Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1969~1970

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01_04 Document: "Discussion on Vietnam held during Plenum period:" G.I.-Civilian Chicago Anti-war Action report; the Politics of the next (Toronto) demonstration: the main slogans; demonstration day; Viet. Mobil.Cttee. facilities, finances, C-V(Newsletter), Cdn Cttee for the International War Crimes Tribunal; personnel
01_12 Ruth & Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Missed you at the Plenum; Student conference and Youth plenum a big success; the Engler-Rands tendency
01_24th Open letter to the Vancouver branch organizer; re our phone discussion on the case of the 114 at Simon Frazer (University); we should advocate they plead not guilty and not cave in to a prosecutors deal; how to conduct a principled and effective defence
03_06th Letter to Fred (Callaghan?), Newfoundland, re: speakers available for antiwar meeting
04_01st Letter to comrades at Coldwater (ON) re: their formation of a LSA branch
07_29 Document: "Statement to be inserted in the document Our Organizational Character, approved by the PC in agreement with the Quebec CC members: the party unites workers of both nations, Quebec struggles inevitably fuse with those of English Canada, Quebec workers have not yet opted for independence
08_20th Letter to all branches and members at large; Comrades, re: calling attention to new document ``For an Independent and Socialist Canada ` and formation of new current around NDP convention, independent of the Socialist Caucus which will be open to collaboration
08_29 Letter to Reg (Bullock), Vancouver: police harassment of our Quebec forces, BC and cross country activities
09_15 Letter to D.P., Organizer YS/LJS, Ottawa: US Wolforthites publish your letter in hopes to exploit international dissention; that is why discussion with outside tendencies must go through central office


03_07th Letter to Art (Y.), Montreal (from Belgium?), re: failure of QI (French edition of FI journal) to cover Quebec events; on the split in the French section
Undated, in May-June 1970 letter from RD to the I.M.G. (G.B.) extending greeting to new section of F.I. and Canadians` affinity to English workers and labor political tradition; RD`s fourth month in Europe; witness to mass Trotskyist march in honor of the Paris Commune; the importance of cadre building throughout the FI
07_14 Letter to Reg (Bullock), Vancouver: the big move finished; expansion of the movement; Phil C. unable to get a job in Toronto; running Forums across Ontario, international discussion on Latin America opening up, big expansion in the SWP-US and LC-France
Undated, in 1970 letter from RD to the Editor, (Toronto) Globe & Mail, re: their travel columnist missing a French experience right here in Quebec

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