Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1968

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Bold italics = documents
01_09 Letter to Ted, Sudbury (ON), re: introducing Chris T. of Halifax; his information on the bribery attempt of another candidate in Colchester-Hants campaign
01_18 Letter to Dear Lois (Bedard, sister), England, re: family news; movement news; planned Canadian teachers` tour to Cuba
03_16 Letter to Ruth (Bullock), Vancouver: The tax problem of selling antiwar art in the bookstore; ignoring Stalinist line that the Vietnam war is over and we should cool it
04_18 Letter to Ruth, Vancouver: rushing the Women's brief to press, missed the lack of clear reference to abortion rights, will correct
05_08 Letter to R.D. from Milton Acorn, P.E.I., re: changes to his article
06_23 Letter to Dear Lois (sister, abroad) re: news of movement in Canada & France; meeting SWPers in New York; preparations for a large convention in Montreal; choice for campsites in Ontario
06_28 Minutes of the Central Committee Plenum: Convention agenda
07_01 Minutes of CC Plenum: (Convention) election of officers & PC, CC-PC communications; finances, native minorities, Quebec
08_13 Letter to the Trailblazers; Comrades, re: construction underway at Deseronto campsite, French comrade speaking on defence of JCR; details on sending literature; news of the tour
08_24 Letter to William Rodney, Professor of History, Royal Roads, Victoria BC, re: Vanguard review of new book, RD`s acquaintance with Spector and MacDonald and offer to open movement archives
Letter to U of T Press, re: enquiry about other publications
Circular letter to Dear Friend: Salmon River encampment underway, under construction; map attached
Undated, Aug. from speech notes found in August1969: Speech on ``Soldiers of the International`` a review including roles of Maurice Spector and Jack MacDonald
09_10 Document: ``Confidential - for information only`` Comrades: report on P.C. meeting re: resignation of Allan E. and Jean R. and answering their charges in view of their being recently moved to central leadership
11_04 Letter to Art (Grey), Costa Rica, re: growth in the Quebec student milieu; October antiwar mobilizations across Canada; two national student tours; repercussions of the Czech invasion
11_16 Letter to P. Violino, Windsor ON: closest socialists are SWP Detroit
11_18 Letter to John (--?), Niagara Falls ON re: developments in Hamilton
11_20 Document: ``On the Tendency Formation Statement`` by RD for the PC: report of Vancouver branch group wanting to re-open recent convention decisions and positions for more discussion
12_03 Letter to Dave, St. Catherines (ON): RD`s scathing critique of Local 199 News
12_19 Letter to Keith MacDonald, Halifax, re: interest in socialism, referred to local activist Chris T.
Letter to Dave Bain, Willowdale (ON): heard SWP US presidential candidates; activities of local socialists
12_30 Circular letter to Dear Friend, re: Camp Poundmaker; lots for sale, camp community and committee being set up for common use areas including a lodge
12_99 Undated Letter to Jack Alan Hobbins, Fordham U. (USA) re: remarks on new Rodney book on Canadian radical history

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