Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1961

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01_01 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver) re: conflict with Jerry (H) and his role in Branch 2, discussion of some personalities
01_03 Letter Jerry and Ruth (H.) re: the situation in Vancouver branch 2 and necessity to let the City Executive function
01_06 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver) explanation concerning Christmas Cuba Tour to Toronto committee
01_08 Letter to Frank, Kenora ON, re Stalinists and New Party purge
01_27 Letter to Vancouver Comrade George Brown
01_30 Letter to Jerry and Ruth (H.)re Cuba support work
01_31 Letter to Comrades (Ruth & Jerry H., copy to Harold) re FPCC set up in Toronto and need for Vancouver chapter
02_00 Letter (undated found in Feb.) to Harry (Ring, editorial board, The Militant, SWP) news copy re CLC meeting
02_05 Letter to Bert G., Montreal re Montreal contacts (Henri Gagnon), Cuba defense work in Toronto
02_08 Letter to Ruth (H., Vancouver) re: FPCC, CCF sponsorship, Fair Play for Cuba Cttee work in Ontario
Letter to Stan G., Brandon Man. re Toronto area union work; need for New Party and Cuba defense work in Manitoba
02_09 Letter to Ruth (and Jerry H.): re possibilities of FPCC in Toronto and need for BC support
Letter to Ronnie Somerlott (USA) re information on socialist movement
02_15 CN Telegram to R. Bullock, North VanBC re: (PC) regrets BC document on (New Party formation) not positive and politics not clear
02_20 Letter to Comrades, re two Vancouver documents and the need instead for a totally new and dynamic approach to the New Party, signed Kent
02_24 Handwritten note to Ruth & Jerry (H.) > in Vancouver re press, BC articles, etc.
02_25 Letter to Comradesre the situation in Vancouver, need to present FPCC as united front, not Trotskyist front or allow Stalinist takeover.
02_27 Letter to Joe (Hansen, SWP) re the Stalinist lie machine on our support for the Cuban Revolution
03_01 Letter to Ruth and Jerry (H.) welcoming their return to Toronto if need be
03_11 Letter to Cliff (Cotton, at Trotsky School, SWP) re: Jerry's work in Vancouver
Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver) re: Fair Play for Cuba, Jerry and Ruth leaving BC unfortunately, factionalism
03_12 Letter to Lillian (W.) in Vancouver re disputes in B.C.
03_20 Letter to NC Members of West Coast re perspective for fusion of two Vancouver branches
03_22 Leaflet: "Hear Robert Williams on The Case for Cuba!" FPCC, Vancouver
03_28 Letter to Comrade Nick (S.), Vancouver: re organizing a national fund drive
04_02 Letter to Lillian (W.), Vancouver, re: New Party caucus statement
Letter to Gabriel G., Montreal re: news of Quebec and reaction to New Party?
04_03 Letter to Cliff (Cotton) report of Toronto branch activities
04_09 Letter to Lillian (W.) (Vancouver) re: functioning of City Executive
04_13 Letter to Vancouver Branch One, Comrades, from the PC requesting a balance sheet of 6-month City Executive
04_23 Minutes of Political Committee: PC instructs Branch #1 return to City Executive; endorses BC proposal to fuse SIC and SEL
05_01 Letter to John E., Brantford ON inviting a SWP contact to discuss joining Canadian movement and the New Party
05_08 Minutes of the PC: discussion on Vancouver situation; the necessity to proceed with an open movement able to confront the New Party as the legitimate left wing; clarifications on PC decision on joint City Executive; call for launching a new national organization (LSA is leading name choice); discussion on nature of Cuban Revolution
05_09 Letter to Joe, Minneapolis on growth of the Canadian movement and its activities
05_16 Letter to Reg (Bullock) on moving forward with announcement of a new organization
05_17 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) re Cuban Fourth Internationalists
06_11 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) Vancouver re: public launching of League for Socialist Action
06_12 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) re: no word on Cuba tour
06_14 Minutes of the PC: Vancouver Branch One (1) refuses to endorse LSA and argues against City Executive participation
06_15 Letter to Vancouver Branch One, Comrades: re failure to comply with PC decisions that both branches render a balance sheet of the 6-month experience of the City Executive
06_17 Telegram from Malcolm Bruce & Ruth Bullock hailing the founding of the LSA (jpeg image)
06_20 CN Telegram: "Inform immediately of your and Lillian('s) view on Cuba (stop) Minority or majority; signed Ross"
06_25 Letter to Tom (Kerry, SWP) re early defections from FPCC
06_28 Letter to the SWP Political Committee, Comrades: re necessity to maintain ISR at all costs (SWP theoretical journal)
06_30 Letter to Ruth Bullock, Vancouver: on the SWP debate on Cuba, which the Canadian movement is following; Toronto work in FPCC; no word yet from Branch One
Letter to Malcolm (Bruce, Vancouver) re LSA-SWP relations
06_00 do not seem to have this Document: ''What the League for Socialist Action IS, And What It Stands For:'' For a class struggle program; A Party for Peace, not War; Public Ownership, Planning; Rank and File Democracy; (the NPD as) A Fighting Alternative See: Workers Vanguard, June 1961)
07_00 Letter (undated in July section) to George Brown, Vancouver on the question of nationalization without indemnification, in Cuba and England
07_16 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) re support of Argue in New Party leadership race
07_17 Letter to Comrades (Vancouver) re NP convention, signed Kent
07_19 Letter to Comrades (circular?) re our explicit support for Argue`s left bid for New Party leadership
07_99 (undated speech notes found in 1961) "The New Party and the >Struggle for an anti-war policy;" the NDP leadership seek to dump CCF anti-NATO and anti-nuclear arms policies
08_11A Letter to John R., Germany, re: RD delegate at New Party (now NDP) founding convention, the NATO debate, East Germany
Letter to Malcolm Bruce, Vancouver re New Party orientation; the NDP founding convention
Letter to Ruth (Bullock), Vancouver, re. M. Bruce's position on our support for Argue at NDP founding convention
Letter to Murry (Weiss?), New York (SWP) on the YS and the NDY (NDP youth)
Letter to Joe (Hansen, SWP) re: International Cttee (caucus of sections outside IS-FI)
08_12 Letter to Alex McC., Van Anda, BC re: nature of Mine-Mill leadership in Sudbury, ON; Steel union challenge
08_14 Document with letter from RD, copies to SWP, SLL, Paris, Vancouver: "Report on discussions held with comrades from the Cuban Section, 4th International (IS)" re: suppression of Voz Proletaria & Permanent Revolution
08_15 Letter to Peter (Schultz? Hull, Que.) re: his and comrades` visits to Cuba
08_16 Letter to Joe (Hansen, SWP) re report on Cuba from Vern Olson
09_02 Letter to Farrell (SWP) re nomination of E .Tate for Trotsky School
09_07 Letter to David McG., Cumberland BC, sending literature and a report on the movement
09_13 Letter to the Telegram, Toronto (daily) re RCMP search for Robert Williams, NAACP leader
09_19 Letter to Comrade Bill (W., Vancouver) re lack of information about the B.C. left, hope that Branch One returns to City Executive
09_23 Document: "Prospectus presented to K. McDougall, Pres. Local 938, IBTCW&H; (Teamsters)" by J. Skoglund & P. Kent in collaboration with the Teamster caucus
09_24 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) re militant Teamsters caucus in promising situation with leader of Local 938
09_25 Letter to Ruth and Reg (Bullock, Vancouver) re: Centre opposed to Branch 1's proposal for a parity committee
09_99 (Undated note, found in 1961) to Ruth (Bullock?): re: language leaflets for several Toronto barns (Teamsters)
10_05 Letter to John R., Germany: developments in the international movement, and Fair Play for Cuba in Ontario
10_11 Letter to Farrell (SWP) re invitation to speak in Canada
(Handwritten letter) to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): shipping copies of Vanguard & LSA statement to BC NDP convention
10_13 Letter to Reg (Vancouver): no parity but participate in District Committee as hall is property of the movement, union question
10_19 Letter to Gabriel G., Montreal re: the left at the NDP convention, and in B.C.
10_20 Letter to Valoree S., Calgary re: her loss of her job because of support of Cuba, her attendance at Ottawa NDP convention
10_22 Letter to Ruth (H.) re possible gossip about Vancouver members and recruits
11_02 Letter to Gordon Bryden, NDP (right-winger) re application to join the NDP
11_04 Letter to CBC, Montreal re Colvin R. de Silva interview
11_05 Letter to John R. (abroad in Europe?), on his reading, developments in Toronto, international developments
11_07 Letter to Farrell (SWP, New York) re funds for Latin American tour; questions re international discussions
11_16 Document/letter: Political Committee circular decision to dissolve Vancouver Branch One, after refusal to return to City Executive
Letter to Jim (James P. Cannon, SWP) re his recovery, and local Stalinists roughing us up at CPSU 22nd Congress report
11_27 Letter to Ruth Bullock, Vancouver re joint membership application from ex-Branch One comrades
12_06 Letter to Malcolm (Bruce), Vancouver: re Branch 1 and other party matters; why we protested Soviet nuclear testing; on the question of supporting right-wing NDP candidate Winch
12_12 Letter to George (--?) re not supporting Mine-Mill against Steel, which has support of young militants
12_24 Letter to Hannah (companion of Ernie T.), New York re: personal scuttlebutt on developments in the movement
Letter to John (R., in Germany) on the Pabloists, and Joe (Hansen's) reports from Pabloists and others in Chile & Argentina
12_28 Letter to David McG., Cumberland (BC), re: Jerry McK. and his work in the CP; East & West coast Trotsky schools

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