Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1952

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January 6 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: re-establishing our personal relationship; an apology from RD; on RD's resignation as national secretary (rather than a fade away); no political grounds for RD's resignation; the new alternating business and educational meetings in Toronto; no news from Vancouver; the walk home during the TTC strike
Letter-postscript to earlier letter to Barry Brent, re: after consulting with Jean-(Marie Bédard), we should leave the changes you have made to the document
01_07 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: his good work on the political resolution; discussion on the changes; it is ready for acceptance
01_30 Letter to Barry Brent, re: Paddy back in the movement but acting up; RD's long reply to Reg (Bullock, not in these files); a report on Reg's admonitions; BC sending trial forces into the CCF; progress in Trail; on dealing with the Rose minority in Toronto; Hugh active in UAW; RD's LC sub renewal work, meeting CCFers
03_02 Letter to Barry Brent, re: the death of RD's mother; BC doubt over our CCF entry; articles in the last issue of LC and problems with writers; no contact with the Vancouver branch and getting Bill or Reg to take over correspondence; the unilateral dissolution of the Vancouver branch; the CCF electoral defeat; praise from SWPer George (Novack?) on CCF orientation document; miscellaneous party matters; BC branch weaknesses; details of the debates in Toronto and Vancouver; Murray and union work in Toronto; the CCF on NATO; Paddy in the CCF (8 pp)
03_12 Letter to Ruth Bullock, Vancouver, re: LC sub drive matters, considering the correctness of our CCF orientation; the favourable situation in BC
March Undated Undated document found in March; a statement of the dissolution of the Revolutionary Workers Party; an extension of our CCF orientation of an entry into the CCF; an outline of the history of our tendency; the decision taken at the 1951 2nd convention of the RWP; the vindication of our assessment of the CCF as the Canadian labor party; the CCF is not a traditional organization of the Canadian workers; mass pressure will form broad leftist tendencies within the CCF; no viable left wing however within the CCF at present; our aim to sink roots in the CCF; not assimilation but integration; build the party (CCF) now; the loss of our press is temporary; an assessment of Stalinism in Canada today; current problems around promoting our program now
04_03 Letter to Don (D.), Windsor, re: late with the next issue of LC; illness among the comrades; an eye specialist in Toronto for Don; comrades' activities; Hugh refused CCF membership
04_07 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: announcing the dissolution of the RWP; minority opposition to it; working on Labor Challenge
04_22 Letter to Bill (W.), Vancouver, re: books accounts; new books available; sending bound volumes of LC
04_23 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: setting up the bookstore; CCF work in BC centres; RD's experience in the CCYM; Barry's Vancouver address
04_30 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: news coverage of the RWL dissolution; a new name for LC? Getting us into the CCF; a possible price dropping LC; a left wing in the CCF not desirable at present; McLeod and LPPers in the CCF; Barry's personal expressions; Barry's and RD's future personal plans; Addendum: making plans to cease publication of LC
05_02 Letter to Bill (W.), Vancouver, re: book accounts and BC pledges; BC CCF activities
05_07 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: moving out of the family house; selling the furniture; the old man's problems; next LC will be delayed
05_14 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: RD urges him to return to Toronto; his lack of desire to be a professional; the problem of building a cadre; Barry's personal situation (''this girl'')
05_18 Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: RD's getting into the CCF; CCF work; a movement movie night social, RCMP catches up to Murray
05_25 Letter to Barry Brent, Vancouver, re: Tension In the CCF over RD's membership; his outside CCF membership work; possibly no CCF objection to Labor Challenge continuing as a counter-weight to the LPP;
evaluating McLeod and the Stalinists; defence of the Soviet Union does not mean silence on the crimes of Stalinism; Joe Rose on the move in the Toronto minority
06_08 Letter to George (Novack), or the editor of The Militant (SWP, New York), re: decision to end publishing of Labor Challenge, submitting articles for The Militant; suggest a weekly column on Canada;
06_09 Letter to the Gang, Windsor, re: Our trip delayed; end of the RWP and LC not ''the finish of the movement in Canada'' but a new beginning; the bookstore and classes remain; getting our comrades into the CCF; industrial CCF clubs get green light; our isolation ending
06_19 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: big CCF election gains in BC; batch of LC sub renewals received (but paper discontinued)
06_25 Letter to Spencer, Vancouver, re: the lack of correspondence with the centre; internal bulletins distributed; the BC CCF faced with taking power
Letter to Barry Brent, Reg Bullock and Bill (W.), Vancouver, re: looking for BC reports; the critical silence of the Trail branch; CCF work in Ontario and our membership applications; RD active in Temple's club
07_25 Letter to Joan and Don (D., Windsor), re: comrades moving out to jobs
Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: books and novels sent; analyzing the CCF vote in BC and Stalinist ranks support; Toronto CCF work
07_30 Letter to Steve, Vancouver, re: his continued silence from Trail
08_01 Letter to J.W. Beattie, North Vancouver, re: books sought and books available, both classics and SWP titles
Letter to Hardy, Vancouver, re: the BC transferable vote breakdown; the upcoming CCF convention
08_22 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Vancouver, re: his correspondence with Windsor; younger brother Jerry in town; Murray and RD in the CCF; RD prompts T.C. Douglas on his anti-war speech
09_08 Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: expecting a report of his meeting with unionist Steve from Trail; Murray working in a UAW shop
09_09 Letter to Court, Vancouver, re: donations received for fund drive and SWP; no room for CCF convention article in The Militant
10_07 Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: the defection of Steve in Trail and Reg's note to him
11_03 Letter to Lilliam (W.), Vancouver, re: a Vancouver comrade returning home; looking forward to some news from BC
11_05 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Vancouver, re: news of the Dowson family; RD's lifestyle; looking for a tape recorder; Barry (B.) back in Toronto; Schactmanites flirting with the Fellowship in BC
11_06 Letter to Don (D., Windsor), re: Barry Brent back in Ontario and raided Buffalo for a wife; RD active in a left CCF club; local UAW developments and the BLP
11_12 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, BC, re: the CCF in BC, our attempts to integrate in Ontario where RD is active and a committee rep despite not having membership
Dec. 12 Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: received no Vancouver minutes or response to our circular letters; selling party literature; our Ontario CCF work and street-corner petitions
Dec. 17 Letter to Lillian (W.), Vancouver, re: their new arrival; selling the Pablo (international) pamphlet; Murray active in Toronto UAW local
Dec. 18 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, BC, re: CCF contacts in Squamish, our work in the Ontario CCF; the national health petition
Dec. 19 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Vancouver, re: sending books for Christmas; received his newspaper clippings; unprofessional behaviour in the party

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