Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1955

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Feb 3rd Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP) re disputes in BC movement
Feb 17th Letter to Farrell (Dobbs): re his trip to BC and the situation in the Vancouver branch
05_16 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Moving towards publishing a paper once again; its format and content oriented to CCF left; our exclusion from the Ontario CCF not complete; Toronto membership suspensions
mid year (June?) (Undated document, evidently mid-year before launching Workers' Vanguard): "Discussion Bulletin on the situation in the East:" A review of our entry into the CCF and the sudden massive expulsions in Ontario and BC; our present tactical approach to entry and the building of the party, on the need to revive our party press; (Toronto?) press reports
July 30th Letter to the Toronto Branch, Comrades: re PC proposal for an executive body for Toronto Branch
Sept 19th (Political Committee) Minutes (Toronto): SWP Plenum discussions on world developments; the need in the East to develop an open party with a legal front, an independent journal and open movement (JPC suggests "SEL")
August 29th Letter to Wally and Carmel: the issue of F.I. the chesterfield, the trial pamphlets (SWP), CCF work, the union situation
October 6th Document (5 pp.) untitled re: 1954 convention document in reply to liquidationism of our Canadian Pablists; CCF expulsions and need for independent (open) activity with continuing CCF fraction work.
October 8th Letter to Jim (Cannon, SWP) re dispute with Pablists in Canada
November 2 (PC) Minutes: BC branch supports SEL name; RD's proposed BC trip, nature of new journal and publication date, editorial board and finances
November 8th Letter to Wally and Carmel and Joyce; SEL being announced, classes starting up
Press Release announcing formation of Socialist Educational League (SEL); candidates in Toronto civic election; the SEL not a party in opposition to the CCF
Letter to (BC) Comrades: East discussion completed, moving ahead to set up SEL and publish a paper, a decision possibly in haste, without reference to BC branch still with resources within CCF; our decision to enter the Toronto Mayoralty campaign and plan financing, all possibly unilateral decisions
December 18 Minutes of (PC) meeting: discussion on objections of Vancouver branch to unilateral decision to publish paper and announcement of SEL; explanation of East desire to exploit opportunity of high-profile election campaign
December 27 Minutes of (PC) meeting: discussion of bring on another staff member to edit journal and run bookstore; Press report by Jennings, financial drive
(Undated) Flyer on CCF Ontario election campaign: ``Where is the CCF Going?`` Cover: Laura Grey cartoon; ``Liberals-Tories Say Election Spells CCF Doom`` (CCF's) ''opportunity missed;'' (CCF)'' leaders drop socialism, (have) no program;'' published by George Stanton

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