Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1954

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01_03 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP, New York), re: the best date for his tour stop in Toronto
01_05 Letter to Percy (Toronto), re: his book order; RD's attack of bursitis from campaigning in winter; our three candidates and the two on the label did best; Murray's campaign; ''parsimonious Dowson''s thanks for donation
01_21 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP); re: how the split in the movement on Pablo stands; Murray's support for Pablo; we are able but should we endorse the International Committee (set up by SWP against the IS)?
02_08 Letter to Smith (possibly George Novack, SWP, New York), re: the Canadian section considering expressing its opinion on the international dispute (against Pablo); we are planning a convention or regional conferences to support the IC; sending you a draft of our proposed letter
03_01 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP), re: the Pabloite minority in Canada and the international
03_08 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, Montreal, re: RD's rush to get his convention document ready before Murray leaves for the WC of the FI; RD's letter to the IS supported by a majority in Toronto and Vancouver; Murray's reaction and acceptance of the IS demand that the Canadian party be beheaded; the implications of the East German revolt; Quebec politics
03_22 Letter to Bill (W), Britannia Beach, BC, re: enclosing CCF papers we helped produce; the convention planned for Vancouver early next month over (Pablo supporters) minority objections; our majority support for the SWP Open Letter, their support for the crushing of the East German uprising; a Cochranite speaks in Toronto against anti-McCarthism
03_27 Minutes of tops (Political Committee -ed.): Protests that some comrades` remarks were not accurately recorded in the previous Minutes; Motion lost to call off the (RWP) convention; on the "Pablo World Congress"
03_29 Statement of Policy: the anti-"Cannonite" faction denounces the Canadian majority which calls for affiliation with the (FI-) IC faction
04_05 Letter to Smith (possibly George Novack, SWP, New York), re: our strangling the minority with democracy; the Cochranite speaker crushed by our aroused majority, the Pabloite minority in Eastern Canada divided and balking at a convention
April 12th Document: ''The End of the Canadian Pabloists,'' by D. James; the Canadian Pabloite minority NC members announce their split and walkout from a Toronto branch meeting ; answering the charges of the minority; Pablo's appeal to adjourn our convention until after the World Congress, which they reject delaying until national sections have had their conventions to decide the question; the difficulty of getting the political differences discussed with the minority; the fight for Trotskyist orthodoxy
April 23rd Letter to the Saskatchewan Commonwealth,
re: aLetter to the editor on the explosion of the H-Bomb by Eisenhower; quoting a CCF resolution blaming the world economic system for the danger of war
04_29 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, Montreal, re: the Pablo minority's sudden pull-back from the convention; their claim of three phantom supporters (as well as J-M B.) from Montreal; and how they are now the majority and we the splitters from the FI; two Pabloists now in the right-wing of the CCF
05_13 Letter to Friends (possibly SWP, Buffalo), re: Jimmy's (JP Cannon) visit to the area and an invitation to include Toronto on his tour
05_14 Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP, New York), re: enclosing our Toronto minutes to be forwarded to Pablo's committee; our Pabloists torn apart by the Pablo-Cochrane dispute
05_18 (PC) Meeting (minutes): Agreement to join LC (of Fouth International) in fight against Pablo, correspondence with BC comrades in agreement also, plans for the Canadian convention
May 21st Letter to Vince (Dunne, SWP, New York), re: expecting Jim's visit
Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Toronto branch intervention in "mass movement" (CCF) convention; SWP and Pabloite document circulation; a disillusioned Canadian Pabloite; upcoming (BC-CCF) convention
06_07 (PC) Meeting (minutes): on BC "mass movement" (CCF) convention; endorsation of IC (FI) actions, financial report
06_26 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach BC, re: plans for the BC movement convention; work on the main discussion document; our loss of 4 comrades to Pablo
August undated ( from 62 Elm St.) Letter from Magna Bay (BC) to Lois (Bedard, sister): RD's trip to BC including Skeena area driving with brother Hugh, living by selling literature but asking Lois to cover rent cheques back home; on the totems of Prince Rupert, and tight finances [found in Lois Bedard archives]
10_20 Letter to Wilson, Montreal, re: the denunciation by ''Baptist'' (Joe Rose) of RD being involved in a "family dispute"; defended by the ''temperance'' friend (in his CCF riding); a warning of repercussions affecting him in Montreal
11_25 Letter to Reg (Bullock, Vancouver): Expulsions in the Ontario CCF youth forcing hand of adult clubs and destabilizing certain clubs; the Bevanites' principled defence in the BLP; possible moves against Left in BC-CCF

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