Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1960

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January 09 Letter to Farrell [Dobbs, SWP): report on election campaign and militant slate in Toronto Teamsters union
January 14 Letter to Vic Haines, Kingston (ON) re distribution of leaflet at movie "On the Beach"
January 16 Letter to Pioneer Publishers (NY) Dear Anne: re caution with Winnipeg contact
Febuary 6 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver): trouble getting outside speakers for the Toronto Forum; the BC liaison cttee.; our moves to the Peace Congress; the BC paper editor, renting a bookstore in Vancouver, on "deep entry," personnel, our attitude toward the CCF on Bomarc bases; local issues (4pp)
March 10 Letter: To Whom it may Concern: re death of Bessie, wife (?) of the late Jack MacDonald, to a relative in Detroit(?)
March 17 Letter to Percy: re. Gerry Healy from Britain
Letter to Peter (Camejo?, from SWP file) re Toronto activities, Negro struggle
April (Undated, in April file) Document to SWP (US) convention: A Tribute to American revolutionaries, from RD, S.E.L.
April 1 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver): regret to hear store closed; debate on centre's donation to the SWP, on supporting Coldwell's statement
April 5 Letter to Tom (Kerry, SWP file) re: speaker available for Toronto May Day celebration
Letter to Carl (Skoglund, SWP) and the assembled celebrants of your birthday, by RD, S.E.L.
April 15 Letter to Hugh Garner, re: his articles on Spain (Ref. Henry Beatrice - RD's 1972 article on this Canadian: "Canada & the Civil War in Spain, A suppressed page in Canadian history")
Letter to George Weaver (author), North Surrey BC re: re-publication of his popular book on history
April 25 Obit: "George "Paddy" Stanton dead
June 4 Letter to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re opening of new bookstore
June 10 Letter to Dear Joe (Johnson), Minneapolis, on Ontario activities, his activity in the US
July 3 Letter to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re: anti fall-out shelter demos and Ernie Tate`s arrest; the next Vanguard tour
July 18 Letter incl. note on Japan from Time, to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) on setting up a Human Rights Cttee.
July 31 Letter and written notes to Jerry & Ruth (Houle, Vancouver) re conflicts in the two Vancouver branches; tour report
Letter to John R., Gravenhurst re: progress of the Vanguard tour, joint YS-CP youth picket line; his studies
August Internal Bulletin: 3 documents by P. Kent: "The Labor Party and our immediate tasks" (the developing New Party) ; "Balance Sheet of Regroupment,;" " The Anti-War Fight - new opportunities"`
August 6 Letter to comrade Rita (SWP file) Tour visit to Northern States to talk about the new Canadian labor party?
August 7 Letter to Ruth and Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Toronto Forum attendance and bookstore taking off; pacifist and Stalinist opposition at nuclear disarmament protests; personnel issues
September B.C. Branch 1 Internal Bulletin item: ``Letter to Branch No. 1 from National Secretary``
September 3 Letter to Howard Mayhew, SWP, Chicago, Ill. US) re possible Canadian union speakers on the American labor party
September 8 Letter to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re RD`s arrival in BC for NC meeting; discussion of documents
September 15 Letter to Tim Wohlforth, (YSA - SWP) re support for new youth publication in the US
September 16 Letter to Gerry McKinney, Brandon (MB) re the Vanguard tour, the pre-convention document discussion, Winnipeg work
September 25 Minutes of N.C. - S.E.L. Toronto incl. discussion name of new national movement
September 28 Letter to Joe (Johnson, SWP) Minneapolis; RD's return from convention in BC, anti-fall-out shelter publicity
Letter to Comrade Kerry (SWP, New York) re announcement of unified Canadian movement
September 30 Letter to The Militant (Joe [Hansen, SWP New York) re Canadian comrade G. McKinney`s uninformed article)
Letter to Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re work and developments in Vancouver; the problem of the two branches; candidates for the (US) Trotsky school; Malcolm Bruce`s history of the CPC
October 12 Handwritten letter to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re their articles, the tour`s progress, possible BC split
November 1 Letter to Jerry (Houle, Vancouver) re sub drive, paper articles mixup, Teamsters union situation, New movement youth
November 10 Letter to Jerry (Houle) & Malcolm (Bruce) re: BC article for next issue of Workers Vanguard
November 13 Letter to Percy, special appeal for funds for British comrades, by RD
November 16 Minutes meeting Toronto S.E.L.
December (Undated found in1960-61) Letter to Howard Pawley (Winnipeg) seeking information on support for the New Party in Manitoba
December 15 Letter to Ruth & Jerry (Houle, Vancouver): Teamsters forces consolidating, Vancouver inter-branch relations
December 28 Letter to Hannah (SWP file) recruiting proletarians in Toronto; Ernie fired for organizing at work
December 29 Letter to (Vancouver Branch 1 and 2) Comrades: delay in receiving Minutes; criticism of the decision to hold an FPCC picket line, operation of the City Executive designed for fusion in action of the branches
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