Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1964

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01_6 Letter to Dick (F.), Montreal, re: journal assignment
01_17 Letter to Dick and Bob (H.), Montreal, re: Fair Play in Quebec
01_28 Letter to Dick, Montreal: Algerian literature; problems setting up Fair Play in Montreal; Chartrand's speech; books from Algeria
01_30 Letter to Bob, Montreal: YCL abandoning YCND in Toronto, Panama pickets in Montreal; inter-personal relations with Dick
02_03 Letter to Joel Britton, Chicago: re the need for Algerian aid, work in Quebec
Letter to Walter Lippman Jr., Madison, WI (USA): on the PSQ in Quebec and the NDP
2_07 Letter to Dick (F.) Montreal:(1st page missing): forced to cut article on PSQ; on the Canada-Cuba FLAP Stalinists in Montreal; problems with Malcolm (Bruce) in BC; L'Algerie dans le Monde out; misc. In Toronto branch work
02_28 Letter to Bob (Horn), Montreal: re books shipment
Letter to Dick, Montreal: Dave M. leading the student brigade to Cuba
3_04 Letter to Ernie (T.) Vancouver: on Jerry (H.)and Cliff (O.) on staff in Toronto; Alan (E.) & Jean(R.) wanting to move to BC; the student brigade (to Cuba); B.C. affairs and articles
03_5 Letter to Reg (Bullock), Vancouver: in response to the news of "despicable intrigue" re Whitney-Peng correspondence, need shipyard strike article, opportunities opening up in Quebec
03_10 Letter to Dick (F.) Montreal: Toronto activities & personnel; Ross to speak at York U.
3_16 Letter to Dear Peter (---?) re Cuban government offer of jobs for hurricane relief
3_19 Letter to Brian S. (Montreal), re: his literature order
3_20 Letter to Dick (F.), Montreal, re: return Chartrand interview for pamphlet changes; report of Chartrand Toronto meetings
03_22 Letter to dear Companero Gustavo T., Montreal, re: Cuba lit, Hugo Blanco
Letter to Bob Horn, re: suggestions on fund drive work; book orders
4_02 Letter to Dick (F., Montreal), re: Defection of Pablo from the FI; value of Fair Play Cttee. for Cuba defense work & student tour; on upcoming CLC convention in Montreal
4_06 Letter to Art Gray (ON), re: thanks for large donation; aid to Algeria
4_07 Letter to Bob (Horn? -R--?), Montreal: re his request to the PC that LSA appeal to CPC; our contact with the Scott group in BC; issue of CP muted in our press recently
4_15 Letter to Edith (S., Montreal): re Bob's whereabouts (kicked out of Cuba?)
5_04 Document "Some notes of a conversation with Nick Olynik,* Toronto" by RD: re: the 1927-1935 period in an out of the CP
(*see also: Nic Oleniuk interview attached
5_06 Letter to Comrade Bernard B., Edmonton: re enquiry into what the LSA is, also the SWP
5_12 Letter to Dick (F., Montreal), re: his chat with Brian S. about Montreal; need for pamphlet on Quebec and the national question, Ernie (T.)`s report on Continental Congress; the need for Dick to contact Julia in Montreal and to go out and have a drink with Bob (Horn).
5_19 Letter to Dick (F.) Montreal, re: meeting with Gus T.; moving towards setting up a LSA branch in Montreal
5_27 Letter to Dear Al, Belleville: re his return from Cuba
6_02 Letter to Bob (Horn), Montreal; re: attempts to get (Michel) Chartrand to sponsor a Quebec committee; For a "Pan American" congress
6_04 Letter to Ernie (T., Vancouver), re: need for caution on new HQ commitments in Vancouver; on the tight finances in the center and cash advances for bookstore not possible; on Vancouver branch personnel
06_11 Letter to Comrades, Montreal, re: congratulations on setting up the Quebec movement, and to start publishing La Lutte Ouvrière
06_17 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): BC strikes; the Fair Play trip to Cuba; Ernie & Alan find good new bookstore location; Pablo splits from the Fourth International
6_20 Letter to Edith & Bob (S.) Montreal: Fair Play for Cuba established in Montreal
6_24 Letter to Dick, Montreal, re: publications in progress, (Cuba) student tour launched; on Bob S. and Bob Horn in Montreal; on RD's relations with Dick; on the split in the Ceylonese RSSP
07_06 Letter to Art (Y.), in Algeria: His arrival in Paris, the student tour to Cuba gets publicity; our need for literature and movies from the Algerian committee
July 10th Letter to Reg (Bullock), Vancouver: Joe Meslin under union pressure; a question mark on your tour home from Cuba; picket lines in support of US Negroes, struggles with Stalinists over Negro defence tactics but Feinberg gives militant speech
07_16 Letter to Toni, Port McNicoll, re: her upcoming speech on the Cuban Revolution
7_25 Letter to Art, in Algeria, re: Toronto soldiers on without you; on the Cuba student tour; Jack Scott drops in to discuss China
8_04 Letter to Stan Grey, re contacting our comrades in Vancouver
8_19 Letter to Cliff G., Windsor, re: agreement on analysis of Stalinism today; on Jack Scott's launching a China defence movement in Vancouver
08_21 Letter to Dick (F.), Montreal, re: reaction to RD's article on the RIN and PSQ; Mike Mill planning a move to Montreal; discussion on him.
Notice to Comrades, Toronto LSA re: wording of press release on Riverdale by-election: use of term "Trotskyist
08_25 Letter to Dick, Montreal, re: literature on the national question; Setting up our Montreal HQ; New Jack Scott Canada-China friendship group launched unilaterally in BC
Letter to Ruth (Bullock) Vancouver: BC press report of our "Socialist House in Montreal; Cuba tour unionists back
9_08 Letter to Ernie (T., Vancouver), re:Proposal that Ernie return to Toronto, changes needed in PC
10_06 Letter to Ernie: launching of LSO in Montreal
10_07 Letter to Dick( F.), Montreal, re: setting up the LSO; developments in the movement across Canada
10_10 Letter to Alan (Harris, in Britain??) re developments in Vancouver branch, in Montreal, in Toronto (evaluation of personnel)
Letter to Reba and Joe (Hansen, SWP, New York), re: need for a youth HQ here; George (Novack's) Dell edition on Trotsky; need for a pamphlet on the FI; to Reba on women leaders in the Canadian movement
10_13 Letter to Robert Fulford, Toronto Daily Star: disputing his take on the "Marxist aspect of (Quebec) separatism"
10_15th Document: LSA announces formation of LSO "autonomous in program and statutes" (Workers' Vanguard)
10_17th Letter to Dick F. (Montreal), re: note on Quebec articles etc.
10_29 Letter to Gordon (---?) USA, re: Cuba meetings; Vancouver branch and ultraleft Scott group in BC
11_00 Document (LSA Toronto civic election leaflet) Vote to elect labor, vote socialist; for Mayor Ross Dowson, for Controller Patricia Mitchell
11_05 Letter to Cliff G., Windsor, re: critique of Stalinist slanders (by Scott group in Vancouver-PWM?) against LSA and their sectarian attitude toward NDP
11_15 Letter to Dick, Montreal, re: his document on Quebec printed; a comrade advised not to scold Pierre (Frank, FI leader, Paris); our appreciation of Dick's contribution to the discussion on Quebec, the problems of building a local leadership and his direction towards editing of Vanguard; Ernie's role in BC
12_29 Letter to Dick, Montreal, re: editorial changes to his document on Quebec; suggestions for LLO content; thoughts on political contents of Quebec document & NDP-labor party question; on French unilingualism and the place of anglophone comrades in the LSO.

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