Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1963

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(See Montreal correspondence below)

Undated, January letter refers to Feb. 3 court date) to Mr. Spira:
Synopsis of events leading to arrest of 21 persons at a Toronto City Hall anti-nuclear arms demonstration
January 9 Letter to Toronto Organizer, Metro Cttee. Communist Party of Canada, Comrade: propose joint protest against black US citizen convicted of traveling to Cuba
January 14 Letter fragment (page 2 only) to Mauno (Nikkonen), re: case of the 21 arrested at a demonstration coming to court
January 29 Letter to Comrade Colwyn W. (Edmonton): NDP situation in BC, pending purge in ON, etc.
February 2 Letter to Colwyn W. (Edmonton) re: Alberta NDP and NDP purges of 9 in Ontario
March 3 Letter to Ernie (T.), re: NDP tactics in BC and Branch internal matters; need him on staff in BC
March 15 Letter to Comrades, NC Vancouver: their view on quota for BC; Whitney group in contact with Peng, who is seeking reconciliation of BC forces
April 17 Letter to the Editor (Toronto Globe & Mail) re: professor / author compares Hungarian Revolution to Kronstadt
May 9 Letter to Bob, Ocean Falls (BC): moving to Vancouver; , introduction to Ernie T., expelled NDYers defense campaign in BC and ON
August 7 Letter to Trailblazers first-ever Maritime's Vanguard Tour replying to their report from Cornerbrook Nfld; the LSA convention (in Vancouver), fighting expulsions in BC NDY (Youth) at the adult NDP convention (also in Vancouver); support and media coverage gained
August 15 Letter to Berks, Newfoundland, re: RD's tight itinerary; the Vanguard tour into Nfld.; left active at NDP Regina convention
August 16 Letter to Ernie (T., Vancouver), re: archival journal & IB files for BC, unification in BC
September 30 DOCUMENT: Minutes of E.C. (Toronto): decision to split Toronto branch
November 5 Letter to Dear Hannah (SWP, US), re: new book on Rivera; local poets include Joe R(osenblatt) around movement
November 13 Letter to Birks, Fredericton: Cuban politics, Toronto events
Letter to Pat Mitchell, Halifax: what`s a-happening in Toronto?
November 30 Toronto Daily Star, Sir: your misinformation about the Trotskyists
December 5 Letter to Ruth B, Vancouver: the value of signed articles for the paper and her signing her article on the NDP SC
December 99 Letter (undated, found in 1963) to Mauno Nikkanen, Vancouver re his clippings sent in and possibility of setting up book service

Montreal correspondence

January 15 Letter to Gabe G.r, Montreal: NDP developments, new publication planned in ON
March 11 Letter to Alex (--?) re: the political nature of our differences with the NDP leadership over the Cuban missile crisis
September 6 Letter to Serge Huard, Grand-Mère QC, a friend of Pierre Frank, (FI leader, France); introducing the LSA and its relation to the NDP, the FI, attitude to the PCC (CP in Quebec)
September 23 (Transcription of handwritten letter to Dick (F., in Montreal), re: Cedric Cox speaking trip to Montreal
September 30 Letter to Dick (F.), re: difficulty in Cox not speaking on Cuba; campus situation in Montreal
October 5 Letter to John (R--?) and Dick (F.): re Cox's arrival, publicity; re Hamilton meeting
October 11 Letter (first page missing, carbon turned) to Dick (F.), re: Cox meetings in Hamilton, Kitchener and York (U.), his speech at Toronto banquet; idea of a Quebec francophone Alergian support committee and details of contact with P.
October 14 Letter to Mme D.-P., Dear Friend: on the possibility of setting up an Algeria support committee in Quebec
October 17 Letter to Dick: re Nelson`s role in Montreal; Hurricane relief work and Chinese Revolution anniversary in Toronto
November 12 Letter to Dick (F): Alan Harris in Britain; Cuba and the CPC; Dick's academic work vs the movement; interest in Algeria in Quebec; Dick`s activities in Montreal; activities in the Toronto branch
November 15 Telegram text (transcribed from handwriting): Greetings to PSQ founding convention (sent in French)
November 17 Letter to Dick, re: praise for article on CCND conference; telegram to PSQ convention and his report to follow; setting up the FPCC in Montreal
December 06 Letter to Workers Vanguard, Montreal; Bob (Horn) and Dick, re: first issue of La Lutte Ouvrière, first solid moves towards building our movement in Quebec; on Bob & Edith (S.) and Fair Play for Cuba in Toronto
December 09 Letter to Dick: letter sent to (CSN leader Michel) Chartrand re possible visit to Cuba
December 12 Letter to Dick: searching for other Canadian figures for Cuba trip; Toronto literary "event" planned
December 25 Letter to Dick: Xmas events, Algerian Cttee. work, history of ex-comrade Ken Johnstone, Olsons welcomed to Cuba by Fidel
December 26 Letter to Dick and Bob (Horn), re: Xmas dinner in Toronto, where literary event a success, work on the FPCC bulletin, Teamsters local work, work with Maoists in Vancouver
December 31 Letter to L'Algérie dans le monde, Algeria: Thank you for the sample copy of the journal and literature for our committees in Quebec and Ontario

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