Ross Dowson -1971 Correspondence

Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1971

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Index - 1971 correspondence:

Canadian correspondence: Jan-Feb.
Canadian correspondence from Europe: Feb.-June
Canadian correspondence upon RD's return from Europe: Aug.-Dec.
European (international) correspondence: Feb.-July

Canadian correspondence

01_19 Circular to all Branches, Locals and Members at Large: Comrades: Czech-language theoretical journal available; Greek edition FI
01_22 Circular to Comrades, re: Solidarity (fund) Campaign underway
2_14 (Document adopted by the PC): Constitution of the National Committee; Attached: "Excerpts from Election Policy in 1948" by J.P.Cannon (a founding member and a leader of SWP-USA)

Canadian movement correspondence from Europe

02_22 Letter to John (R.) re: RD`s arrival in Europe; list of housekeeping items re centre
02_25 Letter to John (R.) (incomplete?) re: comments on last issue of Labor Challenge; our and Waffle`s evaluation of Quebec & the PQ
03_03 Letter to Jacquie (H.) re: success of latest issue of Young Socialist and growth of YS, critique of YS articles, on the YS HQ house
Letter to John (R.) re: European protests against Czech trials; local centre affairs and international finances; critique of latest LC on Acadia and Quebec
03_11 Letter to John (Glenn, Philippines) re: need some basic evaluation of the struggle and setting up a journal
Letter to John (R.) re: Wayne`s critique of book on radical politics; Quebec and other contacts to follow up on; Philippines politics in the FI-HQ; Toronto personnel and Canadian campaigns/issues
Letter to Manon (L.,) Montreal re: her coming trip to Europe
03_13 Letter to John (R.) re: broadening the Czech defense campaign; the centre Hall, acquiring a press; centre finances and fund drives
Letter to Dear (sisters) Ruth Dowson and Lois Bedard, re: Ruth`s trip to Greece; central heating in Europe; beautiful Bruxelles
Letter to the Dowsons of Unsworth Ave., Toronto, re: RD`s lack of hearing French; central heating; high school revolt in Paris
03_23 Letter to John (R.) and John (S.) re: the minority in Quebec; concern over Art and Alain and a replacement for Art; details of the centre`s operations; Attachment: comments and critique of LC issue
03_24 Letter to Art (Y.) re: puzzled by politics of the Quebec minority and situation in Montreal; need to mobilize on Vietnam victory support; concern about certain comrades and majority leadership; expulsions not the answer
03_30 Letter to Art (Y.)(incomplete?), re: crisis in the Montreal local; a majority faction declared but a joint strategy with centre to declare war on the minority ignored; the question of leadership supreme, how to move out boldly
03_31 Letter to John (R.) re: critique of LC issue and articles
Letter to Coral (S.) re: centre administration business; leases, loans and finances
04_01 Letter to Vern (Olson) re: the importance of him retiring and taking on a leading role in the movement
Letter to Jacquie (H.) re: fine YS coverage of Czech defense action; comments on youth centre and activities; need for an educational conference; advice on all aspects and opportunities of youth work
04_04 Letter to sisters Ruth & Lois, re: their trip to Europe; Canadian news from the papers they send
04_07th Letter to Manon (L., Montreal), re: expecting you in Europe soon; her schedule
04_08 Letter to John (R.) and John (S.) re: Canadian and world documents circulating; need to follow mainstream women`s press; problems of promoting leaders in English and French Canada; the need for new leadership in Montreal, at least temporarily
04_15 Letter to John (R.) re: critique of latest LC; discussion of interventions and assignments
Letter to Jeff (W.?) re: misc. joyful admin
04_23 Letter to Joe (Y.?) re: strong advice on staying in the youth centre
Letter to John (R.) and John (S) re: conspiratorial visit by Mike Mill to Europe; lack of any serious discussions with Mandel and no report of his discussion with Mill; no information on Ceylon situation and LSSP(R); low-key Tariq Ali Belgian meeting; centre affairs and personnel assignments; RD`s schedule
04_24 Letter to John (R.) and John (S.) (incomplete?) re: the Canadian international donation; problems of developing Québécois leadership; centre personnel and projects
Letter to (nieces) Eleanor, Jeannette & Anne and nephew Walter, and brother Hugh and wife Clare, re: Thanks for Easter gifts; busy social schedule & anti-war demonstrations; Page 2: Who was Rosa Luxemburg? Rosa the youth and progidy militante
04_28 Letter to John (R.) re: rush Canadian movement samples for Commune celebration; note from Manon on RD`s return.
04_30 Letter to Art (Y., cc to John R.) re: Manon`s schedule; she as well as RD meet total indifference to Canada in Italy; critique of latest Liberation (Mtl.); on the weakness of our main slogans on Quebec; on the way we use the demand for unilingualism; FI watching us
05_05 Letter to John (R.) and John (S.) re: big shakeups in personnel planned; discussion of personnel & building a cadre team
05_06 Letter to Karen (--?) re: new book ``The British in Vietnam`` (See also below: European correspondence May 4)
05_23 Letter to Jacquie (H.) re: travels with Manon, celebrating the Paris Commune with the YS; critique of last issue of Young Socialist
06_04 Letter to (sisters) Ruth and Lois, re: the book on the British role in Vietnam; their visit in Belgium together
06_11 Letter to Joan (N?) re: question of personnel in the centre; discussion of comrades` roles and personal crises; the role of women in the leadership; his return at end of June

Canadian correspondence upon R.D.'s return from Europe

08_04 Minutes of Political Committee: R.D. ("Kent") in attendance, makes various reports; attached letter to EC of YC/LJS and CC or LSA/LSO announcing plenums in August, agendas
08_28 Document: Report by R.D. on the (Fourth) International, to the Plenum of the C.C. of the LSA-LSO, based on his observations and participation at the centre of the F.I. during his trip to Britain and Europe
Document: "The NDP and the Waffle" a report to the Plenum of the C.C., LSA-LSO by Dick F., a document which later formed part of the platform of the 1973 Labor Party Tendency - see March 16, 1973 (Note lack of analysis of Waffle's nationalism)
09_99 NOT on CD (undated, found in September) Document: speech by RD ''50 Years of revolutionary socialism (in Canada 1921-1971;)'' Where the LSA is going; where it came from in 1921; How the first Communists became the first Trotskyists; the Trotskyists stand up to the Stalinization drive; The LSA carries on the spirit of '21
10-_08 Letter from Toronto to Dick (F., Vancouver) re: movement finances and activities
10_30 Document by R.D. "Reply by the Political Committee to the Mill appeal" (to the F.I.): a defence of the actions and practises of the Canadian Section against the allegations of the Mill faction
10_30B Document (unsigned, by a PC member): Report on the Maritimes suspensions; the suspensions and reinstatements of four members in Fredericton, N.B.; the actions of the Control Commission set up to investigate charges of gross disloyalty, as listed; report by R. Dowson and C.L. on the hearings
11_05 Circular to all branches of the LSA/LSO, Locals of YS/LJS and members-at-large: Can it be done? Will we make our 4,000 sub objective; success at York U., delayed by Amchitka demos
11_15 Circular to all branches and members-at-large LSA/LSO: Solidarity Fund Drive announced, $6600 goal; pledges received, funds for Fourth International
Document: "Finding of the Political Committee" on the suspensions and charges against four youth comrades in the Maritimes; the findings of the Control Commission; the involvement of the FI
12_06 Circular to all branches and members at large: delays in launching the planned theoretical journal, outstanding fund drive pledges
12_08 Letter to Comrades: problems in circulating our press and films in a timely and cost-effective manner

European (international) correspondence

02_22 Letter from Europe, to Joe Hansen & Barry Sheppard (SWP, New York), re: large split in Ligue Communiste (France); upcoming IMG (GB) conference postponed
03_06 Letter to Joe Hansen & Barry Sheppard, re: crisis in British IMG over ''the Canadians'' publishing Socialist Women; financial and health problems among comrades in France; the situation in the Chinese section and Peng`s status; Fourth International bureau assignments and European congress dates
03_17 Notebook from the bureau, re: discussion with Ernest Mandel on his evaluation of French events; discussion with IMG (GB) on (Red) Mole taking a position at variance with the Canadian section and its failure to defend the record of the Canadian section
03_25 Letter to Barry Sheppard & Joe Hansen (SWP), re: Pete (Camejo?)`s visit, hassle over approval of RD`s FI minutes; IMG ''brass'' moves against Socialist Women; sharp debates on IMG politics; developments in France; Mandel`s disputes over Intercontinental Press
03_30 Letter to Joe Hansen & Barry Sheppard (SWP), re: report meeting comrades of Bandierra Rosa (Canadians in Italy); report on Chinese comrades; a critical look at the European Workers Conference in Turin and the lack of transitional demands, RD speaks on Britain to applause
03_99 not on CD Dated March; notes of a meeting with Peng on Ho Chi Minh on the origins of Ho`s army in northern Indochina; the mass support for Vietnamese Trotskyists under Ta Tu Tha and his murder by Ho Chi Minh`s army in 1948
04_02 Letter to Pat Jordon (G.B.) re: report of the Turin conference and rally; his report on Britain; expecting the IMG`s views on Quebec
Letter to Caroline (Lund? SWP) re: shipment of books and documents; the Belgian farmers protest
04_14 Letter to Joe Hansen & Barry Sheppard (SWP), re: difficulties following language at German convention; its low level of spirit and politics; RD`s contribution dumped; no women elected to NC; crisis of leadership in GIM-RKJ and dispute over building the youth group
04_21 Letter to Barry (Sheppard, SWP), re: total lack of understanding with the Ceylon delegate on developments in Pakistan and Ceylon; the activities of the ouvrierist Swiss comrades; RD`s evaluation of the German conference disputed; failed attempt by Maitan and Mandel to rein in Hansen`s IP articles on Latin America and their refusal to circulate the Domingo Letter; conflicting views on developments in European sections
04_26 Letter to Roger Barnes, Australia, re: met your comrade Mary J. at the Turin conference; discussion of Australian comrades; our progress in Canada since you left, my Bruxelles address
04_27Letter to Joe Hansen & Barry Sheppard (SWP, New York), re: Tariq Ali meeting in Belgium; a FI bureau meeting discussing Vietnam and antiwar demonstrations; notes on Mandel`s style of organizing
05_04 Letter to George Rosie, London, re: RD`s review of his book ''The British in Vietnam,'' seeking information on Trotskyist leader Ta Tu Thau (for full article see Labor Challenge #30)
05_04B not yet found Document: Article by R.D. "What W.W.2 was all about" (review of book by G. Rosie "The British in Vietnam")
Letter to Joe & Barry (SWP, New York) re: discussion in the bureau on events in Bolivia; on April 24 antiwar mobilizations; Ceylon and May Day; Mandel`s odd musings; shake-up in the North (Canada)
05_11th Letter to Joe (Hansen) and Barry (Sheppard), re: Manon (L. of Montreal) gets the cold shoulder in Italy and Switzerland, but welcomed in Belgium; widespread ouvrierist tendencies; Krivine at Belgian congress where youth tendency fused with the section; discussion of its politics
05_16 Document: unpublished article on the commemoration of the Paris Commune (Prose poem by R.D. on the Centenary)
05_21 Letter to Jack (Barnes?, SWP) New York, re: RD`s tight budget and cost of airmailing material; submitting expense sheet
06_09 Letter to Joe (Hansen) & Barry (Sheppard, SWP) re: importance of attendance at United Secretariat meeting and French cadre week before the World Congress; four Canadians potential delegates; report of our IMG tendency and attendance at Glasgow meeting
06_10 Letter to Joe (Hansen) and Barry (Sheppard, SWP), re: bureau meeting and availability of Joe`s document on Latin America; problems with the Ceylon section; Brian (S) in Britain; report of earlier US-FI meeting; Sweden, Greece, more on Ceylon debacle
06_23 First 2 pages of a letter to Joe (Hansen) and Barry (Sheppard, SWP), re: report on IMG congress; evaluation of new majority tendency, pages 3 to 7 missing
07_08 (continuation of June 23rd letter, pp. 8 to 16): On the IMG congress and extensive debate on the politics of the new dominant tendency; intervention by Pierre (Frank, FI leader); Alan Harris speaks, Tariq Ali attacks; other Canadians support Tendency; Connie Harris`s critical support; J-P B. greetings from the LC (France); ``Women`s work`` approach to women`s liberation (while no women nominees on NC list); Critical evaluation of commission on Socialist Women, Irish work and Irish Vietnam Solidarity Campaign; Organizational Report by Pat Jordan; chaos as majority slate debated
07_13 Letter to Comrades Gisela and Ernest (Mandel), re: RD returning informal apparently personal money gift

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