancouver Branch)" (written by J.D.): concern over majority's use of factional terms and behaviour of a CC member (incomplete)
04_12 Document in LSA DB Number 46: ''A contribution on Quebec'' by R.D. to the January Plenum, re: evaluation of the trade union bureaucracy, the PQ, defence of the slogan ''For an Independent and French Quebec''
04_17 Letter to comrades Pi-Lan and Shu Tse, Paris, re: his health and lectures; the factional intervention by the FI and Mandel in the British and Canadian sections
Letter to John (D.), Vancouver, re: convention discussion underway in very factional way in the centre as UT slandered and cut out of convention representation; left NDP election campaign
04_28 Document: RD speech to LSA convention: setting record straight on UT positions; a critique of the leadership counter-document on Canadian nationalism; the real situation with US capitalist penetration and takeover of the Canadian economy
04_99 Document in LSA DB Number 43: ''A new stage in Canada-U.S. Relations'' (a counter-resolution to "Canada and the crisis of World Imperialism"), re: the new Canadian nationalism; its class forces Link to Home Page
05_12 Letter to Zane (B.) and Lynda (B.), re: planning his research reading at the camp
05_15 (Mothers Day, at Poundmaker), Letter to Gord (D.), re: need to keep the North branch operating; quoting Cannon on weathering quiet periods
05_21 Letter to East Toronto Branch LSA, comrades: application for a leave of absence for the summer; living at the camp
05_24 Letter to Charlie, St. Kits, re: need that Gample interview for work on the history of the movement
Letter to Nic(k S.), Vancouver, re: work on transcript of the Whitney tape; history of the early period in the movement; news of the centre and fusion of RCT and Old Mole
05_27 Letter to Bill Whitney, Vancouver, re: value of his taped interview; questions on the role of early members
05_30 Letter to Phil (C?), Saskatoon, re: sending tape interview transcript for correction; his comments on Birney and the unemployed struggle in Regina
05_31 Letter to Nick Oleniuk, Bisset, re: his letter from LT sent to SWP for publication; the SWP Trotsky anthology series out
06_10 Document: (research note to self ) ''Notes on the League for a Revolutionary Party - from a taped conversation with SG and EB;'' re: outline of some personalities and issues in the early 1930s when Spector was the principal leader; the 1933 split leading to formation of the LRWP, which was active until World War 2
06_14 Letter to Nic(k S.), Vancouver, re: the irrelevancy of our press; the defection of RCT members; continuing factionalism in the movement; leadership adapting to ultraleftist pressures
Letter to Abie W., Toronto East General Hospital, re: RD`s movement meetings in Toronto; RCT defections and direction of various comrades in the new situation
Letter to Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: the confused situation in the centre with correspondence; his and other letters from Vancouver on the BC Women`s Ministry
06_19 Letter to Nic(k S.), Vancouver, re: efforts to line up RD in the face of RCT opposition on the PC and ultraleft pressure from the RMG press; moves to drop critical but unconditional support of NDP
06_21 Note to self, re: his being isolated from movement activities; the leadership`s sectarian policy in the abortion coalition leading to the isolation of the movement
07_03 Note to self, re: comrades wanting tendency declared again; RD speaks at St. Catharines branch; leadership sets up a central bureau; the BC Women`s Ministry debate; RMG influence on leadership`s NDP policies; a new LSA leadership cadre is posed
Letter to Lou Donnelly, Ontario, re: a survey of left wing and former NDP left forces in Ontario now; Waffle defection and ultraleft pressures make intervention in upcoming convention questionable
Letter to Dave and Jennie: regret that your deposit on a Camp lot has not been returned; RD making partial personal refund
07_05 Letter to Joel Britton, Pathfinder Press, SWP (New York), re: misc. publication notes
07_19 Note to self, re: RD challenges John R. and Phil C. to state their revisionist views on the NDP orientation to an open debate; going off payroll since not able to function in movement; Lynda B. and Dennis L. change their positions on Canadian nationalism; the union committee discussion at the camp
Letter to Lynda B. re: last issue of LC off the beam on the NDP; the neglect of the camp; the developing sectarian attitude in women`s liberation work
07_30 Letter to (John) R., re: the defunct United Tendency; the leadership L-T tendency dropping the LSA 1970 NDP orientation document
07_31 Letter to Gord (D.), re: TU committee leaders talks irrelevant and their select committee cuts out activists; talks with various comrades; the Barnes SWP document ; the leadership`s ultraleft line in women`s liberation; the need for us to discuss
08_01 Letter to Dale re how to get out from under accident debt
08_09 Letter to the Political Committee: protesting the cancellation of the camp educational weekend; departure of maintenance comrades
08_14 Letter to Zane (B.), re: blowup of Jim and Lynda over camp weekend cancellation; upcoming climax in factional struggle both in the LSA and FI; our ''absurd'' interventions at the NDP convention
Letter to Jim (M.), re: urged to retain LSA membership; urged to take a stake in the camp
09_06 Letter to Lou (D.), handwritten, re: replacing the camp`s new fireplace flue
09_16 Note to self, re: meeting agreement to form a tendency; existing tendency members falling out of active membership
09_17 Document: ''On the question of 'Canadian unions,''' LC editorial fails to note it is a tactical question, appearing to oppose them and not taking new situation into account
09_24 Letter to Cynthia (F., Vancouver), re: what are her views on the BC Women`s Ministry debate
09_27 Letter to Cynthia and Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: fuller discussion of debate around BC Women`s Ministry question and our orientation to the NDP; a critique of our role at the convention; Hansard confirms RD`s critique of LC line on the rail strike
09_28 "Memorandum on Camp Poundmaker" by RD: The camp lodge and common elements controlled by the LSA; with 9 owners a co-op is set up; lots can only be sold by the co-op, Camp needs a formal bank account and officers, flyer with map outlining facilities
10_01 Letter to Gary O`Brien, Ottawa, re: Archives at Toronto Reference Library; other veteran socialists he should speak to and books to read; his and CBC interviews with Spector
10_04 Document (LSA/LSO IIB Vol.1 No.1), ''Statement of Tendency Formation by the Labor Party Tendency;'' based on the LSA document ''Our Orientation to the NDP…'' signed by 13 members
10_11 Letter to Nic(k S.) Vancouver, re: formation and activities of the LPT
10_15 Letter to Cynthia and Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: RCT member on PC paralyzing leadership; sending them (LPT) tendency statement
10_18 Letter to Joe (Hansen, SWP), New York, re: RD's new bookstore manager job; the reasons for, and the reaction to, the formation of the LPT (Labor Party Tendency)
10_23 Letter to Maurice (F.), Vancouver, re: LSA leaders not discussing BC Women`s Ministry openly; they misread the debate over the Rand Formula; the debate over BC labor legislation; NDP labor legislation in general; tactical conflict between comrades at the convention; atmosphere of exclusion in centre bureau
10_26 Letter to Dick (P.), re: need for a caretaker at the camp; on the BC (NDP) labor legislation; Waffle in Ontario; international events
10_98 Document: (undated speech or PC report, found in 1973) "Ross Dowson NDP 1" (altered by an unknown person) re: alleged boycott by LPT of the LSA/LSO convention (LPT also part of LSA international L-T Tendency); a defence of the historic LSA orientation to the NDP
Document: (Undated bulletin excerpt "R.D. contributions:") RD on popular frontism;" question not discussed by LPT; was the Allende government in Chile a popular front - I don't think so"
11_03 Letter to Isabel Alonso, re: current IS and other tendency journals in Britain; new edition of LT`s book on Britain; a poem
11_11 Note (partial?) ''submitted to the PC'' re: ''We work in the Arab and Jewish communities as open partisans of the Arab national cause… (exclusively in) ''defense of the national rights of the Palestinians``
11_12 Letter to (oldest brother) Murray (Dowson) and Jeannette, Iroquois Falls, re: RD`s sister Lois helped finance his condo; RD quit his job
11_20 Letter to Joseph Starobin, Toronto, re: apology for the delay in meeting you (a veteran socialist)
12_04 Document: ''Statement by R. Dowson on summary of Paquette`s (Art Y.) report of his views on the draft political resolution submitted by the IEC Majority Tendency for the coming (F.I.) World Congress;'' RD`s abstention due to the report`s claim it favors popular fronts in many countries, and the resolution`s ambiguous appraisal of the new international vanguard
Letter to Hans (M.), Germany, re: (brother) Hugh`s union local resolution; Art`s irrational critique of the FI resolution; leadership`s sectarian opposition to the NDP; our tendency document on the orientation being completed
Letter to Cynthia and Maurice (F.), re: RD`s contribution on (BC) Women`s Ministry out but no response on any of his input; critique of gay liberation fraction; crisis in the women`s liberation fraction
1973_98 Document: (Undated ''Book Review'' found in 1973, unpublished) ''1905`` by Leon Trotsky
Document: (undated, found in 1973) Bibliography: ''Theory of Nationalism and Canada;'' a list of titles and library numbers; ''Theory of Nationalism;'' a list of books under related subjects; a list of journals and books; ''Canada as a nation, as the (Stalinist ) CPC saw it, from a British colony to an independent capitalist imperialist power;" Notes on Marxist writings on nationalism
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