Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1966

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(See Montreal and Edmonton correspondence (below)

01_27 Letter to Comrades (circular), re: Castro's attack on the Fourth International and Trotskyism; the IS's response, top item of discussion in the US (United Secretariat); LSA and FPCC to discuss before issuing statement
03_22 Letter to Ruth & Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): our mistake in accepting roles in Seattle SWP debates in the past; Seattle branch disloyal to SWP?
04_30 Letter to Comrades Pi-Lam & Shu-Tse, re: error in international donation; May Day in Canada
05_00 Document, (Internal Bulletin): "The N.D.P. hardens," by P. Kent; a review of the application of our central orientation
05_30 Letter to Dick (F), Victoria BC, re: report of convention; tour to the East preparing to leave
June 2nd Press release: Ross Dowson announces intention to speak in Allen Gardens
06_19 Leaflet: "Fight fascism by fighting big business, strengthen labor and its party" (for Allen Gardens speech by R.D.)
07_21 Letter to Comrades in Ottawa, re: offer to assist in buying a duplicating machine
08_02 Letter to Dick P., Vancouver, re: upcoming antiwar demonstration; Fair Play for Cuba; Alexander Cttee.; Vanguard sales, rail actions, Quebec
08_30 Circular Letter (?) to "Dear Friend:" re thank you for support for the Russell Foundation and explaining our sharp critique of the NDP leadership
09_07 Letter to Dear Anne and George (--?): seeking location for an educational conference of 60 persons
09_23 Letter to Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, London England: re difficulty of a petition in Canada; list of references & addresses including Canada-Vietnam Newsletter
09_26 Letter to Tom (Kerry?), ISR (SWP): troubles with our printer in Toronto and permission given to publish a Canadian article
11_09 Circular Letter to Comrades: decision to launch the Russell War Crimes Tribunal petition in Canada
12_22 Letter to Allen (Vancouver?): re necessity to retain a tabloid format and present name of paper
12_26 Letter to Ken, Ottawa, re: discussion of his union local work and relation to branch organizer work; conflict with Russell War Crimes work and coming tour by Gerassi, who is taking an ultraleft line
Undated Resolution (RD editing, found in 1966 Fred Callaghan archives), re: flyer to CBRT-GW Local 89 members urging rejection of local leadership and call for unity through amalgamation

Montreal correspondence - 1966

01_07 Letter to Pat (Mitchell), re: Montreal branch personnel, R.D.'s article for YSF rejected; will the CP be the only representative of CCMG to run in the elections? Discussion on Quebec NDP and labor party question
02_08 Letter to Pat, re: our critical approach to the MLP Manifesto; final documents of world congress coming; question of a full-timer on staff in Montreal; evaluation of Mike (Mill);
03_12 Letter to Comrades, Ligue Socialiste Ouvrière: (draft copy) of LSA convention announcement; question of the Quebec document & question of LSA-LSO relations discussed by PC
03_14 Letter to Pat (Mitchell), re: Pat remaining in Quebec; how the LSO should relate to the LSA convention; crisis in Toronto personnel situation, the Ottawa march
03_17 Letter to Pat (Mitchell), re: pressure on the Left Caucus, on LSA-LSO relations; the question of a Quebec section; the question of fraternal delegates from the LSO
05_09 Letter to Pat, re: Mike (Mill's) article on the PSQ
05_31 Note to Pat (Mitchell, Montreal) re: Perspective Mondiale (Paris) now published and will help in Quebec work
07_17 Letter to Pat (Mitchell), re: relations with Mike (Mill).
09_12th Letter to Pat, re: she and Peter (Schultz) moving from Montreal; John S's father expelled from the CP
11_06th Letter to Pat, re: personal precautions necessary on breakup in branch; on the labor party question In Quebec; the Quebec NDP, Mike (Mill) in opposition

Unlinked documents are Available on request

Edmonton correspondence - 1966

01_19 Letter to John R., Edmonton, re: YSF off the press; Anti-Vietnam war projects, Montreal developments
02_09 Letter to Dick (F), re: his critique of R.D. as a national leader
02_18 Letter to Dick, re: Toronto center activities; the Indian (native) question; reaction to Castro's attack on the FI in the SWP; Toronto conference on Vietnam; new Edmonton branch activities & contacts; the LSA-LSO relations document
06_07 < Letter to Colwyn (W.); short notes re movement
06_13 Letter to Dick (F), re: Report of Mike Mill's resignation from the LSO; the LSO conference; need your help with journal.
Undated June Letter to Dick (F), Vanguard now printed in sympathetic shop; lack of Quebec coverage; thanks for kind words - no "sacrifices" made; report on Quebec discussion and the future of the PSQ; assessing Quebec politics & unions
06_22 Letter to Dick: need for him to write up Quebec elections for Vanguard as well as for La Lutte Ouvrière
06_29 Letter to Dick: his article on Quebec good but too long
07_17 Letter ( incomplete) to Dick, re; insert of next issue of Vanguard off the press; cuts to Quebec article; SWP asking for Quebec internal discussion; his reply to Mike Mill? LSO discussion on Dick's Quebec article; Mill out of LSO
08_10 Letter to Colwyn (W.): Alberta Socialist Caucus documents; setting up new branch in Ottawa; arrest of 4 comrades by Montreal police
08_16 Letter to Dick (F), re: Bob & Marilyn (R) in from Montreal with lots to discuss; work on Vanguard slow; setting up Vietnam neighbourhood clubs; local personnel problems, Dick's article
09_07 Letter [pages 1 and 3 missing] to Dick, re: John (L?); our role in the railway strike and comrades in CBRT.
10_05 Letter to Dick, re: letter to Pat (Mitchell) in Montreal re developing a French-Canadian leadership; problems with new printers and typesetters; Dick's literary contribution on the Quebec discussion
10_23 Letter to Coral (S), re: dues & pledges for LSA and YS, Edmonton finances
10_26 Letter to Dick (F), re: John L. on way there; your criticism of the last La Lutte Ouvrière and the success of the paper in Quebec; Ross's moves to salvage the Toronto Vietnam Newsletter; Ross intervenes in the Portuguese amnesty conference
12_02 Letter to John (L?), re: shipping books; comrades busy in (civic) election campaigns in Toronto and Vancouver
12_04 Letter to Edmonton comrades, re: Vanguard loses its printer again; John (R) and Art (Y) doing well in civic election campaign; Joan (N?) and Bea B. in Montreal to assist in civil rights campaign; the effects of Alan (E's) circulation of his document before the PC discussion
12_05 Letter to Joe (Burki), Entwhistle (AB?), re: the final day of civic election & the "sensational" youth campaign; the new HQ in Edmonton

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