Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1957

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Jan. 3rd. Document, Draft 2: "Memorandum on the CCF" (7 pp -- All pages corrected in RD's handwriting
Jan. 17th. Letter to Wally and Carmel, Montreal: re area contacts and work with Stalinists, Toronto youth growth
Jan. 24th. Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Request for an obit on Ernie Winch (left CCFer); a BC leaflet addressed to Stalinist workers
Jan. 27th. Circular letter from SEL (RD Toronto minutes file) to Socialist Labour Party, Toronto re joint forums
Feb. 4th. Letter to Gabe (Gabriel Glazer, Montreal) re RD's tight schedule for speaking date
Feb 20th. Letter to J. Thistle, Verdun QC attendee at RD's debate in Montreal, Marxist
Feb 24th. Letter to Gabe (Gabriel Glazer); thanks for Montreal meeting and future possible organization in Quebec
April 14 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): two submissions to the paper do not make us a voice for the left in the CCF, are more organizational than political, and without a concrete transitional program while dogmatic on the necessity to work solely in the CCF ("a Rodney Young maneuver" on the BC CCF left?)
April 26 Letter to Reg, re: next issue (of Workers' Vanguard) to be tight for space; the small Ontario CCF Convention; BC-NC members' opposition to running a SEL federal candidate
May (Undated, re: June federal elections; unsigned, written by a NC/PC member) Document: "The Federal Elections and the CCF:" SEL faces challenge to participate to the best of its ability; our entry into the CCF as part of our orientation has ended; our call for a Workers' and Farmers' Government now requires our independent voice; our public organization will legitimatize our work in the CCF, a SEL candidate would be a barrier except in special conditions (7 pp)
June 21st. Letter to Toronto SEL by RD re need to elect an NC member from Toronto branch to replace two missing members
July 18th. Letter to Charlie Ross, radical unionist, New Brunswick re work in the Maritimes, propose a visit to Toronto.
Aug. 8th. Letter to Percy: re RD's short tour of S. Ontario, Stalinists and CCFers dormant
Aug. 18th Letter to E.G.Larrabee Jr., New York, a word on poetry submitted for publication and in defense of the SWP journal The Militant
Letter to George (Nasir, Vancouver); re Fryer's book on Hungary
Letter to Percy; re SWP branch in Buffalo (their divergent view of the Hungarian Revolution)
August 28th. Letter to Tim Wohlforth, New York, on his pamphlet on Schachtman, and reply to his offer to circulate Young Socialist in Canada
Sept. 1st. Letter to Reg (Bullock), Bill (Whitney) and Ellaline (in Vancouver): Comrade Paul and wife propose moving to BC; their revolutionary pedigrees; the prospect of a BC bookstore
Sept. 23rd. Letter to Reg (Vancouver): Received the Murdochville article, some BC union papers using Vanguard articles; need info on the BC-LPP (Stalinists) for an ISR (SWP) article assignment
Oct. 1st. PC minutes
Oct. 13th. Letter concerning By-election in Hasting-Frontenac
Oct. 23rd. Document: Minutes of Meeting incl. discussion of Vancouver ultimatum with 4-point vote of confidence and welcoming discussion on CCF orientation
11_29 A personal letter to Reg (Vancouver): Is a crisis of relations building up? Sweeping criticisms of the centre from BC, where misinformation about the CCF in the East, etc. is rife. Remove the editor now? - nobody in the East sees this as a need.
12_16th Letter to the CLC, Ottawa: 80 Workers at meeting chaired by Paddy Stanton in Toronto pass resolution that CLC immediately begin organizing unemployed workers

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