Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1962

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1962 General correspondence file :

(See Vancouver &B.C. correspondence below)

January 3 Letter to Toronto Metro Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, Comrades: re proposal to protest US Justice Dep't. move against CPUSA
January 18 Letter to John Boulds (SWP-USA), Plentywood to an American comrade
January 31 Letter to Ernie(T.)re: Vancouver assignment
February 12 Letter to Ernie (T), Mountain Spring Camp (SWP) re: Vancouver personnel, YSF, Fair Play for Cuba Cttee. defense work
February 13 Letter to Arnold Linden, Montreal re: possible guilt of victims of the Moscow Trials?
March 06 Letter to Ernie: re decision on Vancouver personnel and problems
March 07 Letter to Metro Cttee. of CPC re proposal to form defence committee for USCP
March 13 Letter to Al Purdy, Ontario, notes re CCF and NDP
Letter to John (R., in Europe) re: developments in Canada; his reports on Germany
April 02 Letter to Ernie (T.) re: Vancouver matters: Ruth T. and YS
Forum newsletter, the two branches; his possible role as BC organizer
April 12 Letter to Root and Branch, Friends; good Cuba article
April 23 Letter to the Editor, Toronto Globe & Mail: re: "Mr. Dowson, former Trotskyite" news article slur
April 26 Letter to Dear (sister) Ruth (Dowson) re birth of twins to Hugh and Claire; anti-Bomarc demonstrations
May 08 Document: Letter to All Branches and Members at Large: launch of Vanguard subscription drive (P. Kent)
May 14 Letter to Mauno (Nikkanen, Montreal) re: invitation to Toronto meeting with Joe Hansen (SWP) speaking
May 26 Letter to Shelley re: Vanguard tour has left
Letter to Al Purdy, ON re: election campaign and fund drive
May 28 Letter (incomplete) to John (R., in Europe?) re: Toronto movement developments; Dick F.`s progress; May Day banquet
June 10 Letter to comrade Peng in answer to charge of isolating comrades of ex-Branch 1
Letter to Mauno Nikkanen, Montreal re: national tour, election campaign, Montreal contacts
June 11 Letter to Ernie (T.) re progress of national tour
July 16 Letter to Ernie (T.) on tour, re: the tour success with subs, the Vancouver situation, anticipating international trip
July 18 Document: Toronto LSA minutes, Secretary Kent
July 22 Letter to Al Purdy with a quote from Brecht
Transcriptions of leters from the period Aug. 14 to Oct .18 Aug. 14: (transcript of handwritten letter from Paris, France) to Cliff Cotton, John (W.), Jerry Houle re: critique of Vanguard, articles, books and papers sent to Canada, (IC) Fourth International dispute with SLL (GB)
Aug. 24-30: (transcript of letter from England) to Comrades, re: Meeting Ernest Mandel; note re FI dispute from Brussels
Aug. 25 (transcript of letter from England) to Jerry Houle, John (W.), Cliff Cotton re: articles being written on British events
Aug. 27 (transcript of letter from England) to Comrades, re: problems with SLL leader blocking access to its members
Sept. 16 (transcript of handwritten letter from Paris) to Alan (Harris), Jerry (Houle), Cliff (Cotton), John (W.) re: proposed change to profile of Teamsters caucus; a mistake to abandon joint FPCC/CCFC joint Cuba functions; his Europe itinerary
Oct. 18 (transcript of letter from Paris) to Comrades, re: French CP meetings, meeting Chinese comrades in Switzerland, need to translate revolutionary Algerian document "Tripoli Program
Aug. 30 Dear Dowsons, from Brussels, Belgium: historic spendor; RD's financial problems, books bought, and an Aug. 20 postcard from Paris - it's galleries and bookstores
September 4th Postcard from Blackpool, England to Claire & Hugh (Dowson): at Trade Union Congress; some class conscious language but very passive and more staid than Canadian labor congresses and more staged than even NDP conventions
Sept 10 (Handwritten airmail letter to R. Bullock, Vancouver from London, England) Comrades: on the move in England and Europe, missing and meeting comrades; the IS-IC parity committee (FI); later note next to address on delayed re-unification of FI (in which RD played a prominent role)
October 14 (Handwritten letter to Ruth & Reg, from Paris): extending his trip for further meetings; disappointed with British section's position on Cuban Revolution and sectarian stance in relation to BLP left; RD cut off from meeting SLL rank and file; queries about the Canadian movement
Undated October ( found in October) Letter to Pi-lan and Shu-tze, re: anti-Vietnam war and Cuba defence work in Toronto
November 05 Document (plus covering letter to Comrade Burns) for Minutes of October meeting of the IC (FI): "Statement of International Committee meeting held Oct. 27-28, 1962" by R.D. (representing minority tendency within the IC - SWP (US) and Chileans absent)
November 14 Letter to Mary H. Wiek, New York, re: Dave Dellinger speaks to Fair Play for Cuba Ctte. banquet in Toronto
Letter to A.W. Bailey, San Diego CA, an old-timer in SDP
November 23 Letter to Joe and Reba (Hansen, SWP) re trip home from Britain
November 26 Document: "Vote Socialist, elect Ross Dowson Mayor (Toronto), sponsored by the LSA; "The issue is survival itself" plus 6-point program and biography; "What is the LSA?"
Leaflet: "A Challenge: as mayoralty candidate I challenge the PEC of the T & D Labour Council to a public debate"
December 01 Letter to Gwen MacEwen (poet)
December 09 Letter to Ernie (T., Vancouver), re: center's personnel, Cuba work
December 10 Letter to Comrade Colwyn, Edmonton asking for news
December 24 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) re publication of IC documents
December 26 Letter to G. Preston (Gerry Healy?) Secretary of IC (FI): enquiry re calling of an International Congress of the IC and the basis of representation and financial arrangements
December 27 Letter to H. L. re RD's arrival home.

1962 "Vancouver" correspondence file

January 3 Letter to Comrade (Riley), re: Vancouver branch`s authority to refuse bloc application by former Branch One
Letter Jan. 3rd & 10th to Ruth (Bullock) re BC personnel, BC coverage in Vanguard, request status of Branch 1 applicants
January 15 Letter to Ruth re: confusion and/or conflict between Branch and N.C., question of the West Coast editor
January 16 Letter to Malcolm re: status of ex-Branch 1 members
February 12 Letter to Riley, Vancouver re: PC approval of Branch`s decisions re applications from former Branch One
February 18 Letter to Ruth T. re: YS Forum in BC, progress in Ontario
March 01 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: Vanguard policies & politics; inter-personal problems
March 05 Letter to Ruth (T) re: Ernie T's future role in BC, on the nature of the LSA
Letter to LSA, Vancouver re mimeographing techniques
March 07 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: fighting NDP charges against Vanguard and LSA
March 12 Letter to Malcolm (Bruce) re BC material for Vanguard
March 29 Letter to Ruth T. re: support for and a detailed critique of political line of YS Forum
April 02 Letter to Comrade Phil (Courneyeur) re: thanks for letter to editor and reason not published
Letter to George Brown, re: why letter to editor cut; how to fight fascism
April 09 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: question of ex-Branch One comrades purportedly supported by N.O., Branch membership problems
Letter to Dave McG., re: anti-party behavior of some ex-Branch One comrades
April 10 Letter to Malcolm (Bruce) re: RD`s meeting with Maurice Spector in Toronto, and conduct of ex-Branch One comrades
Letter to Reg (Bullock) re FPCC and Stalinist CCFC formed; the LSA; the national tour, etc.
April 16 Letter to Dear Ken (O.), Vancouver, re: reviving FPCC
April 20 Letter to Reg (Bullock) re: naming the LSA hall the "Bruce Hall"; what the L.S.A. is
Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: Toronto discussion on BC situation with Whitney group; the PC solidly behind Branch 2 and PC decision to dissolve Branch 1, movement personnel, Toronto branch organizer named, Toronto antiwar activities
May 10 Letter to Malcolm (Bruce) re: his article; CP attack on Trotskyism
June 06 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: Ruth (T.) candidate for Trotsky school; McGarvie statement to PC
Letter to Dear Ruth (T.?) re: clippings sent, letter from Ernie on tour
Letter to Reg (Bullock) re decision not to publish his letter, decision on RD`s trip to Europe
June 26 Letter to Hattie F. re: the LSA a "mass political party"?
Letter to Milnes Landing, Comrades: the NDP and our Activities; the tour's progress, Vancouver events
July 15 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: confirming her status as full member of NC
July 17 Letter to Malcolm (Bruce) re: ex-Branch One factionalism; RD's trip to Cuba off
Letter to Reg (Bullock) re: his NC vote on PC motion on former Branch One members
July 18 Letter to Ruth (T.?) re shipping comrades' belongings to Vancouver and RD`s imminent departure
July 22 Letter to Bob (H.), Ocean Falls, on Joe Hansen's tours and RD's planned tour of Cuba; trade union affairs incl. Hugh Dowson in deHavilland
September 22 Postcard to R. Bullock, Vancouver from Vienna: travels in Europe, the complete reconstruction of Goethe's Frankfurt which is also a solid industrial city; isolated by lack of languages
November 28 Letter to Ruth and Reg (Bullock) (upon RD`s return to Canada) re: mayoralty campaign publicity; Vancouver fight against expulsions (by NDP brass) & proscription defense campaign
December 01 Letter to R (uth Bullock?) re: election work; London contact
December 03 Letter to Nick (S.) at SWP Mountain Spring camp (US) re: Toronto Mayoralty campaign; BC NDP expulsions
December 04 Letter (incomplete) to Ernie (T.) re: RD mayoralty campaign; his European trip impressions
December 08 Letter to Ray of Prince Rupert re: RD's 3-month trip abroad
December 09 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re internal matters and case of ex-comrade Skoglund
December 10 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re BC-NDP expulsions getting press and our appeal
December 27 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re: request for report on membership status of ex-comrades of Branch One
December 28 Letter to Ruth (Bullock?) Vancouver: how our leftwing NDP caucus is restricted and in a sense a membership formation

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