Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1956

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January 17th Letter to Wally and Carmel; Vanguard lineup, classes in Toronto, Paddy Stanton facing union witch-hunt
Febuary 8th Letter to Joe (Hansen, SWP-USA) re Earl Birney autobiography
April 9th Letter to Comrade Haase (BC): his letter to the Vanguard, the nature of pacifism, CCF club work
May 18th Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) (Dobbs, SWP) re his visit to Buffalo and Toronto intervention into Stalinists' 20th Congress CPSU crisis
May 24th Letter to Comrade Haase, Britannia Beach BC: on the movement in Canada, on wars, on Stalinism
June 13th Letter to Toronto Branch, Canadian Section of the Fourth International (request for agreement to waive national convention in favor of a national tour by two comrades)
"Tape discussion Vancouver July or Aug. 1956" in archives (7 pages)
June 06_20th Minutes (Toronto) June 20 (Paper sales, Trade union work, CCF & LPP orientations)
July 09th Minutes of meeting July 9(found in 1956) re: educational Program; debate planned on Canadian nationalism
October 21st Letter to Comrades (Gulkin, Arnold, Caron, Montreal)re your resignation from the LPP and role of Vanguard's orientation to CCF
October 24 Letter to Comrades of the Toronto Branch from the Political Committee
October 26 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): proposal to send two experienced comrades out to BC; the need for a Vancouver labor bookstore to support a full-timer; major crisis in the Quebec Stalinist movement
October 27 Letter to Comrades re trans-Canada tour report
Letter to Tom (Kerry? SWP, ISR editor) regarding promising Montreal contact G. Glazer
(Undated letters)
Letter to Dear Comrades: report that paper has over 1,000 subscribers

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