Ross Dowson -1972 Correspondence

Ross Dowson - Correspondence - Year 1972

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01_5 Document: "Canada & the Civil War in Spain; A suppressed page in Canadian history," by R.D. (In tribute to Henry Scott Beattie, veteran of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion; Trotskyists screened out; C.P. betrayed revolution) See: Labor Challenge, #57 June 5, 1972 Home Page
01_25 Circular letter to Branches, locals and members at large, re: Latin American Defense Work, on initiative of the IEC-FI centered on saving the life of Hugo Blanco in Peru
01_28 Statement of the LSA/LSO Central Office: postponement of project for a theoretical journal until Fall
01_29 Minutes of Political Committee: membership, Hamilton next priority for a new branch, Abortion (rights) campaign
02_01 Statement of LSA Branch Executive: proposal to split the branch into two Toronto locals
02_14 Minutes of Political Committee: Kent (R.D.) report on membership; future plenums and convention
02_25 Circular letter to all branches and members at large, re: launching actions in support of the Irish struggle, our participation in the local Irish Solidarity Cttee; we are encountering some red-baiting
03_28 Letter to Dick (P?), Vancouver, re: short note prior to the plenum
April undated Document: Memorandum by RD`` re: Montreal comrades urging them to support national bureau decision to not expel but suspend the two members (a political error)
April 9 Circular letter (likely from major camp enthusiast R.D.) to all branches, locals and members at large, re: Camp Poundmaker, calling for volunteer for construction, landscaping and staff
05_17 Pamphlet, text of speech by RD to St. George NDP Association meeting: ''Trotskyism and the NDP,'' rebuts smears by party leaders; LSA unconditional support for NDP despite inadequate program and it`s dogmatic parliamentarism
05_24 Document: ''Call for the 1972 Pan-Canadian convention of the LSA/LSO'' (early September at Waterloo ON): agenda, pre-convention discussion, representation and attendance
+(Attached) Letter to CEC, YS/LJS: Convention planned just before LSA/LSO convention; duplication of tendency documents, therefore PC suspending normal obligation of LSA/LSO members to defend adult organization positions in the interest of free discussion
05_25 Letter to CC members from Political Committee LSA/LSO: enclosed is United Secretariat of FI statement on the Sallustro kidnapping, disapproving of the positions of the Militant (SWP) and Labor Challenge, not for public circulation;
Document: The United Secretariat stand on the Sallustro kidnapping, a Statement by the PC of the LSA/LSO: deny Militant and LC statements are "attacks," deny no solidarity stated with victims, defending long-held positions against terrorism; US-FI has evaded taking clear position on kidnapping, US-FI gag order on criticism unacceptable
05_31 Circular flyer (unsigned, by R.D., camp organizer) "Spend your vacation in beautiful Tyendinaga (at) Camp Poundmaker" where staff is waiting; camping and magnificent touring available
06_08 Letter to Art (Y.), Halifax: on Jacquie (H.) as paper editor, RD`s move off the bureau and his role in the movement
06_10 Document: ''Some notes on the youth press'' by Kent (RD) re: need to continue publication of YS to reflect continued needs to meet youth radicalization, its complementary role in supporting Labor Challenge
06_27 Document: Reply by R.D., Executive Secretary LSA to the United Secretariat of the Fourth International, comrades, re: appeal by Unified Tendency of Canadian section; the Tendency's request for ''an investigation into the internal democratic life of the LSA,'' and response by the LSA
Letter to the ISR (theoretical journal of the SWP, New York), comrades, re: article on USSR overlooked the national question inside the USSR
07_03 Letter to Keith (Locke), New Zealand, re: position of US-FI majority on Bolivia despite debacle there; the IMG ''stew'' in Britain; the withdrawal of the Quebec document before the Canadian convention; Quebec; the NDP leadership attack against Waffle
07_05 Letter to Brian (Canadian B? in New York), re: on the Quebec document, big weekend at the Camp
07_12 Letter to Dick (P?), Vancouver, re: financial arrangements and loan/grant; development of the Camp; RD`s own financial needs and modest lifestyle
07_13 Letter to George Novack (SWP) New York, re: Novack urged to take up a study of Gramsci for the benefit of the New Left
07_18 Letter to Colleen (L., Montreal) re: news of Quebec minority split, possibly for the benefit of the International; they are a disloyal tendency seeking recognition as a sympathizing group
07_19 Letter to Ken (--?), Sudbury, re: desertion of the Mill tendency in Montreal
07_28 Letter to Art (Y.) & Penny, Halifax, re: theft of subscription records
07_31 Letter to Gord Doctorow, re: problems with the new movement trade union caucus; remarks re other active members; the Barnes (SWP) document on Canadian nationalism; the LSA leadership`s dumping of the 1970 positions on the NDP and nationalism
08_08 Letter to Murray & Jeannette (Dowson): re: his intention to buy a lot at the Camp, or not
08_14 Letter to Bryan (B?), New York, re: center matters
Document: ''Memorandum on the August issue of Labor Challenge:`` on its reversal of the 1968 LSA position on Canada-U.S. relations
08_22 Letter to Dick (P.?), Vancouver, re: the Laxer-Watkins split-away; Socialist Caucus gains in NDP
Letter to Allan (Harris) and Connie, England, re: their missing visiting Toronto; the Camp, Crescent books; withdrawal of Quebec document and revisions to PC political resolution; dealing with the RCT and ultraleft in the SC, and Old Mole-Red Circle and IMG line on Quebec; the Mill split-off in Quebec
Letter to Toni (F.) and Frank, Nottingham (England) re: the Waffle split and our gains in Socialist Caucus; developments in the IMG
Letter to Mr. Crossthwaite, Toronto Public Library, re: RD`s archives placed & microfilm archives; list of movement publications
09_07 Letter to Bert Groves, Harry Clairmont & Joe Silver, re: invitation to them to contribute to biography of Jack MacDonald (founding member of CPC and Canadian Trotskyism)
09_08 Letter to Comrade Gerry Diamond, Vancouver, re: RD`s father as a unionist and RD`s early days in the movement; his role in the 1921 Typographers` strike in Toronto and the move to offset printing; the significance of the union label today and movement policy
09_30 Personal note to self, re: frank discussion with John (R.) over crisis in movement with leadership rejection of 1968 positions on Canada-US Relations; RD`s doubts about his method of discussing
10_01 Personal note to self, re: PC meeting over proposal to name RD (LSA) chairman; reaction of comrades; discussion on the press; feeling of crisis over a number of issues
Minutes of Political Committee: a PC member (Saunders) declares his support for the (ultraleft) RCT, R.D. elected Chairman of LSA/LSO; Attachment: "Statement for referral of motion to elect R.D. as Chairman" by Saunders; Attachment: "Statement by Crandall" (J.R.) in defence of nomination of R.D. as Chairman
10_03 Personal note to self, re: East Toronto branch meeting: Peter H.`s report of Left Caucus and suggestion Red Circle join LSA; will leadership engage in NDP election campaign; confusion on attitude toward women`s liberation work; absence of organized ultralefts; RD doubts utility of role in movement
10_04 Letter to Milton Alvin (SWP), Los Angeles, re: refusal by York University to allow Mazieros take up his post
10_16 Personal note to self, re: futility of RD`s motions on procedure at the PC meeting; leadership maneuvering questions of the press and women`s liberation policy changes; RD abandons responsibility to answer Old Mole tendency
10_29 Document: to the Political Committee (LSA) ''Memorandum II on Labor Challenge;'' re: alarm at the reversal of 1968 convention line on Canada-US Relations without discussion or explanation to the movement; it`s omission to apply this line in describing the anti-US imperialist aspects of the NDP election program
10_98 Speech to LSA/LSO Plenum: Political Report: RD proposes to write comprehensive overview of movement politics as extensions and in harmony with past movement policies; clarification needed on Canadian nationalism and on Quebec
Ancillary speech to Plenum on Crescent (publications): the need to expand our English and French-language pamphlets for distribution in mainstream bookstores
11_00 Documents from LSA Discussion Bulletin #15, November 1972: (<— This link includes all individual links below)

Item 5) Oct. 26, 1971: '' Letter from Ross Dowson to Walter D. and Will O.'' reporting PC motions reinstating four Maritime members with a statement of censure
Item 6) Oct. 30, 1971 : ''Reply by the Political Committee to the Mill Appeal'' (signed R.D.): in response to a request from the U.S. of the F.I. for the views of the Canadian section
Item 12 (b) July 28, 1971: '' Ross Dowson to Walter D.'' incl. discussion on our NDP orientation vs. our revolutionary program
Item 12 (c) Sept. 1, 1971 : ''Ross Dowson to Walter D.;'' enclosing PC decisions on various movement positions and declining their request to set up a branch
Item 12 (g) Oct. 4, 1971: ''Ross Dowson to Will O.:'' PC decision to suspend two comrades while laying charges against all four under the constitution
Item 12 (j) Nov. 12, 1971 '' Ross Dowson to Will O.:'' motivation for sending comrades Art and Penny to Halifax
Item 12 (n) Dec. 9, 1971: ''Ross Dowson to Will O.;'' clarifying the status of the YS/LJS vis--vis the International and the Canadian section; asking for clarity on nature of their appeal
Item 12 (q) Jan. 12, 1972: ''Ross Dowson to Walter D.;'' Bureau declining request that the LSA circulate their YS appeal
Item 12 (r) March 15, 1972 ''Ross Dowson to Will O. and Walter D.;'' declining their request for a statement at the upcoming Plenum; inviting them to send written request for a time for an appeal on the suspensions at the Plenum
Item 12 (s) March 24, 1972 'Ross Dowson to Walter D.;'' declining their request for additional representation of the United Minority Tendency in Montreal; noting acceptance of the time of request for their appeal of their suspensions
11_08 Letter to Keith & Faye Thompson, London, England, re: on the recruitment of ultraleftist Will (O.) to the LSA
11_14 Document: Statement on draft resolution on ``Canada and the crisis of world imperialism;`` from the leadership argues reactionary nature of Canadian nationalism; fails to deal with domination of Canadian economy by the U.S., signed Kent & Marlon
Letter to Dick (P.) Vancouver, re: strong left NDP election campaign
11_15 Letter to Jack Barnes (SWP, New York); personal, re: sending him his memorandum ''On the press'' and a letter explaining his absence from a United Secretariat meeting and attitude toward new leadership line on Canada-US Relations
11_25 Letter to Reba and Joe (Hansen, SWP, New York), re: a good CBC radio program on Leon Trotsky; a few words on most important discussion ever coming up in the Canadian section
Letter to Mitch (P.), Winnipeg re: his fine organizing of the CBC program on L.T.
11_29 Note to self, re the PC meeting, re: crash meeting to vote on the Quebec document, with revisions that RD supports; RD declines to attend IEC meeting; his now total isolation from the LSA leadership; discussion with Gord D. and others re new ultraleft line on daycare
+Document: Statement on the PC minutes of November 29, 1972 by P. Kent, re: two errors of fact; submitting an attachment to correct them, re: 1) the reason for his non-attendance of the IEC meeting and 2) his three proposals as amendments to the Quebec resolution not recorded as unanimously agreed upon)
11_99 Document in LSA/LSO DB #18, November: ''A step backward instead of forward'' incl. Appendix: Kent-Marlon Statement on leadership faction Draft Resolution ''Canada and the Crisis of World Imperialism;`` a defence of the 1968 adopted policy viewing Canadian nationalism as progressive and anti-US imperialism Link to Home Page
12_01 Letter to George Breitman (SWP, Detroit), re: with his work on the national question in the SWP, any comments he might have as regards Canadian nationalist sentiment
Letter to Ralph Starr, Ottawa, re: his raising serious questions about the direction of the movement and publicly declaring his solidarity
12_05 Note to self, re: his 3-hour talk with John (R.) on factional political situation and severe personnel problems; general paralysis and unprincipled political arguments - where are we going?
12_07 Note to self, re: Meeting of East End Branch (LSA); reports on talks with Red Circle; critique of line Labor Challenge; attack on Ross over the childcare issue backfires as leadership suffers defeat; discussion and agreement with Gord Doctorow; details of childcare arguments tending to super-revolutionary bent; report on NDP line in LC; RD holds back on input to Political resolution
12_08 Letter to Dick (P?), Vancouver, re: Toronto civic election results
12_18 Note to self, re: blow-up meeting with Dick (F.) over leadership working out political differences with RD; stalemate and maneuvers
12_20 Letter to Jack (Barnes), SWP C.C. calling attention to CBC radio program on LT (for Joe Hansen); LSA internal discussion bulletins becoming available for George (Novack) and George Breitman
12_25 Letter to Brian W., Vancouver, re: welcoming support (for LPT) from him and Nick (S.), sectarian activities of centre on women`s liberation and antiwar issues; agreement on Quebec document despite criticisms; working on economic analysis document
12_97 Undated Note to self, in 1972: ''What the RCT (ultraleft) has to say on Canadian nationalism - bulletin 45:'' their view it is a petty-bourgeois current (only objectively reactionary), as ''new,`` not bourgeois.
12_98 Undated letter fragment (page 3, in 1972) signed RD, re: Mandel`s sweeping attack on the International minority and particularly the Canadian section
12_99 Undated speech, transcribed from original tapes (full text available on website) ''How Canada can break from the U.S. empire`` Link to Home page
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