Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1951

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General, including Montreal PQ, and Windsor ON correspondence

(See Vancouver &B.C. correspondence below)

01_16 Letter to Murray Dowson and J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: Toronto comrades bending to Joe Rose's pressure, requesting a letter be sent to Joe re his refusal to recognize the control commission
January 24th 1st page of Letter to Murray Dowson, 2nd. page , re: LC issue late; SWPer George (Warde-Novack?) in Toronto in hot debates against Bill? (Rose?); future Dowson household plans
1st page of Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, 2nd and 3rd page,re: considering closing down Montreal operation; the problem of the RWP convention; the CCF-Reaume combination in Windsor; Joe Rose and the minority confusion in Toronto; the control commission's instructions to Rose
01_26 Letter to Grenier (J-M Bédard), Montreal, re: received Murray`s CC letter to the minority which RD will deliver
January 29 page 1, pg. 2 and pg 3 of Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: sending all spare copies of LC on the Ford strike for distribution; tough times for militants who are tuning out - like Don D.; future coverage of UAW news
02_02 Letter to Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: no word from the minority; let's get J-M B. to write the CC report
Febuary 20 1st page of Letter to J-M Bédard and Murray Dowson, 2nd page re: Rose faction summons RD to hear an ultimatum on the CC; RD informs them they are suspended until they return to the party; the branch discusses relations with the minority
Febuary 26 1st page of Letter to Hugh Dowson, page 2, 3 and 4 re: his cheques received; future plans for a Western tour and a convention; our work in the BC CCF left; major split in the Italian CP; Hansen (SWP) in Toronto and Detroit; the CC decision to expel the Rose faction from the party
03_01 Letter to Murray Dowson and J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: Joe Hansen (SWP) talks to Rose; the CC should reconsider its expulsion before a convention; RD recommends a retreat to suspending the minority
03_28 Letter to Murray and Louis, Montreal, 1st page , 2nd page re: requiring the minority to recognize the authority of the convention; the options before us regarding publishing their documents; setting the date of the convention; Barry Brent working on the political resolution; the national CCF demanding the BC Woodworth Fellowship disband
04_02 Letter to J-M Bédard and Murray Dowson, re: BC agreement that minority be suspended, not expelled; that they be required to sign a letter recognizing the authority of the convention but with full rights to expressing their political differences
04_09 Letter to Murray and J-M, re: suggests documents on the French Canadian situation and the trade unions to open the discussions
April Documents: April RWP Internal Bulletin: ''National Secretary's Statement on the CC Report," "Addendum to 'Not Just Aberrations" (Paul Kane): NC adoption of Control Commission report; in support of Fitzgerald's note against Rose's document; Rose's dismissal of the CCF quoted; parallel SWP debates
05_02 Letter to Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: RD agrees to drop the requirement the minority recognize the authority of the convention; give them full rein to express their views; J-M organizing in Toronto
05_06 Letter to all branches and members-at-large, re: announcing the FI fund drive to finance the 3rd World Congress
May Document: May RWP Internal Bulletin: "

General Political Resolution" for the 2nd National Convention July 14-16;''

the international situation (US re-establishes the war-arms economy);
Canada and the War Drive; Effects of t he War Drive in Canada;
The Workers, the Trade Union Bureaucracy, and the CCF; Labor and the War Drive; Perspectives;
Tasks of the Party in the Next Period;
Conclusion (war and revolution the order of the day); plus new and changed text addendas
July Document of the 2nd RWP National Convention by Ross Dowson:''


the CCF was primarily agrarian in 1945 but became The party of organized labor in form, in content
Reflects the real situation in the labor movement
Under bourgeois not proletarian pressure
The working class, as they are
Betrayed the class but not its consciousness
In advance of the class
Incontrovertible evidence
The union bureaucracy advances political action
The bureaucracy's contradiction - not ours
The struggle is political
The struggle will go through the PAC-CCF
Union work requires ccf orientation
Is the ccf (and the unions) a trap?
New content and old formulas
What the CCF is
An entrist orientation necessary
Entry - past and future
The independent party has no perspective
The dangers of immediate entry
Put flesh on our bones
The tasks of our increased ccf fraction
Not giving up the party - building the party
08_06 Letter to M.C. Lingeman, Montreal, re: regret that La Vérité is no longer published by the RWP
08_09 Letter to ''the Gang'' (Murray and Barry on a cross-country tour), re: the trip is hopefully self-financing; BC discussion on the minority and union work; their syndicalism; Rosslund (Trail) on Stalinism; painting the new Toronto HQ and local sub-work; family problems
08_27 Letter to Murray and Barry (on tour), re: RD's visit with Barry's parents; Don & Joan (Windsor) visiting Jeanette; LC sub drive on; trade union work branch discussions (J-M B organizing in Toronto); BC party concern over any immediate CCF entry, which needs your input; the good CCF connections on the tour
09_06 Letter to Murray and Barry (on tour), re: should visit an IWA leader (ex-comrade)
09_27 Letter to Barry and Murray (on tour), re: new Toronto bookstore finished; local personnel and family problems (Mrs. D. in hospital); the question of whether the convention adopted the CCF document; a stalemate on this question in the Toronto branch; Joe Rose's attacks on the CCF orientation in his PAC educational; Comrade Ray being used as a tool by the Stalinists in BC; the CCF and other currents in PR (Prince Rupert) and Trail; need a newsy report of the tour for LC;
September Undated Document: RWP Internal Bulletin: ''Minutes of the 2nd National Convention of the RWP, 1951''
10_03 Letter to Murray Dowson and Barry Brent (on tour in Vancouver), re: Barry should phone home; Paddy (Stanton) out of the movement; Trail comrade back in the CCF
10_19 Letter to Murray and Barry (on tour in Vancouver), re: RD concerned about our attitude toward CCF work in Trail; the similar problem in Prince Rupert; the need for the party to align with the CCF left against the leadership in Stanley Park (Van.); the meaning of the new orientation; Vancouver branch's and Reg's resistance to the new orientation (how Rose also supported to Reg's document)
10_31 Letter to Barry and Murray (on tour in Vancouver), re: RD's cuts on Barry's CCL article; union politics; other cuts on the tour article; good BC fund drive results
11_02 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: Murray and Barry well accepted in the CCF in Vancouver; the CCF in Windsor; the fund drive; RD's father separated from his books and shelter
Letter to the Gang, Windsor, re: Reaume & Co. exposed by union-CCF politics; are we active in campaign?
12_03 Letter to Barry Brent (on tour in Vancouver), re: the absurdity of fraction voting on branch questions; the minority in Toronto; the problem with the Trail comrade's understanding; the fund drive; Joe Rose's poor article on the BLP; Barry's future plans?
12_04 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: the poor CCF election results and the moves toward a new program to replace the ''Regina Manifesto;'' some left CCF contacts
12_23 Letter to Barry Brent (on tour in Vancouver), re: sister Lois married off to J-M Bédard; RD's resignation as National Secretary; RD sees Barry not Murray taking over the N.O.; Murray planning his move to Toronto from Montreal in the Spring
1951 Undated Letter to Life Magazine (New York) on its article on the Moscow Trials and suggesting an investigation of the murder of Andres Nin in Spain by the (Soviet p;olitical police) the G.P.U.

Vancouver & B.C. correspondence - 1951

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01_26 Letter to Comrade Court regretting delay in Weaver-Whitney debate article; the history of Comrade Mason
01_28 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: Barry Brent in Vancouver and CCF work - not a trial entry, but full participation of best comrades; no comment from BC on the Rose documents; minority attitudes resurfacing in the Toronto branch; their anti-Dowson bureaucracy campaign in Toronto and proposed support for Buck, not the CCF; no need for substituting mass psychiatry for political education; the strong support from George (Novack, SWP) for the majority; positive reports from the Trail comrade; Murray delayed in leaving Montreal
Febuary 01 Letter to Bill (W.), Vancouver, re: sorry, unable to ship the Engels pamphlet, will hunt up some used copies for their class
Febuary 02 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: tough situation in Montreal under the Padlock Law; closing up the Montreal branch; the Toronto Rose minority quits; building up our IWA caucus in BC; British comrade visiting; perspectives in the left-CCF (Socialist) Fellowship in BC
Febuary 05 Letter to Dick (C.), re: BC contacts, the Vancouver branch, the CCF left wing repudiating the UN; the Ontario ''Ginger group''
Letter to Bill (W.) Britannia Beach, re: the decline of the Stalinists there and in Trail (Mine-Mill); our role in the Trail AFL-TLC; our role in IWA in Vancouver; the CCF anti-war left in BC and Ontario
Febuary undated Undated letter found in Jan-Feb., to Reg Bullock, re: the CCF left in BC heading for a split? The Fellowship not a good arena for our recruitment; our long-term perspective of entry; the left's anti-conscription resolution
03_05 Letter to Bill (W.), re: leading comrades meeting with SWP leader; the PC should have been informed of the public dissolution of the Vancouver branch (as in Toronto where the PC intervened); how we evaluate certain CCF left-wingers in BC; Toronto CCF work
03_07 Letter to Court, re: his enquiries on the scope of discipline against Rose (in Toronto); how it was handled by the N.C.; resources on the question of the nature of the Soviet state; the press on Yugoslavia and the Trotskyists; security around the Healy visit
03_26 Letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun, re: their article on CCF order to Socialist Fellowship to disband; that it is Trotskyist; how the Coldwell CCF has barred the RWP from membership
Letter to Reg Bullock, re: refusal of Ontario Ginger Group to defend the BC Fellowship from expulsion at the Ontario convention; is it open to an approach by the RWP? We are prepared to absorb them, though many of them are centrists
03_28 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: Posing questions to N.C. members on minority bulletin publication rights under certain conditions, or not; on the CC changing their expulsion to suspension; and on whether to demand the minority recognize the authority of the convention?
04_02nd Letter to the Secretary of the Vancouver Branch RWP, re: sending you a copy of the Control Commission report on the Toronto minority
04_10 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the danger that the Fellowship expelled will migrate to the SP of C; our need to pose the RWP as the obvious way (not simply staying in the CCF)
04_26 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: circulating a synopsis of the British comrades' work in the BLP; Reg's IWA article re-written; can we describe the CCF as 'social-democratic'? The majority decision to publish all that the Rose minority submits; answering the Rose minority; union openings in BC; the need to focus a left program for the upcoming CCF convention in BC
04_27 Letter to Dick (C.), re: the situation in the CCF left before the convention; the Victoria by-election, CCF work on the Island, NFLY (CP youth) activities
Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: further crisis in Stalinist unionism there and in Trail; our support for a course toward the mainstream of labor; the dropping Stalinist press sub base
05_04 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: BC personnel and the direction of the 17 expelled Fellowship left CCFers, perspective of CCF work being lifted by a new wave of struggles
05_17 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: RD and J-M Bédard looking over his discussion contributions; missing the May LC in order to move the HQ, a side-street bookstore
06_16 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the critical importance of the West sending sufficient delegates to the 2nd RWP convention; fares and timelines by TCA, train, bus and hitch-hiking
06_19 Letter to Dick (C.), re: the urgent necessity he attend the convention; bus and hitching an option for youth
07_07 Letter to Bill (W.), re: BC attendance at the convention and the financial strain of paying airfare for him, but here is the money
07_25 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the success of the (RWP 2nd) convention; the PC Resolution passed; post-convention activities; Murray and Barry leaving for BC
08_29 Letter to Lillian (W.), re: LC subscription accounting
11_02 Letter to the McDonnells (BC), re: expect the tour with Murray and Barry
11_28 Letter to Murray Dowson and Barry Brent (on tour to Vancouver), re: waiting for news of their meetings; fixing up the new HQ and stocking the bookstore; problems with CCF work in Trail; plans for a outside public meeting in Toronto; Meeting flyer Murray D. speaking on "The War Danger"
11_29 Letter to Murray, Barry, Reg (B) and Bill (W?) on the role of the PC at the centre re: the current factional debate
12_03 Letter to Bill (W.) re: financial matters, subscription expiries
12_23 Letter to Bill (W.), re: the fund drive results; Joe Rose's factional maneuvering with Bill's letter's contents

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