Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1959

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01_14 Letter to Brian, Chicago (to a Canadian in the USA about Canadian politics)
01_26 Letter to Michael Ward (to a donor to WV from anAmerican socialist)
Letter Dear Joe (Johnson, in prison in Buffalo)
02_17 Letter to Ruth (Bullock) Vancouver: Her taking on Organizer role as the movement begins to recruit, with a new HQ, as the Socialist Information Centre (SIC); news of public Forums, personnel problems
02_19 Letter to Dear Comrades Byron and Phyllis (in BC) re developments in BC
02_20 Dear Angus (McPhee? BC) re movement bookstore growing, activities of the Branch, progress in Ontario
02_26 Letter to Joseph Johnson, c/o Madison, Wis. Avro cancellation, books & prison life
Febuary, undated (Undated and unaddressed letter found in 1959): Toronto youth group expanding, Paddy Stanton intervening on unemployment issue, our need to run one candidate in coming election even if against the CCF, Coldwell's rotten positions
03_24 Letter to Joseph Johnson, in prison in Springfield Miss.; class struggles in Canada
03_25 Letter to Dear George and Mildred Johnson re Joe's sentence
04_19 Letter to Dear Gerry (McKinney?) re good sub drive results in BC; the national tour in Ontario and activities of the Stalinists
04_23 Letter to Mesa (sub for J. Johnson)
04_22 Letter to Joseph D. Johnson: possibility of parole, developments in the Canadian movement and politics
04_29 Letter to Patterson, Montreal: developments in Quebec left and the danger of a ``national anti-monopoly front`` line
05_08 Letter to Jack Batten, Toronto Daily Star re his review of a Trotsky biography and other works by LT he could consult
05_16 Transcripts of two taped radio broadcasts: "Revolution" (technology vs. unemployment); "Automation" (share benefits with shorter hours)
05_99 (undated) handwritten letter (2 pp) to Jerry (Houle) re municipal election campaign
June 22nd Letter to Joe (Johnson, in US prison?) activities in the Canadian movement
07_03 Letter to Vincent (Dunne), Minneapolis re Joseph Johnson
07_23 (Handwritten letter, "Friday") to Ruth & Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): must wait for PC meeting to deal with BC "situation"
Letter to Joseph D. Johnson re the Canadian movement and his health in prison
Letter to Danny Freeman (SWP, US) on tour truck details and advice from Canadian experience with tours
07_25B ("Sunday," July 25? Handwritten letter) to Reg Bullock, Vancouver: believe BC opposition to running candidate in the East an error, cannot call PC meeting, will election cancel plans due to BC intransigence
Letter to Ruth, Reg and Malcolm (Vancouver): impossible for the centre to act quickly in face of resignations from movement in BC, faced with two branches in BC and Bill (Whitney) leaving; PC discussing division and the need for a liaison body
07_28 Letter to the Johnsons, Milnes Landing (BC): the struggle against BC Bill 43; the Ontario tour (page 2 missing)
08_02 Letter to Mike Patterson, Socialist Party, Montreal; no contact between socialists, our progress on tours and sub sales; our activities bearing fruit
08_04 Letter to Vincent Dunn ( SWP) Minneapolis, re: parole application for Joe Johnson
08_10 Letter to Comrades: lengthy correspondence from BC re recent division of movement into two branches; grievances and solutions to problem considered, a liaison committee needed
August 23 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): many words over big labor struggle in BC against Bill 43, but no concrete action; line of paper will be "defy the injunctions, fill the jails" and for a general strike led by unions involved
09_02 Letter to Joe (Johnson, incomplete) re pending move to Queen Street West location
10_05 Letter to Vincent (Dunne, SWP) re parole condition that Joe Johnson has a job upon parole
10_08 Letter to Joe (Johnson): report from Vince Dunne that a job is waiting for Joe upon parole; our HQ moved in Toronto
October 10 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver): re: positive developments in BC; Toronto conference and resignation by Bruce and Bunny (Batten) with their declaration
11_04 Letter to the Editor, Toronto Globe & Mail, (RD as past mayoralty candidate urges city bylaws on safe housing be enforced)
11_13 Letter to Vic (Haines, Kingston) on literary trends and criticism; on the movement in BC and the SWP convention
11_00 November "Good or bad" (the stock market): transcript of radio broadcast
December 7 Letter to Joe (Johnson): his pending parole; the defection of Bruce & Bunny (Batten); local politics
Letter to Vincent Dunne, Minneapolis, Minn. Re Joe Johnson's pending parole
December 17 Letter to Ruth (Bullock, Vancouver): Developments in Toronto and in BC, also the USA. Campuses opening up in Ontario, activity in the CCF
December 28 Letter to Ruth Letter (Vancouver): a letter from Bill (W.) complaining about lack of collaboration between branches
December 30 Letter to Mrs. & Mrs. Johnson, Wis. USA re Joe's pending release to a job in Minneapolis
Undated ~ 1959 RD records quotes from "Marx - on his own views" (Correspondence); Marx on the dictatorship of the proletariat and the proletarian party
Handwritten note, to Jerry (Houle, Vancouver)re: Press blackout in Toronto municipal election campaign
Document,, ref. RD letter to Joe Johnson, Dec. 7/59 re defection of Bruce & Bunny Batten, on the building of the socialist vanguard party (incomplete)
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