Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1965

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01_13 Letter to Ernie (T.), Vancouver, re: deadline for your article; Alan (Harris) married in Britain
02_05 Letter to Ernie, Vancouver, re: meeting with WML member Roger Perkins; re Ernie leaving BC and Alan & Connie replacing him
Dear George (Novack?), the Militant (SWP, USA): re quoting Toronto's struck papers
02_16 Letter to Jean (R.), Vancouver, re: books and periodicals in bookstore
Letter to Ernie, Vancouver, re: his leaving Vancouver, attending World Youth Festival in Algeria; Alan & Connie's plans
03_09 Letter to Alan (E) Vancouver, re: Ernie's leaving; his proposal that Ross go West for a few months; personnel in Toronto; Vanguard coverage
03_11 Letter to Alan and Connie (Harris, GB), re: broadening scope Alexander (Defense) Cttee internationally
Letter to Tom Kerry, SWP, New York) re Alexander (Defense) Committee
3_19 Letter to Jeff, Newfoundland, re: local youth activity in Selma solidarity (SNCC & blacks in USA); re his study of Lenin; getting socialist ideas on campus; Portuguese seamen's views
04_04 Letter to Ernie (T., Vancouver), re: busy constructing new HQ in Toronto; difficulties with Alexander Defense cttee.; overload with Vanguard editorship but need twice monthly paper; convention coming up; Alan (Harris under attack by British group)
04_06 Letter to Ernie,:re: question of Alan full-time in BC, the Maoist Canada-China cttee.; new Cuba tours; split in Toronto peace movement; trade union document
04_12 Letter to Bernard Bloom, U of A., Edmonton AB: Your letter popularizing Marxism, and your critics
04_26 (Handwritten) letter to Reg (Bullock), Vancouver: in hospital with hernia; new central location for Toronto hall & bookstore;
05_06 Letter to Ernie, Vancouver, re: Alexander Defense work; literary affair at the new movement bookstore in Yorkville
05_17 Letter to Jean (R.), Vancouver, re: new HQ and store in Toronto underway; NDP fraction work
Letter to Dick (F., Montreal) re success of Alexander Defence cttee. or LSA social cultural at Toronto HQ
05_21 Letter to Ernie, Vancouver, re: report of Alexander Defence meeting; on his trip to Algeria; the problem of staffing the Vancouver branch
06_22 Letter to Ruth and Reg (Bullock), re: our new Toronto address, behind the cancellation of the Cuban tour; upcoming convention
06_23 Letter to Ernie, Vancouver, re: tight personnel situation in Toronto; crisis with Pat (Mitchell/Schulz) going off staff; (RD) agrees with tone of letter on Cuban tour cancellation; the difficulties facing the Cubans faced with the Sino-Soviet dispute; Malcolm (Bruce's) resignation
07_05 Letter to Ruth (Bullock), Vancouver: re her letter to NDP to explain the expulsions; left will be weak at the next convention, left youth being re-admitted into the NDP; PC agreement on this; next tour arrangements
07_08 Letter to the Trailblazers (tour): no word or demand for money; is books stock adequate? Toronto branch work; quiz
07_13 Letter to Art Grey, Alice Arm, BC; Socialist Caucus active at (Federal) NDP convention, activity of Youth in SC; your reading material; worsening situation in Vietnam
07_23 Letter to Dear Ruth (Bullock), Vancouver BC: re Malcolm (Bruce) writing for PWM and membership status in LSA; therefore propose no action be taken; Malcolm's parroting of Healy's position on our NDP orientation
07_26 Letter to the Roving Branch (tour), Comrades, re: progress of national tour, literature sent
08_00 Letter to national tour members Lyle S., Peter (Schultz), Hans (M), Alex (?) & Bill (L.): re personnel; Peter's report
08_06 Letter to Maryln and Bob (R., Montreal?), re: not being able to meet with them; progress of the tour; the New Democrat moves against the Socialist Caucus
Letter to Alan (E., Vancouver), re: articles on BC, right-wing moves against Socialist Caucus in ON
08_09 Letter to the McDonnells, Cascade BC; the tour`s visit; our move to Cumberland Street and movement news
08_14 Letter to Roving Branch (tour), Comrades, re: papers missed at Timmins being forwarded; status of film on Vietnam; how to get a projector; our attitude towards Cuban statement on cancellation of the tour and question of dealing with differences within the Revolution; decision to set the record right and reaffirm support for Cuba; look for Huberman article on Cuba in The Nation citing disapproval in Cuba of suppressing dissident opinion; a gala $2.50 dinner paid for by sister (Lois)
08_17 Communication to Montreal, the LSO from the Political Committee LSA: disappointed in the failure of La Lutte Ouvriere to appear; the primary need for a public organ, the top priority of our tendency, the intellectual nature of parti pris
08_24 Letter to Arch Callahan, re: distribution of leaflet to Portuguese
08_26 Letter to Roving Branch (tour); Comrades: Ernie (T.) to join tour; work on the tour back; slow down going through BC, other films on Vietnam
08_30 Letter to Arch (Callaghan) Tor Bay, Nfld, re: distribution of the Havana Declaration and a Portuguese PAF manifesto; possible opposition from the Smallwood government; how best to distribute copies to the fishermen
09_01 Letter to Arch Callaghan, re: shipment of leaflets for distribution
09_02 Letter to Roving Branch (tour) in Calgary, re received money and subs, sending copies of Vanguard
Letter to Harry (S), en route to Vancouver: re his birthday, congratulations to the tour despite difficulties
09_07 Letter to(tour) Comrades, re: itinerary & mailing to tour, Peter (Schultz) comes home from tour; renovations to (youth) house, facing another youth purge from NDY, center organizing
09_13 Letter to Comrade Trailblazers 1965, re: your report a hit in Toronto; branch conference and elections; sending winter wear to Trail BC, mass runs of Vanguard for coming elections
Letter to Dear Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: Farrell Dobbs on Seattle tour with a private visit to Vancouver, 100 subs from Calgary
09_20 Letter to Dick (F., Montreal?), re: report of antiwar meeting; youth conference
09_21 Letter to Trailblazers, Ernie, re: on selling the youth paper (YSF) and Vanguard, emphasizing some books for the tour, personnel activity in Toronto; "our print shop," working the Varityper
09_24 Letter to Dear Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: sending back his article for revision (on Maoist attitude to NDP)
09_27 Letter to Cliff Gunter, re: report of national tour; searching for a newer FNL film on Vietnam if he can find one
10_02 Letters to Trailblazers, re: PMW films Timmins (ON), searching for Vietnam film for showings
10_12 Letter to Trailblazers, roving Branch LSA, Comrades, re: sending Vanguard tour to Edmonton for return trip, comrade removed from Vietnam teach-in microphone; sell 200 copies of YSF; distribution of 20,000 leaflets; Edmonton contacts
10_18 Letter to Roving Branch, Dear Comrades: literature airmailed to Regina; anti-Vietnam war actions in Toronto
10_23 Letter to Roving Branch, Comrades, re: hoping Lyle leaving tour can helping Toronto election campaign, returned shipment of Vanguards, teach-in articles not published in US, Toronto socials, Teamsters wildcat developments and our comrades
Letter to Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: Vancouver branch contacts & members, Tabata to speak in BC?; document preparation for the (LSA) convention next Easter; increased frequency of Vanguard
10_27 Letter to Alan (E., Vancouver), re: sending latest Vanguard
Letter to Monika Triest, Fredericton NB, re: forwarding sample of journal for your interest in the movement
11_01 Letter to Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: PWM assault on Phil (Courneyeur); action sending them a formal note of protest; evaluation of PWM action; avoid a public protest
11_06 Letter to George (---?), London ON, re: ex-SLL (GB) leader Tom Kemp now a prof there, try to contact him
11_08 Letter to Mantie Kariyawsam, Ottawa, Dear Friend, in contact with LSSP in Ceylon
11_15 Letter to Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: John (S) spoke at OFL on Vietnam war, need BC labor federation article
12_011 Letter to Brian (S., Montreal), re: must take a rain check on invitation to speak at Sir George (Brown College); need to know the date of the LSO conference
Letter to Alan (E.), Vancouver, re: need article on BC general strike
12_07 Letter to Alan (E.), Vancouver: disagreement between RD and Alan on BC general strike article with explanation of his cuts, and a critique of BC leaflet; establishing a caucus in the ON Teamsters; on need to pose an educational opposition to Mike (Mill's) "entrist" Quebec document.
12_13 Letter to Ruth and Reg, Vancouver: Ernie (T.) in GB, Alan (Harris) & Connie on way to BC; growth in Toronto LSA; 2-day discussion on Montreal & MLP; on LSO-LSA relations; on work in Quebec, Bob (Horn) refused Canadian citizenship
12_21 Letter to Alan (E., Vancouver), re: RD`s letter on Quebec to Reg & Ruth Bullock meant for him; Alan's sharp tone against Mill, the nature of Québécois nationalism; the MLP in Montreal and the Quebec NDP; notes on the Mine-Mill-Steel conflict in(Sudbury) ON and Britannia Beach; our position limited to against red-baiting

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