Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1958

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01_16 Letter to The Militant (SWP-US), Comrade Dan (Roberts?): re: death of Laura Grey; Diego Rivera obit.
2_10 P.C. Minutes: planning for national tour to start early this year; pan-Canadian Convention in BC in August, elect delegate to FI-WC this June
02_15 Letter to Comrade Bates, Cowichan Station BC inviting comments on the recent by-election campaign
Letter to Alan Reidpath, Rexton NB re: considering running in the next federal election
Letter to Comrade Mrs. Van Horne, Coombs BC, on the youth movement and youth press
02_16th Letter to G.S. Sheehan, Mount Dennis ON to a new reader
02_18th Document: Letter to the Unitarian Church, Toronto from the S.E.L. re: Unitarians in Winnipeg with petition against H-Bomb tests; need for the same in Ontario
03_01st (Special) Meeting on a PC decision of SEL to run a candidate against CCF.
3_03 Minutes of PC: Kent proposes we contest one federal Toronto riding (defeated); discussion we attend regroupment forum in Montreal, Tour to depart in May
3_13 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): No response from Gagnon group re upcoming Forum; election leaflet distribution going strong, selling subscriptions, no news from you in BC
03_31st Letter to Milton Acorn (Montreal poet is new subscriber)
Letter to Comrade (comrades in Montreal?) with sample copies of paper and literature list.
04_23rd Letter to Bunny (Batten) in Montreal re: start of Ontario tour;, regroupment; Vancouver and the press
4_26 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): thanks for the cartoons; the election campaign effort; report of CLC convention discussion on new party; prospects for a united May Day in BC; Stalinist groups veto regroupment and a united May Day; Unitarians join in Ban the Bomb demos in Toronto; need Paddy to start work on a history of the Canadian left
04_99 (Undated letter, page 1 missing; found in 1958, April) SEL Invited to participate in the Montreal Forum; H-bomb protests; Toronto area projects
May 9th found Canadian Democracy and the struggle for Socialism: A report of the second meeting of the Montreal Socialist Forum
05_30th Letter to Bunny (Batten) in Montreal re: trip to France off, possibilities
in Montreal, regroupment at dead end in Toronto; Workers Vanguard tour
Letter to Bill White, Y.T. with news of Ontario tour, regroupment prospects; his role in Mine-Mill
06_00 (Undated, summer -- ref. CCF convention in August. Notes marked "signed by Ross" -- perhaps, close to RD's politics): CLC-PAC proposal for a new party challenges socialists and CCFers; we are for CCFers to call for a federated labor party
06_05th Letter to Dan (SWP) Militant re their article on the CLC and political action with enclosed letter to clear up misunderstanding
06_09th Letter Joe (-- ?) re Toronto branch
06_15th Letter Bruce (Batten) in Montreal re: regroupment and negative role of (Henri) Gagnon, publication stalled
07_01st Letter Wally, Montreal (2 pp.) Money matters, Ontario tour, Montreal matters
07_05th Letter to I.S.R. (SWP) Joe (Hansen) re sales of the magazine
1958-07July12-1 Letter to "Dear Gang;" to the travelling Vanguard Tour; l ist of shipments to and from Northwest Ontario and Winnipeg; political developments at HQ-Toronto; labor moves towards the New Party; the Tour's next stops and contacts to see Found in Lois Bedard archives
7_12B Letter to Jerry (Houle) re difficult intra-personal relations and personnel questions at centre
Aug 13th Document: "Our immediate task" by Ross Dowson (decline of CCF, use of our press, work in Montreal, in Toronto, in Vancouver, CCF work and remaining perspectives of regroupment
10_15th Circular letter Comrades re completion of national our, subs sold, upcoming financial drive, from Ross Dowson for the NC
11_00 +(Nov. no date--early) Minutes of PC Meeting: British FI leader to visit Toronto, Gagnon agrees to mimeo account of meeting; Buck attacks our movement, Tate Case civil rights issue
11_02nd Letter to Gerry (McKinney, Brandon MB): RD on tour through town; local contacts to see; good Winnipeg contacts also
11_03rd Letter Henri Gagnon (1-1/4 pp) re national tour, attack on Trotskyists by Tim Buck, regroupment in Vancouver, proposal for a small magazine
11_04th Letter to Coleridge, Jerry and Mrs. Phillips, Winnipeg, by RD on return from tour; Ernie (Tate) arrested by Toronto police; Buck attacks Trotskyism; introducing Gerry MacKinney & local movement possibilities
11_07th Letter to Phil Hiebert, Saskatoon, re big attack by CPC leader Buck on Trotskyist 'revisionism,' and our fund drive.
11_09TH Letter to George Beckford, Winnipeg, tour returned and Ernie Tate arrested on ``vagrancy`` charge
11_10th Letter to Comrade Daniel Guerin re interest of black unionist in Winnipeg in obtaining copies of his books
12_08th Document: S.E.L. Tour Report: over 1700 subs sold over 5 months across Canada; SWP runs socialist slate in the US; the aims of the regroupment campaign, written by J.H., A.H., P.B., E.T.
12_09th Letter to Bill (Yukon), busy with Toronto SEL election campaign; meeting with Healey from GB; the INCO strike
12_15th Letter to Barry and Shirley, with a request for some dough.
12_30th Letter to Milton Acorn, Montreal re: his submitted poems and problem of publishing them
December 31st Winter 1958 issue of International Socialist Review (SWP, USA)
"Canadian Stalinism in shambles" by Ross Dowson
December Undated (Undated letter found in 1958): to the Editor of Toronto Evening Telegram: correcting Premier Frost's claim no candidate called for public ownership of Gas Company - see platform of SEL Toronto civic election candidates Metheus, Rosenblatt and Sutherland(two sides election flyer to go with letter)
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