Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1967

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Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1967

Bold italics: documents
01_21 Political Committee Minutes: Anti-(Vietnam)war publications; Montreal business; NDP, Hugo Blanco defense
01_26 Letter to Jeff (W?), from John (W.) on behalf of R. D. and the PC, re: a critique of a proposed leaflet on the ICC (anti Vietnam war campaign)
01_30 Letter to the Administrators of Dialogue '67, U. of Western Ontario from R.D. LSA: re need for contribution from the Marxist left other than the CPC
02_19 Circular to Branch Executive Committees, from Central Office, Canadian Section (FI), from John (W.) on the move towards a twice-monthly Vanguard and the necessity of a fund drive
Political Committee Minutes: personnel, financial drive; CC plenum; Tour, Hugo Blanco defense
03_05 Political Committee Minutes: Expulsions from NDP youth, Socialist Caucus protests and appeal meetings; financial drive and new Edmonton youth local
03_23 Letter to Dick (Prinsep?, BC): re Gus (T.) arrival back from Hanoi; media coverage; his upcoming trip to Cuba; activities in Edmonton and Montreal, personnel changes; Art (Y.) going to Montreal; Toronto center press now operating; need a loan
04_18 Press release: protest Montreal police ban on demonstrations at Montreal Expo
05_31 To all Branches: Trailblazers Tour switch from Quebec to Ontario due to lack of French-language personnel
06_00 Pamphlet: "The coming Canadian revolution" published in Young Socialist Forum May-June by the YS/LJS: Next Leap Ahead; The class Struggle; Revolutionary realism; Québec libre; etc.; Join the Young Socialists
07_20 Letter to Paul Mõller, Denmark, by John (W.) on behalf of the PC [incl. RD] re: facts about U.S. draft-dodgers in Canada; their numbers and their low activity in anti-Vietnam war movement; LSA policy not to encourage them in agreement with SWP
07_24 Minutes of the PC, letter from the Vancouver branch executive and reply by P. Kent for the PC; re proposal for transfer of Miller and Frazer to the center and for publication of Miller's document
07_08 Document: adopted by Plenum: "Our work in the NDP"; the need to retain a commitment to NDP work; the centrality of our long-range orientation
08_05 Political Committee Minutes: Miller protests part of his document published, Montreal branch and LLO editorial board
08_09 Letter to Comrade Miller, Vancouver: Acceding to his request not to publish certain chapters of his document; RD does not see importance of an immediate internal discussion on Canadian nationalism or related questions
08_27 Political Committee Minutes: Youth fund drive and LSA/LS0-Youth financial relations; personnel, publications; International; Brock moving to edit twice-monthly Vanguard at centre
09_11 Press release: LSA declares NDP agreement not to contest Robert Stanfield's election to the House as Tory leader a disservice to the party; Mr. Dowson will force an election in 1957 to prevent acclamation of Sydney Smith
09_14 Letter to Al Harris, Vancouver: he has taken on job of organizer but not full-time - RD thinks this a mistake; no report of discussion on the matter; comments on Vancouver developments
09_18 Press release: PC of LSA announce candidature of Ross Dowson in Nova Scotia riding against Robert Stanfield in light of failure of NDP to field a candidate
09_22 Letter to The Chief Electoral Officer, J.M. Hamel, Ottawa ON: Application for forms to enter as candidate in by-election
10_22 PC Minutes: prep for PC discussion on antiwar work
Letter to Lois (Bedard, R.D`s sister); at work gathering signatures in Colchester-Hants, N.S.; attended antiwar rally, John (R.) helping with organizing campaign; not only the mines but the steel mill as well being closed; NDPers refuse to sign nomination papers; meeting steelworkers frustrated with union in Sydney; phone-in radio coverage
10_28th Letter to Paul W. MacEwan, Sydney NS: re interest in a series of articles on the Cape Breton working class movement
Letter to Ruth (Bullock), Vancouver: personnel problems; busy in the Nova Scotia election campaign up to NDP caving in
11_21st (Letter undated as to year, found in 1967) from Al Purdy to Ross: willing to add signature on behalf of Ben Bella
12_12 not on CD Letter to Allan (E.), Vancouver: R.D. denies making remarks critical of Al and the Vancouver branch; Al proposes his move to the centre (Toronto)
12_99 (Undated document, ref: Miller & Brock, Vancouver): Statement by the PC on relations between the CC and the PC: Issues central to developing a leadership: CC members outside the centre cannot continue to play a leading role in the movement, a task delegated to PC members at the centre alone

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